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  1. It is (and was) a great build, with a few quirks, as you'd expect from Tamiya. Still waiting to get the body painted and finished to give it a run outside, no regrets with the purchase.
  2. Yes good idea, also though don't forget to buy the terra scorcher G parts (original or shapeways 3d printed versions) so you can attach the body!
  3. Please add the new cc-02 mercedes g500 model, my showroom entry is stuck on misc!???? thanks
  4. The mad bull did stop production for a while and then came back under the same number... So I'd say it hasn't been rere'd. This happens when there's a change of inc. ESC usually but the mad bull and mad fighter had longer breaks as I recall
  5. The hornet uprights (that you put the wheel nut on) are smaller than the blitzer range
  6. Red and blue Tamiya tool sets are great, nearly 15 years on my red set, still going strong!
  7. I've found I've needed to drive a buggy for hours until it's been a real keeper!
  8. If it's your only thundershot, I'd recommend restoring it back to how the manual says but add.... A5 steel plate, ball bearings, 13t 32dp steel pinion and a Tamiya super stock motor, lovely retro runner...
  9. Making some space before moving home..... SOLD Rising 'Monster' Fighter SOLD Kumamon dt-02 buggy with manual Sale pending £50 runner quality Sonic Fighter £40 runner quality Hornet with ampro battery door, original but rough around the edges £100 shelfer Sonic Fighter Pictures in my showroom All except the kit have new ball bearings, new steel pinion and steering servo at least..... Maybe more electrics inc. contact me for specific details..... Prices Inc UK shipping
  10. I am going to do the upright servo option, the angle is less severe.. ...there is also a Tamiya hopup, alloy extendable servo horn which would help as well
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