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  1. Hello has anyone had a chance to look at this? @netsmithUK @TWINSET Or other mods? It must be really frustrating to not have access but no-one answering? Thank you in advance
  2. https://youtu.be/Pjs6D_ncVoQ
  3. Tamiyaclub subsriber @HornetRacer 1971 has asked me to put this message on because suddenly in the last few days he hasn't been able to login to the main site or forum? He has tried a password reset but it takes him to the login page. He is using win10, brave browser (which has been fine for years) @netsmithUK
  4. Any chance of the manual for 54948? Please!
  5. Tamiya released a pic of exactly that on the king yellow
  6. Yes, same as modern dt-03 etc but yellow. Wierd that they released the limited editions with the older type, except the Saint dragon? Although I prefer the older type for a rere (rerere!) I'm glad it's coming back again
  7. Shocks are CVA V2, same as new Saint dragon
  8. Mmmm mine doesn't flip with 2s lipo, 13t pinion and bz motor....but yes the tyres wear quickly! When bald they are even more fun with easy power sliding
  9. https://www.shapeways.com/product/C8S5VS8B4/tamiya-thundershot-b10-b15-body-mount-parts
  10. @Dug180 I usually run a 4000mah lipo, for approx. 30mins run on tarmac and a bit of grass...I would have thought that was an average run, I like to run multiple cars so they each get 30 mins or so each time
  11. I've had mtroniks before, neither impressed or put off by them, seem a bit pricey these days......I just stick to 1060 or xt-20 series, prefer the xt
  12. Yes it is, it would seem.....however I've only had a switch break once (which was repaired under warranty) in all the years I've been using them...
  13. I use the modelsport xt-12 or xt-20 esc ahead of the 1060, has a low profile and nicer switch for the rere's
  14. It did affect my rere terra scorcher build, I elected to continue running it and now 20+ hours of running later it's hardly noticeable. Nothing was an issue except it meant until imthe gears wore in there was a slight vibration which it caused, which led to the flange nuts coming loose, which was solved with a dab of threadlock
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