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  1. It runs ok stock but it's a different buggy using ampro parts. If you have signed up to shapeways you will get informed on any deals that appear
  2. Someone's already done what I thought Tamiya might do on the cc-02 eventually!
  3. Sometimes it's really tight, needing to be tapped in!
  4. I've assembled maybe 6/7 over the years, never had that issue, your sure you have the right gear set?
  5. Maybe they felt too long had passed for a steering upgrade or that it added no benefits because of the original design (it took years and years before we got a metal motor mount, rear suspension links and barrel springs etc, at least these provide a real improvement?) You can probably safely bet there will be a whole host of upgrades planned as hopups this time around, maybe different coloured plastic parts as well!
  6. Yes although it sounds like the CC-02 wont be a game changer, the "evolution" aspect will equally delight and frustrate! ie.... Great that its similar and is an improved version, about time etc etc AND Arrrghhh Tamiya have missed the opportunity to be better than....etc etc However! As tamiya fans we will be pleased in general and hopefully it will be a success!
  7. So.....do you think they would reuse the lexan hilux extra cab body with different stickers?
  8. @TurnipJF I'm curious if the ball type shock mounts actually fit in the yellow CVA shocks, they always looked too stiff and slightly too thick, have you done this before? (Stock ones are fine though! 😁) It's not that important but I always do this and it has been fine, which is you need 3x extra 1150 ball bearings that don't come in bearing kits, to replace the three thrust washers bw2 (and plastic e1 part), steps 16&17 in the thundershot manual. Thrust bearings are the proper upgrade but ball bearings have been just fine for my 100+ hours of running
  9. It's a great idea but Russia and Japan don't really get on? So it would make it less likely? Possibly...
  10. And it's still straight!? Not bent!? Your doing well!😁
  11. Pm when your ready with your address etc @TurnipJF What is tricky is obtaining the 36mm long screw for the rear bumper, I may have a 40mm which you can cut down or I can supply a spacer to fit
  12. @TurnipJF I have a scuffed rear bumper you could have.....let me know your final list and we can sort something out
  13. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=133367&id=2692 shows the shapeways bodymount and link
  14. That carbon body mount looks 99% like the original dash 1 bodyshell mount! I think the repo dash body uses the original body posts (at the rear) If you need any parts I can see what I have left (spares have dwindled after doing so many resto's!)
  15. If you will be using a TBG repo shell, the front nose section doesn't fit with the standard body mount properly, on shapeways there is a TC member that has created an extended one which fits perfect, I have documented it in my showroom, I could put a link here if you have trouble finding it!
  16. This is great, love this chassis! Standard spec or a super stock bz with 13t pinion (a great combo!)?
  17. a slightly modified list from a 2005 topic about a cc-02 possibility 1. a separate gearbox (and not the tub/gearbox combination of CC-01). 2. better steering mechanism with bushings upgradeable to ball bearings. 3. Adjustable upper rear shock mounts. 4. better front body mount (for the hardbody versions). 5. ideally more suspension travel, long shock upgrade kit. 6. Double set of "diff lockers" included on parts tree or cr-01 diff locking pins?. 7. the possibility of an even longer LWB-version (than Touareg/CR-V), to have a suitable chassis for some of the old hardbodies. 8. realistic, but somewhat more aggressive tire pattern. 9. waterproof electrics box or a lexan chassis cover (chassis cover could double as a simple interior?) 10. If it is a tub chassis then minimal self tappers used, hopefully more nut/bolt fixtures 11. a modified cc-01 tub with extra chassis spacers to increase or shorten length but to enable 4 link setup to stay the same?
  18. Will Tamiya continue to sell cc01 kits alongside the new version? (It does with other chassis types! if it did we would expect a price drop for the older cc01? Would you prefer a cheaper price for cc02 because it reuses cc01 parts of more expensive if everything was new? Do you think a cc02TR version would follow? Which would mean a fixed rear axle would need an option of being lowered to level up with the front? Or is that impractical?? What existing bodies would you prefer to see on future releases.... there is some many questions! Would a crazy Dynahead gearbox variation be possible to eliminate prop shafts.....the gf01tr would end up being a lesser version!?
  19. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=132396&id=2692 I've had mine for a year, it's certainly a unique build! Many more hopups now though!
  20. In fact the dual rider doesn't fall over a lot!
  21. 1x NIP tamiya 101bk esc £15 plus shipping 1x cut and painted thundershot body with wing - received cut and painted by previous owner white and metallic blue, some blue overspray, black canopy and small 5mm split on front nose, wing had been installed. I'd give it a solid 6/10, great for a runner, no stickers just body and wing £10 plus shipping
  22. My cr-01 is nearly finished, just to body to complete, I went with the land rover cc-01 body, which goes on the cr-01 ok apart from the wheelbase is out so I have taken the lazy route and installed body post extenders to raise the body from rubbing on the wheels..... I painted the wheels white!
  23. @netsmithUK. Still got the issue.....
  24. I'm sure you've seen the cr-01 manual? The diffs can be locked/unlocked within a few minutes depending on where you run, there's a grub screw cover and a bolt. The rock socker just needs steel pinion and ball bearings
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