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  1. taffer

    Manta Ray Essential Upgrades

    Your saying the phone number 01536 725416 listed on their home page doesn't work? i never phone them, always email
  2. taffer

    Manta Ray Essential Upgrades

    Fusionhobbies.com in the UK will have that pinion, I've been buying steel pinions from them for ten years! Rwracing Pinions they sell!😊 (Tamiyaclub sponsor) They may not have them in stock but normally i have found they arrive within a week
  3. Yes your right i sold you the striker and fx10 Over the years I've gone from the striker to preferring the sonic fighter, then I went back to the striker because it was the first of the two, waiting for pintopower to show his proposed modifications! They still haven't been revealed so I sold you the striker and fx10 because I've gone back to preferring the sonic fighter! At this moment in time I would get either if re-released... As long as you don't have any impacts they are a worthy runner, I wouldn't go lower than a Super stock in them..... Considering the Manta Ray price, I would hope that a striker would come in at approx £100
  4. taffer

    Finally got a Nikko Dandy Dash but it's a big of a dog!

    I've got and used plastic to good effect on Tamiya plastics (split falcon arms and striker chassis)
  5. taffer

    WTD: Tamiya Thunder Shot

    Where are you based? 😊
  6. Mmm I have never tried the thunder shot Universal's in the front, but they would be the hopup to use (I no longer have a boomerang to try a set)
  7. hotshot/ super hotshot drive shafts work as well
  8. taffer

    Any guess on re-re 2019?

    Another run of the fire dragon wouldn't hurt!
  9. My tyres for my dynahead were 'normal', no sticky , no release agent Has anyone the part number for the foam inserts (which have been removed on the dynahead!)
  10. Why tamiya haven't released the unimog 425 cr-01 yet is baffling!
  11. It all looks ok until I did my indoor running test and noticed the wheels trembling front and rear (4WS) I reduced the steering throw down to 70% and its still doing it at full lock
  12. Just need to finish the body on my Dynahead build, I have installed cva oil shocks with blue (stiff) trf springs (which are slightly softer than stock). There is a minor issue with the steering front and rear, the drive shafts when steering very slightly run on the drive cup producing a minor mark on the drive shaft, the wheels exhibit a small tremor as well which when actually driving seems to be when greater than 50% turning (a guess). Has anyone else noticed this? It seems at the moment to avoid this the buggy would need to be lower while at rest and when driving so the drive shafts are straighter, which would mean possibly three hole pistons and soft springs instead?? Not an issue really with a stock 540 but unsure of how parts would hold up with anything faster
  13. £20 plus shipping PayPal gift for the set of white cva2 oil shocks Scott
  14. Hi I have a new in pack set of white cw-01 (lunchbox) cva2 oil shocks left, not sure where they are, I'll dig them out in the next day or so