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  1. taffer


    @netsmithUK Looking at the re-released thundershot profile page where I entered information years ago, I see there's far to many <br codes between the information, I've tried to delete some to tidy it up but it is ignoring the changes?
  2. My showroom dynahead showcases this! You also need extra o rings for both ends of the driveshaft
  3. 53218 are the hardened diff joints for gears. Over 100hours running with superstocks and never had it that bad. I never run batteries consecutively to allow cool down and limit jumping, my gearbox joints are still great! This I would expect on faster motors like 14t.
  4. I've never had issues with full travel, the couple of times I've had issues similar to this is when either the drive shaft has a small kink, creating a wobble or a bearing has failed of the bearing holder has split creating a wobble With these wobbles the outcome is either as you have described or it loosens the wheel nut so a wheel flies off! Does your esc have the pause / break between forward and reverse? If it doesn't like a msc then that exaggerates wear around the gearbox joints. I always put a bit of antiwear grease on drive shafts and make sure they are cleaned and more grease applied regularly to lessen wear
  5. Stadium thunder if building and driving or df03 for collection/display
  6. @netsmithUK Here's a vid I made to show error. It was happening on my pc now it just happened on my Amazon fire tablet as well. You will see category sorting selected, but as I scroll down 'projects' is missing Regards Scott
  7. Don't reduce the squat! That helps level out the drive shafts when running and makes it look good!😁
  8. also to complement the replacement a5, get a steel spport bracket from model build off ebay in fact if your a5 is only split, it should still be ok as long as you use the steel support
  9. My light runner Pajero Lowrider cc01 is up for sale UK based. Price in UK is £90 + shipping Great condition, used only on dry tarmac Artr, Inc ESC and spectrum receiver Please see showroom for pictures or PM your email for direct pictures. PayPal gift please
  10. It was my own showroom Selected display by category Scroll down and it says load more (which turns out to be the projects section) The pictures load up under runner banner and projects blue banner didn't appear. Just did it again today and it's working?!?! Maybe a one off glitch
  11. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=2692&sp=20 I'll try it again on pc when home and I'll take a picture if it still does it
  12. If you have decent batteries and a non bargain basement sensorless setup (ie castle) you should find you don't experience it any more, that's what I found, especially smoothing out the throttle curve on castle setup programming
  13. I did document on one of my runners that I tried running with dark impact wheels and tires and it was much more grippy on tarmac, rolled at speed and killed the personality of the car in my opinion. I think running thinner wheels also kills the look. It's unfortunately the problem with running the stock setup (except the motor) for all these years....anything else doesn't feel the same!
  14. With the terra scorcher rere coming back soon I'd run with original wheels and tyres, no rolling over then....not as grippy, some nice power slides....I've been running my thundershots with original tires and wheels since 2005, when bald and split and falling off I replace ( I stocked up!)
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