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  1. Reusable cable ties!? I like the connector hanging out the side, it's just like when I was younger, same imagery..
  2. fusion hobbies do price match plus, which means they should always be cheaper than modelsport and time tunnel, plus TC subscribers get 10% off
  3. I've used old gearsets with no issues where as my 2008 fire dragon was ok, my new 2020 terra is the noisest the chassis range has ever been and very stiff/notchy, fourth battery through it now and it's starting to quiet down and bed in. I've used 1150 ball bearings in place of thrust or plastic/metal washer setups since 2009, never been an issue, current tshot runner has 100+ hours through it.
  4. yes normal, depending on the shell size I normally use most of the paint. Once you back with black you will see the nice result!
  5. He never says where he got his kit from? Fusion hobbies still says October!
  6. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=134296&id=2692
  7. If the stops are removed them won't the arms drop lower and subsequently the drive shaft would run and potentially chip the drive cups? Don't overthink it, stock out of the box the setup is great with most motor setups
  8. The spacer is still included and can be used with the new motor plate but it's really fiddly to put on and remove. But can be done
  9. Just use normal metal shielded ball bearings, 1150, never had issues in 10 years using them
  10. Only ever broken 2 X left sides knuckles in over 10 years, always been available but a couple of pairs of f trees should see you through! White wheels will be an issue in the future but black wheels have always been around...... Gearboxes, if you install shafts instead of screw pins (upper arms), gearbox should also last longer.....although saying that my current runner has split gearboxes with screw pins and it runs fine, hasn't got worse in years.... Tyres availability comes and goes, just buy a couple of sets when you see them cheapish!? Approx reasonable prices to look for... Chassis £15 A tree £15 F tree £8 Wheels £10-£20 for four Tyres £20-£30 for four Apart from tyres and gearboxes, a lot of parts are available 3d print wise as well
  11. Looks like you haven't popped it onto the ball? Needs a firm push! It's rubber tubing brass ball plastic part then rubber tubing to finish
  12. The df02 chassis launched with a steel pinion in the kit, not sure if the latest releases still do?
  13. Tl-01b drive shafts were metal shafts with plastic ball ends, same as original manta ray and first manta ray rere Best just to get full metal drive shafts which are in fact the thundershot ones (rerere manta ray had them as a little upgrade)
  14. @MrBlz https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=133367&id=2692 It's also a mystery why bearing kits never include the extra either! To be fair the E1 plastic parts and washer don't wear quick so not essential that they are changed but it's a low cost upgrade so why not!?
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