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  1. I can see your point, but even watching prices of used celicas around the 100-150 euro mark, even the ta02, tl01 etc, i believe 300 euro for a new one that one gets to build from the start is only fair seeing tamico.de selling the ta02 at 399,99 excluding shipping costs(box in great condition) i have mine at 365 delivered to anywhere in the world. And i have spoken with tamico to buy their kits but they dont negotiate their prices still, finding them in any condition used or new is hard to find nowadays, so prices can only go up regarding these. I mean look at used kyosho optimas, tamiya hilux, and others. Basically if someone buys one celica at 80 excluding delivery as a runner, and needs to get other parts the cost will get higher. But getting this at this price, he can choose to keep it in box or build it and keep it as a shelf queen. Its the intention of what the buyer wants to do with it.
  2. 365 euro delivered all included. worldwide shipping. accepting paypal.
  3. New in box, you will never find this in this near perfect condition. everything new and box in near perfect condition for its age. rare car SOLD
  4. Okay, since my last post on my rare ishipla monster buggy, i got this one today still new from 1988 smells like decades ago, like a christmas morning, when the first thing we did waking up, was unwrapping the gifts:))
  5. So, i am relisting my new in box vintage tamiya celica 58096 rc. its the first ta01 and its still new in the box after all these years. Everything is there and everything is untouched. Only downside is some wear on the box from the years and storage. Some tape will fix everything Attached are the photos. NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE PLEASE CLOSE THE POST. THANK YOU
  6. i will also include front aftermarket oil shocks that fit like the stock shocks. My loss your gain.
  7. Yeah, unfortunately there isnt any live changing of the color, but i guarantee you that the guy who does it, will respond your email and send you a preview after each correction. With him, probably, had more than 50 emails (come and go) until we finalized the corrections etc. He was sending me the stickers sheet with the changes each time. He is responsive and cooperative. I ended up ordering 4 sheets from him, even though i used just the one and the price was good too
  8. Hey buddy, just roll this page up, and find my post of my hornet. (the silver one). The stickers are from MCI Racing. I chose the colors and also requested reverse printing, which let me put the stickers inside the body prior painting it Just wanted you to see another example from MCI. great stuff.
  9. Hey all. My favorite is the buggy called MONSTER by ISHIPLA. This was released in 86' and it is the first and only rc car from this company. The company was creating only rc helicopters and parts so i guess it can be considered rare I painted the body, put stickers on it but it never touched ground. Its still new on the stand, and i think i will keep it that way
  10. price lowered to 75 euro shipped within european union countries and uk
  11. for sale vintage stadium blitzer original upgraded lrp esc for lipos, upgraded motor, front alloy c-hubs comes with receiver and transmitter, just put a battery and run it SOLD
  12. Thanks buddy though i thought about it today and i will not keep it listed for sale anymore. I decided to keep it for myself at the moment. Good thing the salary came in and changed my mind hahah Administrators please lock this thread
  13. reduced price from 500 plus shipping to 470 DELIVERED to anywhere in the world.
  14. absolutely here are the photos. the box isnt in the best condition, but everything is new if you need more dont hesitate to ask. Thank you
  15. New in box first ta01 58096 tamiya celica. Price 500 euro plus shipping worldwide. The item will be shipped from Cyprus (Europe), so no customs etc for buyers within EU.
  16. @KEV THE REV hello buddy and thanks for the response. I checked every gear etc and everything was alright. I also used a new gearbox assembly. About the graphite grease, i contacted a friend of mine who has an rc shop and confirmed that it is okay to use it in the tamiya plastic gears. About the rear wheels , 1st) i though about the plastic adapters which bolt onto the axle pin, and as i read somewhere about the power loss when the adaptor is spinning inside the wheel. I did noticed that they are a bit tricky to lock into the wheel. 2nd) i thought about the tires, cause it didnt have maintenance after 30 or so years from my friend, so after checking them i saw the would spin. So i glued them on. Also by the fellow members that also kindly responded to my issue, i took off the grub screw from the pinion and placed it again securely on the flat surface. Now the good news :))) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. There is some zzz but i noticed that was from the savox servo i have in it and its metal gears. BUT, i took it for a spin now, and guys, all i can say that the power is doubled from the run i had two nights ago with the issue, and is now running smoothly without any issues. Now the only problem is i cant control it hehe and it drifts i use a 2s lipo with the sports tuned and the hobbywing 1060 esc. This is from minutes ago So basically, the issue is fixed. Now what fixed it i suppose could be the unglued tires or the pinion gear, as these were the only changes i made, plus i carefully locked the rear adaptors inside the wheels, as are a bit tricky to lock. So, i would like to thank you personally to each one of you, who took the time to read my post, and had the patience to reply Thanks again guys.
  17. @WillyChang Thanks for your response buddy. About the spacer, do you mean the BD3? everything in the manual was included when i disassembled the gearbox, nothing seemed to have a problem or missing, even this spacer. about the diff gear which holds the 3 bevels, i didnt pay attention to it, i mean i just hypothesized, that in any way it goes in, should be okay. So i dont know if this is the issue. Eitherway, when i installed it i check it while turning the one axle, before attaching the whole gearbox assembly, and even when i assembled it it looked okay and everything was spinning okay. If i hold the rc car on the air, it spins okay and sounds okay. But when its on the road it seems like slipping. I glued the rear wheels and i will check again today and let you know if these were the issues. Thanks for your kind response
  18. problem with the photobucket pic, so here is the gearbox opened. Doesnt it look okay?
  19. 1) 1/10 alu oil shocks, 2) 1/16 alu oil shock, 3) tamiya 5193 racing adjustable oil shocks, 4) alloy rear shocks mounts 5) alloy chassis brace. 6)set of alloy wheel hubs, 7) set of alloy wheel adaptors 8) set of light pods. tamiya oil shocks, 1/10 and 1/16, alloy wheel adaptors and chassis brace were mounted, but i decided to keep it stock so they are basically new., thus they we are not going to come into their original packets, but all in one. Price is 75 euro plus shipping. Shipping is from Cyprus (Europe) reduced to 75 euro shipped to European union countries and uk
  20. And this is mine, metallic silver paint, and stickers in reverse printing, placed on the inside of the body
  21. Hello and thanks for the response racer1 i have disassembled the gearbox again as i couldnt sleep thinking about it hehe. The pinion gear is 18t. I counted it again. It is the original that came with the hornet. Btw the hornet was bought second hand, but from my friend who build it from new in his childhood. So everything was stock and nothing was ever replaced. Before selling it to me, it was running much quieter etc. I dont know if its the ball bearings, the sports tuned and all these kind of stuff, or the hudy graphite grease which i read that it has particles in it, and probably not good for plastic gears. Anyhow, i opened the gearbox again, and i confirm that everything looks okay. Here is also a picture i took just now. Anyhow, i checked also the small screw on the pinion gear and screwed again on the motors flat surface as per the responses i got, and i also glued the rear tires as they felt like sleeping when i was holding the plastic rim. I will run ti probably tomorrow and see how it goes. Comparing that mechanically i changed the msc and silver can and plastic bearings, to hobbywing 1060 esc, black tamiya sports tuned and ball bearings, the only other change inside the gearbox was the hudy graphite grease. I believe at the end, this could be the issue, if the above dont solve it. Also, i forgot to mention, that, when i was hitting brakes, the hornet didnt stop instantly, instead it was like slightly reducing speed until stopping, just like an old beetle car that doesnt grab brakes instantly. Probably it was the unglued tires? Thank you all for your patience and your kind help
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