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  1. You could just use one powerful motor and cover up the other motor slot with a piece of lexan?
  2. I have cheap hobbyking servos on my 2x g6-01's, futaba copies only cost approx.£4, they have been working fine!
  3. For oil CVA Tamiya shocks I'd always recommend using ball connectors instead, longer thread ones for the bottom arms If the thread is going I'd bond the ball connector in permanently
  4. The g6-01 6x6 chassis Konghead king yellow A60h hauler
  5. Wow that seems a long time ago!
  6. Worst case scenario, make the ampro progressively larger until you get proper movement? You would have to spray it black and clear coat it maybe because of the dye is only so deep? (I think all parts are white and then dyed???)
  7. Ahh I see, no side to side articulation! Most odd!
  8. This is the one you need https://www.shapeways.com/product/RHD88KMMX/045005-05-hornet-trans-retainer-with-quot-no-tab-quot-tran?optionId=59366307&li=shops
  9. Hello, yes I have bought this for my hornet! @mongoose1983 I purchased the one so I could use the ampro battery door and with no gearbox tab. It looks like you have the other version, to use the original battery door and you require your gearbox to have the little sticking out plastic tab, which to my knowledge, comes with the grasshopper only (and maybe some older pumpkins??). The gearbox tab locates in that hole, the other type for hornet has an c shaped mount that 'grabs ' the gearbox. Keep the lower bar, springs its up to you, I think I kept mine. Basically I think you have the grasshopper version and not the hornet version! @Pintopower the designer should be able to confirm this if he sees this.
  10. Tamiya 53581 racing motor brush set, standard type, stand up brushes Tamiya 53486 commutator cleaning brush set For Tamiya superstock bz @whahooo
  11. I have approx 2 sets of cleaning brushes from Tamiya and maybe 5 sets of spares but even though my tshot has over 150 hours in it I've only changed brushes maybe three times??? That is a huge amount of running time for one model done over the last 6 years, following the guidelines of letting the motor cool between battery packs etc. Don't worry about amassing too many spares unless like me you run a few models for hours and hours (I don't think most people do!?) I can dig out the part numbers Tomo for the Tamiya cleaning brushes if you want?
  12. Certainly sounds like bad luck! The only issue I've had with the original style CVA's is when i have had a heavy impact and the shock cap popped off. Most common issue recently now I'm starting to jump and launch off inclines and bumps in the terrain is bent drive shafts after cartwheeling from a bad landing.......
  13. @Wetman Shoulder width 45mm approx Helmet width 25mm approx
  14. I can measure later when I get home
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