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  1. That turned out sweet the paint work looks great is the primary colour a type of bed liner
  2. I just did the kit provided cheat with the decal but used a 2000 grit foam sanding pad to blend the edges of the decal so it was not noticeable prior to painting the shell and also after all other decals were applied I clear coated over the whole body
  3. Thanks Mad Ax it was difficult to do with the chrome silver and the black so close to each other on the quarter windows and even the chrome silver for the trim I don’t have the steadiest hand it’s not quite perfect but not too bad and I haven’t finished Albert yet either that is going to be a bit of a challenge
  4. I installed them purposely that way so when it drives it the tracks point the way it is going a little idiosyncrasy of mine
  5. Thanks for checking it out guys would be interested to see some pictures of anyone else who has some pictures of their recently completed models if anybody is keen on posting some
  6. Continue on from last post with some more pictures
  7. Hi guys I posted late last year on the Monster Beetle I purchased for my daughter and I to build for her it is now finally finished and it didn’t turn out too bad will try to upload a couple of pictures
  8. Very cool perhaps I will have to obtain another body and attempt this I have visions of trying this failing epically and jumping up and down on my disappointing masterpiece
  9. It would definitely be an awesome thing to achieve the most difficult things to do would be getting the stripes correct and precisely applying the paint around the curves specifically the ones on the right hand side where the original style body was made to fit the servo control for the speed controller and up over the rear of the body and keeping it all in proportion correctly then masking up the stripe graphic accurately from the inside to apply the black primary colour but it would look amazing if it could be achieved to perfection
  10. Hi guys I’m interested to know if anyone has attempted to paint on the orange, orange and yellow stripe colour scheme on their hornet as after a while the decals always tend to start peeling and if so how successful was this venture
  11. Hi Falcon#5 if you do manage to set up a run I would be interested in attending if that would be ok 

  12. Thanks for all the great comments guys and Mad Ax your little one looks so happy with her new Lunchbox I think it is really good to see the younger generation showing an interest in r/c there is a young guy a couple of houses down from us that has his r/c car going up and down the street all the time though his cars are generally modern examples which personally I find to all look rather generic and uninspired unlike a lot of the aesthetically incredible designs of the tamiya releases from the 80’s even so it is good to see the r/c hobby alive and kicking at least not all kids these days are addicted to the social media movement
  13. Thanks for the welcome and for the reply yes she was extremely happy as she has been asking for one for about 4 years it sounds mean but I didn’t want to get it for her until she could understand and actually be involved in the building process and I think that was the right way to approach it because she has actually been able to do quite a lot of the more basic stages of the build and she really enjoys it and being a bit of a big kid myself I think that I enjoy it just as much it’s great fun
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