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  1. Are you sure the originals are not just white on clear? They do look better than on the black background, that was a bad decision! My recent Isuzu mu has Tamiya tyre decals, I cleaned and dried the tyre first, they seem to adhere well
  2. @netsmithUK Or whoever updates the database, I have just uploaded my super storm dragon which was released early this year and it still does not have an entry, I like to keep a tidy showroom..... Hopefully someone is doing a big update soon?
  3. Ahhh if you have built it with shafts from the outset I'd stick with your shafts, I wouldn't put the screw pins in. Maybe put a note in explaining this just in case? Your rear is at full droop, if you squeeze the arms up slightly I'd expect it to be slightly quieter because a few of us have noticed the new CVD's they have shoe-horned in do catch at full droop!?
  4. It doesn't bother me for three reasons 1.its not my only buggy of this chassis 2.its just noisy which lessens in time 3. Because I love this chassis I have a few old gearsets from 30 years ago so I could swap them in the build, but I won't. Obviously I'd like Tamiya to sort it out because they are not upholding 'first in quality around the world' statement. If someone wants to create an online petition that we could sign and send to Tamiya regarding this, then I'll happily sign it. Otherwise my terra scorcher will continue to get onlookers to ask if it's a nitro! 😂
  5. Yes you wouldn't want to send it with hinge pins and get it back with screw pins! Do they confirm they return it tracked and insured? What is their procedure if you receive it back damaged? It sounds like if something goes wrong you will be waiting to sort it out? @burakol your vid comes up as private
  6. A lot of Tamiya kits have switched from cream coloured gears to black, but not in this case? I would add to your letter in your package to Tamiya USA why use new style CVD's when at full throttle, at full extension they chatter and vibrate! I'd chip in a £1 towards your postage cost to help....
  7. It's annoying yes, but the buggy runs fine, just a bit noisy
  8. Stage 11 in the manual shows 12.5mm tubes to shield the motor mount screws!? That's not very accurate to say hopup if it's part of the normal build!😳
  9. I suppose the tamiyas I own now are the ones I don't regret...... Hornet - first car owned Rising fighter - a nicely simplified version of the hornet Thundershot chassis - best all rounder that encapsulates the retro looks and performance Farm king - bonkers tractor wheelies Cc-02 - I've really warmed to this update to the cc-01, Tamiya creating a chassis with their unique idiosyncrasies, as always! G6-01/g6-01tr - tamiyas best modern release since the dt-02, great build, rugged and a great runner. Hope they release a g8-01!
  10. Tt-02b I really think tamiyas approach to the drip drip effect of releasing upgrades etc doesn't do it any favours... It's a poor chassis for anything but stock motor and once again Tamiya took years to offer any upgrades that would benefit it properly (steel gears). The tt-02ms was released too quickly it seems, still lacking all the hopups. Why they can't offer a full option kit or hopups more quickly, they do for some chassis! I'll never buy another tt-02 regardless
  11. 2 HPI Baja 5b's (back in 2007/8?), Bought with the intention of transitioning from tamiya to 1/5 scales but never ran them, was able to get 99% of the money back, sold them as a pair 6 months after. Any other manufacturer I have tried except Tamiya....from losi, axial etc in the past I have dipped in to try the latest models etc but end up back at Tamiya. They don't have either the long term support of Tamiya or the same allure like Tamiya did for me as a teenager. I don't regret it in the way that it let me realise I'm Tamiya through and through, but the time wasted on buying and selling you can't get back! Sometimes it's got to be done!
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