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  1. As per title 2 nib kits up for sale No esc in both Prices Inc UK Shipping Fire Dragon 2020 rere £130 Thunder Dragon 2021 rere £135
  2. I have been intending for the last year to build one of my 2022 tshots to replace my current runner (retire it to the shelf), plus a Saint dragon as well, will scrutinise the arms in more detail when I get around to it
  3. Never heard that before , even after nearly 20 years on the forum, hopefully a fluke accident or at worst a funny batch of arms!?
  4. I'm surprised to hear of the blue D arms splitting!? Especially after the many hours I have run my two thundershots for (first tshot was a 2005 rere for approx 8 years running, second and current tshot runner is an original rebuild using 2005 era blue arms). I don't do a lot of jumping though, in my showroom link above you can see the odd occasion I jumped or tumbled, drive shafts ended up being bent as well but the arms continued to survive..... Mmmmm...... I think maybe try boiling them before use or other recommended methods to maintain their suppleness?? What I have found is the inner hingepin side over a long time tends to bend inwards slightly which allows the arm to move back and forth on the long inner screw pin, so I used shims to stop them until I replaced them
  5. Thundershot arms don't break, they will scuff over time which would be the only reason to change them (you could flip them to give you extra time...) After 100+ hours of running time I have found F tree (front hubs) will crack/break eventually plus the original wheels can split and break. Drive shaft and cups may need changing once over this time period, depending where you run. The triangular wheel adaptors may split and/or crack over time as well For normal running these breakages takes a lot of running to get to the stage of breakages, I achieved this length of time running because at the time my thundershot was my main runner but it isn't anymore and run time is reduced to an hour every two months or less so maintenance just consists of cleaning up the drive shafts and cups, replacing lubrication. For shafts/dog bones you could try painting the centre a bright colour? Although I've never had a lost one on a thundershot. Just checked my showroom, 200+ hours documented.... https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=122868&id=2692
  6. Would you believe it was a single ticket holder that won!? Obviously it didn't raise what was intended but then it seems it's better geared towards YouTubers with a following to get the most out of it. It would have done better maybe if I would have listed a nice rare tamiya kit, but alas they are all gone from my collection now I appreciate everyone's support, thank you
  7. That's very kind of you to say. Hopefully you must be in with a great chance to win with all those tickets!? Less than 5 hours to go
  8. Less than 24hrs to go...... Would be great to sell just 30 or so more tickets to ensure the actual truck and shipping would be covered.....
  9. Yes maybe one piece of bubble wrap around a car first, depending on shape....
  10. Because of moisture as well as bag deterioration, what about vacuum bagging cars? You could use bulldog clips to hang them up etc as well? They come in lots of sizes
  11. The springs Inc with the now discontinued cw-01 cva2 oil set were very soft and quite short needing nearly all three shock spacers to take up the slack, different springs from the 'classic' 50520 2 shock sets. The new cw-01 pajero manual lists the flange tube as part number 50593 but you could always use a washer and a straight tube 8f you have trouble locating them?
  12. So far it hasn't been too bad but you need a big following like kev Talbot to get quicker ticket sales!
  13. Into the last 5 days of the raffle, not going as well as I hoped so I have added for a few days " ticket bundles " so buy 3 tickets get 3 tickets free plus I have added sharing option which I think means if you share the link and your friends buy a ticket you get 10% commission on every ticket sold. I think if I could sell just another 100 tickets from the 300 remaining I should be able to let the RC to be sent out as the prize instead of cash.....
  14. Courtesy of Mokei Kagaku on Facebook
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