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  1. Thank you for the clarification
  2. New in box . £30 Tamiya 54176 Formula Tuned 32t replaceable brushes Been in Storage for years Selling for a friend who is not on tamiyaclub. I have the motor in my possession and took the photos. Price inc.free UK shipping
  3. In the last few days, trying to upload a model to my showroom with a picture a message pops up to say tamiyaclub needs to check I'm not a robot and I wait while it performs verification checks.......then it fails with a error 500 internal fault page? Uploading from an android phone (as usual)
  4. Free UK shipping Also included if sold through TC, hotshot front shaft set to remove binding issue at droop Check out my eBay items as well under taffer74
  5. Updated list with 2 thundershot kits for sale now
  6. I've just unwrapped my 2005 (for sale) rere tshot and there are no dimples on the rear of the integral mono wing (to attach the ugly separate wing). There are dimples on the prepainted 2022 tshot kit body (I also have for sale)
  7. I have a 2005 thundershot for sale... Regarding TBG tshot bodies, it's great but the nose cone/body clip area is too deep so as shown in my showroom I bought a 3d printed front body mount from a shapeways seller that had extended it so it would fit.
  8. A rz super stock just sold on eBay, one left now on list above
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