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  1. Wow I've never had a gearset like that! The gear packs I have left NIP are 2 x original and 1 X rere when I last looked. Maybe one of the reasons the FD didn't hang around so long if something happened to mold (especially after spending a lot of effort on the rere manual)
  2. Yes they are a bit noisy, all good!
  3. Announced I think on tamiyablog a little while ago, more cost cutting it seems. I like the black can version, shame
  4. Announced I think on tamiyablog a little while ago, more cost cutting it seems. I like the black can version, shame
  5. Finished at last, shelfer at front, runner behind, notice the two different silvers!
  6. You are the winner! Now you have to take it apart again to paint the chassis!
  7. Think of the avante like prices if everyone liked them!😲🤣
  8. Nearly finished the shelfer, pics soon!
  9. Manta ray Cheaper and seemingly discontinued? Parts will be around for years though
  10. I have gone upto a 5700kv castle sensorless in the Dt02 with no huge issues. I did buy a laser temperature gun, it did detect a large rise in temperature but it did stay in range, you would not be able to run battery pack after pack though, a cool down was required. The hopup thick metal motor plate and motor heatsink was used also With this much power, damp sand proved to be the best surface for running but other surfaces like tarmac responded better with wheel weights loaded on the front nose to help prevent spin outs It was fun to push it to these limits but prolonged driving got boring because of the need to find huge spaces to run in. Punch had to be set on zero to stop the metal drive shafts twisting and acceleration curve had to be minimised to the slowest gradient to enable control. All this happened ten years or so ago, still have no desire to revisit all that! I've seen many cheaper brushless systems not cope with lesser situations but you get what you pay for to a certain degree! Ps the db01 coped equally well with a castle 7700kv setup but again needed too large an environment to enjoy properly!
  11. The super stock range of motors are very good, look great and perform well. They are my hop up choice for rere buggies! With some careful shopping you should be able to get a new one between £25-£35 depending on current eBay deals, I normally pay close to £30 Inc shipping. Shame they don't have ball bearings only bushings but when paired with the correct pinion should give enough torque and speed to remain exciting (The smaller the space you run the faster any motor seems to be! 🤣)
  12. The experience for me is 12 years no issues with Dt02 then within 6 months of dt03 4 chassis breakages (two of the four buggies were using brushless) So can only recommend brushed setups for it!
  13. What was interesting was the original rere in 2005 still contained plastic ended driveshafts but the latest rerere manta ray had the improved all metal thundershot drive shafts!
  14. Original manual courtesy of tamiyabase.com
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