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  1. Well. It's all together now. Unlike most here I wasn't blown away with the quality of the instructions. The biggest challenge i found was woeking through some confusing bits of manual. I do however have an issue with steering I'm going to have to work through. Seems as if I have slow (but ok) steering left but barely anything to the right. Im running a high speed digital servo so something seems wrong..
  2. Apologies all. Another question. Any suggestion on how to run the suspension? Should I be using any of the spacers on springs, front or rear?
  3. Indeed. Now I know what I'm looking for you are right there is plenty of discussion on the topic. I mistook my problem as different as most of them state the diff is a "little tight" where for mine it is barely moveable without some serious pressure. Ive since learned the problem seems to be with the steel diff gears and poor manufacturing in some kits. That makes sense to why they would also free up as they bed in with the plastic gears. Just feel like it would have been clever to use a little more grease in the boxes had I known.
  4. Did check the bearings and unfortunately they are flush so not that :/
  5. It's the rear. I Did take it completely apart. Tried different bearings and still the same. I think like you said it's just a lot tighter than I'm used to. I'll run it acouple times and see If it loosens up. Not sure how it would but I Guess we'll see. Front on the other hand is light and free.
  6. Seems logical to me. I'll go through the bearings again
  7. Hi all Building up my new super hotshot which just arrived but having some challenges. When I'm screwing the gearbox together (2 sides the diffs become really tight and notchy). I'm not familiar with the hotshot but every other car I've had you want this to be smooth and free moving. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong? I've had it apart 3 times and can't see the mistake I've made.
  8. Thanks. I'll stick with the 18t. I thought the rpm difference would move me to a smaller pinion
  9. So finally got the Falcon all up and running to realise that the motor isn't in the best shape (seems like 31 years of sitting on a shelf will do that). Looking to put in anew, slightly hotter motor in the form of a tamiya dirt tuned. Any suggestions on pinion size?
  10. Very nice runner you have there. I'm still thinking through wheel choice for the grasshopper. All my modern stuff is 2.2" on 12mm hex which im pretty sure wont work on thiscar.
  11. Oh interesting! When you say old models which ones specifically?
  12. Sorry mate the Falcon is too sentimental for me to ever part with it. Good luck though, I know how hard these are to come by and I feel for you.
  13. Thanks so much for the detailed reply Yalson. Apologies I put a video of the track in another thread. It's a large outdoor hard packed dirt track that gets dusty. As far as mods I'm still working through that. They are very strict on some cars (Stock plus bearings only) but with the tamiya buggies they do allow after market wheels so ill be running my current prolines on a supershot. I do need to enter 2 cars though so the super g is planned as my second. I do want to change the wheels though as i believe these would be quite hard to replace. Good thinking on lowering the car that should make it a lot more stable. I'm assuming I can run normal modern 3mm spacers? Tamiya doesn't use an odd sized shock shaft do they? Ballbearings ordered. Just waiting for them to arrive. Final thing I need is a lipo that fits and I'm good to go.
  14. Indeed you were right. I got acouple on the weekend and both are way too big for any of my current cars (GH, GH2, Hornet, Lunchbox). Unfortunately no can do with the soft pack. Racing requires a Hard case battery. No softcase allowed. If I can work a way to manage wiring I may run a shorty with spacers.
  15. It to confirm before I place the order. It's definitely this one right? https://www.nbhc.com.au/lipo-4800mah-30c-7.4v-tamiy-intl4800-2s-w3
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