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  1. Select downloads tab and you can select chassis or body pdf
  2. https://www.tamiya.de/en/products/rc-models/rc-off-road-others/dynahead-6x6-g6-01tr-300058660/ There you go
  3. If you can't find the manual, I can send you the link if you pm me (Unless someone else has the bearing list to hand??) 😉
  4. I know it's obvious but take a look in the manual, I could do a list for you tomorrow but you'll get there quicker by yourself?
  5. taffer

    Recommended kit

    Mmmm so it seems because it's a special version there's no ESC but tamico said there was!? It's worth making the point because obviously you rely on tamico being accurate at the point of sale so you still have a strong case I'd say!
  6. taffer

    Recommended kit

    Was the kit sealed? I would tell tamico it's missing and would like a ESC sent in the post!
  7. taffer

    Is this real? GF01 Monster Beetle...

    I don't mind current Tamiya line up and have now accepted this situation of drip feeding us recycled chassis with new bodies and colours etc. It's the cost which should come down a bit, the 'popular' cc-01 chassis should really be around the £100 mark, £130 for special versions, chromed parts etc and maybe £150 if led lights inc. as well, for its price to keep going up while all the time getting older seems bizzare, this situation is similar for other chassis's
  8. Still waiting for @Pintopower to show us all what he has in store for this chassis! Hopefully he can calculate a nice 3d printed brace that retains the front bumper and strengthens the front at the same time! 😊
  9. Yes I won't believe it won't happen! ;-) You could argue a case for it to be released as a Striker-CB , but be exactly the same! 😂
  10. £165 inc Norway shipping (£45 shipping), shipping should be cheaper than that? Over £100 still means you have to be really keen to purchase? When the tiniest threat of a re-release is hanging over costly parts like these, sometimes it's best to keep waiting? If a Manta Ray re-re can be bought for £109 ish then a striker/sonic re-re has got to be a similar price ?
  11. You didn't fancy the bodyset on the bay then?
  12. taffer

    Sonic Fighter Parts needed

    List updated
  13. taffer

    Wanted Thunder dragon front spring

    I have no spare drivers....is there another part I could help you with and I'll take a look......
  14. taffer

    Wanted Thunder dragon front spring

    Thanks from my spares what I have left, there are no springs!.....
  15. taffer

    Comical Hornet WR02CB

    Edit: got the parts! Very nice, have you got the part numbers for the white gearbox and c parts???? @Mokei Kagaku