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    building models of all sizes and kinds used to build big scale mods for carnival floats now just got into rc mods
  1. think this is worth ago any chance you could show some pics to help me cheers.
  2. hi daves thanks for your coments the servo in question is the 805mg hitech it bosts of high torque @6v but its not enough for my truck when all put together. not sure about the screws think they might be to slow good thought tho would be grate for a tipper trailer gives me idlers for my trailer yet to build cheers.
  3. hi tcms. dose any one now what the biggest servo is on the market as my 805mg hitec wont turn my wheels as my 1/4 scale model is to heavy approx 25/30 bls. would doubling up the servos work.i have thought about making a power servo from a 12v wiper motor but don't no what kit i would need to run it any ideas or thoughts welcome .cheers.
  4. hi i have tried the above it dose by pass the mfc but i now have two power controls one from the ecs and one at the mfc . but now they switch on each other even know i have disconnected the power lead from the mfc. i have tried the power line from the ecs but that justs kills the ecs;s switch and dosent work at all. dose this mean i still have power going back into the mfc through the receiver.
  5. dont worry waiting for some y leads to come first . ok to be safe then il disconnect the red from the mfc wires. as i need the red wire for the esc to switch on yeh
  6. will try that thanks fingers crossed.
  7. now @ my whits end with the mfu i have tried all sorts but i am disappointed with its capabilities so i will try a y lead tomorrow with some tech found on ebay hoping this might work if not mfu will be up for grabs .
  8. has now one tryed anything along this line before a reply would be grate anything
  9. yeh hoping so aswel thanks for your replys been grate cheers.hers some pics.thanks http://www.tamiyaclub.com/pictureframe.asp?t=n&id=img41349_14082013152309_1.jpg http://www.tamiyaclub.com/pictureframe.asp?t=n&id=img41349_15082013163508_main.jpg
  10. yeh its for the trucks what would today's equivalent be if i cant get one of thoes?
  11. hi dose any one know what operating system is the best to run the mfc 01 myn dosent work well. its an tamco 2.4ghz fhss tax6 ment for fixed wing/delter it has nor/rev functions digi trims&mode1-2 i dont know how to set up or adjust the settings to help or is it just not right for the mfc. any coments welcome.
  12. hi guys managed to try my new servo with 6v power & tried putting connection on backwards even disconnected the motor but it still no change please any help or ideas welcome. i have tried servo on its own through the receiver and works fine with raido
  13. hi guys got my new servo today bit cofused it came with a y harnes not sure how to wire it through the mfc it says the power should be fed directly to the servo without going thru the bec regulator ie the mfc help please
  14. hi dose any one now ho to bypass the mfc-01 ecs to run a separate ecs as i want to run a larger 12v motor and the mfc cant handle the power drain and allso keep the sounds at the same time.any advice or help appreciated .
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