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  1. I use a toothpick to coat each tooth surface with the tiniest amount of tamiya ceramic grease, that's all it needs
  2. Ftx sell a small lipo 1100mah that fits easily? The four AA battery hopup was approx. £10 to buy when I got it
  3. Courtesy of tamiyablog.com
  4. New release from tamiya Information gained from @Mokei Kagaku Facebook page, always seems the first with the news!
  5. 54893 is the adjustable servo saver, I used it on my unimog cc-02 build
  6. As was the thundershot, with original stickers rather than rere.... What about the blue Durga? That was odd seeing a variation....
  7. Just use tamiya diff putty for a limited slip diff?
  8. I run steel pinions and 2s lipo, no issues One of your hardware pieces must be faulty?
  9. I have a superstock bz with over 100 hours so far in my g601, esc is fine! (It's a hobbywing 1060 copy)
  10. Hint of box art pic for saint dragon 4wd? Plus king yellow on tracks!!
  11. The motor does get warm, however to greatly reduce maintenance of the brushed motor, I let it cool completely between battery packs (although if I run one of my 4000mah core lipo's, one pack is enough for a session anyway). I hate brushless in rere kits, just doesn't look the same for that 'look'
  12. I stick to modelsports xt-12 or xt-20 brushed esc which are waterproof,lipo ready and have a proper switch for tamiya chassis, using a tamiya superstock motor with a 13t pinion. Anything faster than a decent 20t is overkill for this chassis for lots of reasons
  13. Thunder dragon I prefer mono shocks on this chassis, works well, just seems to feel better when driving, also if you have the loud gearbox that causes initial vibration there's less to threadlock to stop coming loose 🙂
  14. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=133367&id=2692 There you go And here https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=136506&id=2692
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