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  1. Looking to buy a new in the box vintage tamiya hornet. thanks
  2. Not a tamiya but i noticed 2-3 people may own one, and may be interested to sell this. Wanted: MRP HIGH ROLLER
  3. gt4baby

    Cyprus RC scene? Any Cypriot members?

    I could probably ask the people i know and let you know in more details. I know that some of them run 1/8 buggies and rally game, others do some crawling, some do drift and few of the do vintage stuff. Ill see what i can gather and let you know
  4. gt4baby

    Cyprus RC scene? Any Cypriot members?

    Hey buddy. I am a Cypriot. not following much on tournaments and stuff here. Mostly 1/8 pro nitro buggy stuff and rally games. But, there are a couple of guys doing some races with vintage stuff only tamiya etc. I am a guy who likes vintage stuff too, thats why i wasnt involved in the latest rc stuff here. I think most people wont run them due to the chance of breaking some rare stuff and then paying an arm and a leg for parts and shipping costs and customs taxes to import something here from a no eu country, lets say Japan or US. If you do come to our little island, do hit me up and ill show you around and you can meet some people involved. Regarding tamiya stuff, you wont find anything here. The shops currently import chinese crap like nanda racing, hsp, and pro competition buggies and losi, traxxas and other latest stuff. so forget about vintage stuff for tamiya from a shop in Cyprus and dont expect too many clubs. people organizing the races are mostly shop owners who own the tracks.
  5. Anyone looking to trade a modded tamiya or kyosho buggy (optima, hotshot, frog etc) for my tamiya celica 58096 original vintage car? It was built a month ago by me and got foam side protectors too. Never ran the person needs to be in a EU country. Ill pay shipping to send it over from Cyprus, and he has to pay shipping to send me his car. Just a clean swap no money involved.
  6. gt4baby

    Tamiya Celica 58096 ta01

    gathering of parts will be slow. Anyhow, just got a vintage foam side protector made by rainbow. The foam comes precut, so Installed it, looks nice, the foam is thick. So here is the foam for now Th
  7. Okay i am looking to purchase the rally cockpit for the celica 58096 (painted). I need the drivers to be with red uniforms, since this is for the celica repsol. I can buy used or new, or anyone that is willing to paint one for low cost, can pm me. Photos of what i am after :
  8. gt4baby

    Tamiya Celica 58096 ta01

    Thanks mate. Although i suck on painting and did some mistakes, i feel happy with the outcome. And i agree. that all hop ups are expensive to gather. especially that dynatech motor which the only one i see on ebay is more than 100$, but its new and oh well we like to spend money the good thing is that i have built my ta01 from scratch new, so i will choose carefully what to put on it. I wont waste money on aluminum arms or servo savers or mounts or stuff like that. I did that with my hornet and ended up paying 300 euro just for the parts of my hornet The next step is to find someone that will sell me a ready made rally cockpit with the red painted uniforms, or someone who is willing to paint one for me and get paid, cause i suck on detailing faces and then bearings and motor. Oh and i noticed a part from rainbow i think, that is a foam that goes around the ta01 chassis, consider it already purchase hehe, as i would like to have a bit of protection.
  9. Hello. Okay as many of you are aware or have seen, i had my new in box celica 58096 for sale. I had been offered a nice amount of money for it, from a local guy, but i decided that money will not do much difference, and that the time i will spend to build and run this car and the fun will worth more to me. So after 20+ years, sitting on shelves, i decided to keep it and build it myself. Next upgrades, will be the original tamiya ceramic bearings, the dynatech O2H motor and the rally cockpit for the interior. The car will stay original so i will only use tamiya and other parts and hop ups that were officially released for this car at the time. be continued..
  10. gt4baby

    Tamiya celica 58096 questions

    @Backlash thank you very much for the extensive response. You have been very helpful and covered all the issues. i believe that everything is okay with the build now after i have read your response carefully Thank you again for everything
  11. gt4baby

    Tamiya celica 58096 questions

    Okay i have read this one: so i guess this answers me the question number 3 and everything seems to be as they should now if anyone could tell me why the balle bearings can go into the uprights easily and can be taken off as easily as moving the rc to an angle, and not being stuck tight as in other cars like the hornet?
  12. Hello. Been years since i had a tamiya ta02 castrol celica, and today i started building my new in box tamiya ta01 celica 58096. I have a few questions. 1) is there a difference if you put the large plastic bearings 1150 in any of their sides? 2) plastic bearings 1150 that i installed in the uprights seem to fall easily, and not tight as in other cars like the hornet. Is that normal? 3) everything followed from the manual, when i turn the wheels by hand they stop when i let them go, they dont continue spinning like in my hornet. Is that the 4wd difference here? thats all. Thanks
  13. gt4baby

    SOLD at last

    Tamiya celica 58096 first ta01 chassis still new in box from the 90s. Box has wear but content untouched. Accepting paypal. SOLD FREE shipping if bought within two days from the date posted. Accepting paypal
  14. Yes buddy i had it listed and i will not list it again. Unfortunately via ebay i list it higher as ebay and paypal cuts off about 50 euro, so i prefer selling it over a forum or a facebook group so the buyer pays a lower price and i get the same amount not for sale anymore. Close this post please. Thank you