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  1. Would sell kit on its own or remove track kits to make purchase cheaper if required
  2. New update Looked through all the extras/hopups Dynahead kit plus (£200) ball bearings, full set, rubber sealed 6x TRF white medium springs 6x tamiya black CVA 53619 oil shocks 1x metal geared etronix servo new et2049 Tamiya 53980 dust covers for ball connectors 8x stainless steel shafts Extra tamiya diff putty Foam body protectors Steel RW racing 18t 0.6mm pinion Ball connectors for oil shocks Servo extension lead servo y adaptor (in case 4WS used) 2x tamiya 54597 alloy gearbox supports 1x tamiya 54695 arm support bridge for rear tamiya hard oil for shocks (All hopups above for extra £100) 3x tamiya track sets (2per set so 6 in total) (RRP approx. £80 per set ) I'd like £150 So total for kit and all above £450
  3. Anyone interested in... Nib Dynahead kit, also have ball connectors, 2 sets of tamiya black oil shocks, steel shafts to replace screw pins, white TRF shock springs and tamiya track kits to customise your build... Still available £450 ------------------------- New build Dynahead , never run (in my showroom) built with full ball bearings, oil shocks and lots of tamiya hopups. SOLD new build on auction site £275 ---------------------- If you are interested please pm me and I'll endeavour to collate all the parts and bits and info I can to create a price or for you to make an offer. I'm based in the UK
  4. Just seen this post..... @Smokescreen38 I have a new built unused dynahead with many hopups (in my showroom) which I could be tempted to sell and I have a NIB as well which I could be tempted into selling. Plus full ball bearings, oil shocks etc If anyone is serious then please pm me. I do like the chassis, it's one of tamiyas most involved builds, I even have 3sets of tamiya tracks that I was going to build the nib with. Listed for sale on main page and on ebay
  5. Original leaf spring jeep kit Grab a bargain! PayPal gift please UK shipping free £220
  6. My vanquish phoenix and Gatekeeper have overdrive...(yet to build them) One of the advantages is when tackling a steep incline with the front wheels turning faster than the rear it apparently enables a smooth ascent, if the rear wheels turn at the same speed as the front then there could be a tendency for the truck to flip backwards more easily. Look for YT vids on the vanquish phoenix, a lot of people show demos of the features Inc overdrive
  7. Well....the hubs front and rear on original tshot and thunder dragon were taller, tamiya then redesigned them and on other models Inc rere it's been the new design
  8. The 2005 rere was fine, I bought over a dozen at the time and built at least four of them....all ok.....issues started with the 2008 fire dragon
  9. King Yellow G6-01 kit £120 Body painted and finished in yellow, rest of kit untouched
  10. Having moved home, just re assessing space and projects
  11. For Sale in the UK (inc. shipping) No ESC's, PayPal gift please NIB Rising Fighter £70 NIB Super Storm Dragon £75 NIB Fire Dragon rere £150 Inc A5 metal bracket NIB Thunder Dragon £150 Inc A5 metal bracket ARTR Terra scorcher rere, tyres bald but I'll Inc 4 new ones, bit dirty, body bit tatty, just needs transmitter. Inc TZ superstock motor, esc and dsm2 receiver £90
  12. I'd say unlucky, I've had splits occur after 50+ hours of running
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