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  1. btw here is my night run tonight, and listen to it. isnt it strange? 27928932_147650169249864_5416506153179807744_n.mp4
  2. Hello again, and thank you for your responses. I have taken out the pinion gear and i have reinstalled it making sure that the screw sits on the flat surface. I have also glued the rear wheels. I will again try to run it tomorrow and see the results. I am sure the small join pin and the differential shaft and all small stuff are there. About the pinion, if i counted correctly i think is 19t instead of 18t which comes with the hornet? ill see in the morning if i counted correctly cause i was watching juventus at the same time and i think i may have counted wrong if its not 18t ill get the robinson that suits the sports tuned motor. emm and probably i will again reopen the gearbox tomorrow and confirm that everything was installed correctly, for the 5th time Thanks guys for your help. ill let you know how it goes
  3. I also greased up the axles. I read somewhere that if we use ball bearings dont grease up the axles. Anyhow thats all Thanks
  4. Hello. I have rebuild my tamiya hornet and i have ran it two times so far. I have a hobbywing 1060 esc and its ball raced and has a black sports tuned motor. The issue is that it seems there is a power loss and a weird noise, like a zzzzzzzz on the air it sounds okay and it spins great. On the road, i punch forward and seems the noise is faster than the move, like its slipping. I thought it was the rear wheel adaptors but those were okay. I also took apart the gearbox and all gears, diff and all pins and stuff were okay and present. Now cause i bought it second hand and it was my first time building it, i didnt have the tamiya grease, so i used the Hudy graphite grease. I didnt follow the manual, but instead i put a generous amount of the grease in all gears etc, until they all became black Would this be the issue? and if yes, can i clean and reuse the parts? gears, counter gear, diff etc? can i wash them with water and let them dry? how do i clean them? and should i use again that graphite grease or should i get a tamiya grease? if i cant find one, what other grease can i use? thank you all
  5. Wanted: Aftermarket front oil shocks for the tamiya hornet to be installed in the same way like the stocks. Basically i need you-g, parma etc these kind of shocks. Used or new. Thanks
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