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  1. Two (2) x vintage tamiya hornet 5845, still new in the boxes for sale 1000 euro both, 500 euro each. shipping extra cost with tracking number and signature on delivery.
  2. Looking to buy a first release tamiya hornet 5845 new in box . Regards,
  3. looking only new in box original releases. Cash in Hand. feel free to pm with photos and your asking prices. Thanks 58045 Tamiya hornet tamiya celica castrol 58129 tamiya celica repsol 58119 tamiya celica 58096 tamiya celica 58064
  4. WTB vintage tamiya hornet 5845 NEW IN BOX. I only want to buy the first edition and new in box unbuilt. Thanks
  5. Hello all I am looking to buy the original Tamiya Hornet 5845, only NEW IN BOX. If anyone is interested to sell, kindly contact me personally. Thanks George
  6. Sorry i thought i already uploaded Thanks for letting me know
  7. SOLD tg10 mk1 tamiya nsx raybrig nitro. comes with box and radio controller. it ran twice, and you can see the condition under the chassis. i will ship worldwide at buyers expense. i could trade with a vintage tamiya hornet (58045) but NIB, and i will throw the extra cash if someone has one and is interested 155 euro excluding shipping (from Cyprus - Europe)
  8. I seek to buy a formula 1 for my collection. I prefer older models not the latest. I am in between a 58288 ferrari 2002 and ferrari 310b. Which one is most wanted? As i understand the first is 4wd and the latter is 2wd.and the first being more realistic. What do collectors have or get?
  9. Drove 1 hour to pick up this literally new tamiya nsx raybrig tg10mk1 for 30 euro.
  10. Looking to buy a new in the box vintage tamiya hornet. thanks
  11. Not a tamiya but i noticed 2-3 people may own one, and may be interested to sell this. Wanted: MRP HIGH ROLLER
  12. I could probably ask the people i know and let you know in more details. I know that some of them run 1/8 buggies and rally game, others do some crawling, some do drift and few of the do vintage stuff. Ill see what i can gather and let you know
  13. Hey buddy. I am a Cypriot. not following much on tournaments and stuff here. Mostly 1/8 pro nitro buggy stuff and rally games. But, there are a couple of guys doing some races with vintage stuff only tamiya etc. I am a guy who likes vintage stuff too, thats why i wasnt involved in the latest rc stuff here. I think most people wont run them due to the chance of breaking some rare stuff and then paying an arm and a leg for parts and shipping costs and customs taxes to import something here from a no eu country, lets say Japan or US. If you do come to our little island, do hit me up and ill show you around and you can meet some people involved. Regarding tamiya stuff, you wont find anything here. The shops currently import chinese crap like nanda racing, hsp, and pro competition buggies and losi, traxxas and other latest stuff. so forget about vintage stuff for tamiya from a shop in Cyprus and dont expect too many clubs. people organizing the races are mostly shop owners who own the tracks.
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