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  1. I use a body post cutter! Pretty good results, can even chamfer the ends!
  2. I had g601 clear chassis and coloured gears, never ran it before selling though.... I have had the dt-01 clear gearbox a couple of times in runners and the dt-02 clear gearbox......both have been fine
  3. My rising Fighter with large wheels and tyres is my beach runner. Cheap model Easy maintenance Fix diff easy if required Cheap parts if need replacing
  4. Much prefer the features and reliability of my spectrum 3ch radio, re-started RC in 2004 with vintage equipment but within a year or so id had enough of glitches etc. It took a little while to also prefer wheel to sticks, but would never go back. I've now actually had more fun now in restoring, building and running than on my low 80's budget! 😀
  5. Rock blocks are like unimog 425 tyres, more rounded sidewalls
  6. They are the same as the kit tyres but a softer compound. I have ordered the rock block set instead though for a change!
  7. My current sonic fighter and all my other versions of this chassis (striker) have survived no problem while running sensibly, no jumps! At some point in the near future i hope @Pintopower can find the time to work his magic on this with a few structural mods!
  8. Around 2004/2005 I bought 3x dynastorm nibs off one person that had lost interest at approx £100 each and I had a new built one as well plus spares, have never driven one and ended up selling the lot for a small profit! Glad to see interest is rising again plus all this 3d printing that's going in is great as well..... Maybe we will be lucky to get another run, for a third time?
  9. I think the grey sludge is referring to grease mixed with the kit aluminium pinion. that's what I've seen from old buggies bought as projects
  10. Just to balance out the above advice, I always use Tamiya anti wear grease on shafts and gearbox joints, however after approx. 5 hours or so I make sure they are cleaned off and re-applied with no visible wear after 100+ hours, only needs a tiny amount....In the past i found using a MSC wears out joints more especially when slamming into reverse while going forward.
  11. Ahh those 36mm screws, I ended up buying 40mm and cutting it down!
  12. Let's get the striker and sonic fighter out and done with!
  13. After installing the A5 metal support, it's quite a durable car under normal running conditions! Just keep a few tyre sets to hand!
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