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  1. Started on tamiya plugs, they wear too quickly with lots of use....changed to deans for a short while (2006-2008), then switched to traxxas, good grip, easier to solder than deans, no need for heatshrink! Still using them now for nimh and 2s lipo on tamiyas. Tried xt60/xt90's, seemed ok but compared to IC3/IC5 xt plugs seem cheap and looser fitting so quickly changed to IC3/5 and invested in the Spektrum charger etc.....not looking back! Superb! I have also tried the castle connectors which are nice but Spektrum have the smart tech so will stick to them.....never had any issues with sparks either when connecting
  2. I think this was a better older video but the video is not there anymore????? https://www.rccaraction.com/tamiya-factory-vintage-video/
  3. https://youtu.be/sV6SPEeh6ZQ Theres this short video, there's is another one from the eighties/early nineties but can't find it at the moment
  4. Thunder Dragon manual available to download at last, at least it's something to read, albeit not much different from the other chassis manuals
  5. The g6-01 chassis is a good attempt at buggies of years ago, with character and ability ...which shows it can be done
  6. eBay UK has lots of manta ray tyres from Tony's tamiya parts
  7. Fire dragon is even worse, released last year and yet UK release date is months after thunder dragon....the initial production batch must have been very small!?
  8. The 2005 thundershot had perfectly good gears like the original and other models before it, my fire dragons from 2008 were also ok (maybe the issue slowly crept in with this models production). My terra scorcher rere definitely had 'Chink' when turning the wheels but within 20hours of run time it has quieten down considerably..... The only issue in this time frame was this Chink not just made noise but it's small vibration was shaking the car to pieces nearly every run, the flange nuts and wheel nuts working loose, so I had to dab a bit of threadlock to stop the constant maintenance. So all is good now. If I was buying only one example of this chassis for an occasional run it would be annoying but having half a dozen of them it's not a problem. Surprised that tamiya never switched over to black coloured gears like they did with the cc-01?
  9. Otherwise you need approx 4 shock spacers per shock!🤣
  10. When I had my mudblaster 2, I did run on 50520 tamiya CVA shocks (96mm) (using the alloy shock towers) I swapped the springs for df03 hopup set which are stiffer. There was enough sag to give level running and enough body lean when cornering to look good......
  11. I opened the gear housing so I could install the e-clip.
  12. That's it, ball collars! Unless your jumping you will probably never need to remove them!?
  13. you have used pivot balls? with a screw through the centre to attach?
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