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  1. zomboided

    My new Willy...

    Roll cage finish is really effective...do you have more info on exactly what paint you used?
  2. zomboided

    TT-02T Sand Shaker

    The diffs are often discussed as a weak point. Search for TT02B diffs, such as this thread In my TT02B I have a brushless system on LiPo with an ally motor mount, speed gears and DF02 diffs and it gives a decent turn of speed and has been reliable/runs without overheating. The ally steering is also worth doing to as it removes the slop. I don't know that I'd bother with adjustable turnbuckles.
  3. zomboided

    Custom MFC using Arduino

    This is cool...I've been looking at 3D printer firmware in Arduino recently with the ability to turn things on and off. If you want to share this earlier, outside of GitHub then I'm happy to see if I can help make it more generic...I think you've done all the hard work, adding some structure should be dead easy! PM me if you want to go this way, dead happy to help the community as well as for my own reasons.
  4. zomboided

    Custom MFC using Arduino

    Amazing thread! I have a breadboard on my desk hooked up to an Arduino Nano and a receiver. I had thought I'd use it as a bridge between getting signals in and doing some attenuation of the throttle to slow things down for my little boy. I think I got as far as causing a servo to move all the way, or not at all then moved on to something else. If it's not rude, do you want to share your code please? I'd love a play (or even to contribute - we could build a library on GitHub or something) Now I have gotten my boys ride on car hooked up to an Arduino with some lights, and a siren and faux engine starting noise. Can definitely help you here - you're right in that you need an SD card, and a little MP3 module that you can ping commands at. All easy stuff when you find the right one. The problem comes with things like ongoing engine noises where you're expecting to vary the sound by input (or speed or whatever). Re-sampling or adjusting the sound isn't something that you can do on the cheap MP3 modules...I've not found a way of doing this yet - maybe at this point you're into a Pi0, with one of those small amp boards.
  5. zomboided

    King yellow body advice

    Dremel with sanding drums on slow or even the grinding stone bits. I use a full size metal file for long straight runs and a selection of needle files for detail. Then finish with some fine sandpaper just to get rid of any fuzzies. I spend ages doing this tho......sigh
  6. I'm just getting into 3d printing at the moment. I did a dual wishbone conversion for the Mad Bull. For me it failed along a layer boundary where the shock was screwed into the upright. Point is that orientation of the print matters as much as the infill. I'm gonna get around to printing some more things out (for pennies 😀) and see if I can make them stronger Amazing technology though, has so much potential
  7. zomboided

    Metal counter gear in lunchbox

    This is great advice. I went too over the top with brushless in my Lunchie and ended up making it too much of a handful. I dialled it back to something more suited to the chassis and it's been brilliant fun ever since. Also stock gearbox with no problems and lots of abuse.
  8. zomboided

    Scale Willy’s Jeep - chassis options

    I have a half finished one of these. The articulation is a bit limited but it's a brilliant bit of 3D design and printing and the WW2 body fits on it just lovely. Totally recommend this route if you can find the Losi bits
  9. zomboided

    Body filler

    Depends on the job - I like melting sprues into holes with a soldering iron to fill them and then smoothing them over with Isopon P38. I then tend to put a coat of primer on and address small issues with a finishing putty.
  10. zomboided

    Springs for the WT-01 with tall damper stays

    I've used t-maxx shocks, but am now on the gmade piggyback shocks. In hindsight the t-maxx shocks (and springs) were fine, I didn't get much of an improvement with the gmades.
  11. zomboided

    My midlife crisis backyard RC playground

    That's properly good work...I also love that mog!
  12. zomboided

    DT-03 Alu build. Any experiences?

    I've just finished an M06 build with a lot of Yeah Racing ally and Tamiya carbon, and it was a lovely build - felt more like a real car than a toy car I did shim lots of it up to make it all tight but the quality was ok and it ran nicely. I've also done an HPI on road car with some GPM bits and again that was all nice and ran well. I used it as a drift car and the stiffness seemed to work really well there (at least for me) For off road, I did a partial ally/steel build of a TT02B, mainly just strengthening the drive train so I could use brushless and tightening the steering. I avoided doing the arms because I wanted to retain the flex to help absorb the shocks as it was jumping and crashing.
  13. zomboided

    WT01: 2wd vs 4wd

    I've gone 4wd, 4ws and it's a capable truck and a really fun build. Before I did, the 2wd was just plain fun. I have a Monster Beetle now to do that job. Don't know that there is a right answer to your question that's not "get two trucks"
  14. zomboided

    Cheap engine sound modules?

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F232618056492 i noticed there were a load of these on the bay. Not tried it, but 100 is definitely too much for these things now
  15. zomboided

    Blackfoot body repair advice sought

    I've recently fixed a cracked freezer drawer and a cracked washing machine door with JB Plasticweld https://www.amazon.co.uk/JB-Weld-Plastic-Syringe/dp/B009EU5ZMK and some fine glass fibre matting. I score the surface up, spread the epoxy on the surface being fixed, then push the glass fibre matting onto it. I then cover another piece of matting with epoxy and push that over the top. I've found it better than using plasticard where there surface is uneven as you can push it into place and it doesn't resist/spring back. The freezer drawer incorporated a piece of aluminium around the handle to fully strengthen it and everything seemed to stick together well. I've repaired cracked bodies using a similar approach, only with proper fibre glass resin rather than plasticweld, but I'm thinking that plasticweld adheres to the plastic surface better rather than just hardening up the glass fibre. I've found plastic cement https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tamiya-87003-Cement-40ml-Toy-transparent/dp/B000RLWAN2/ref=pd_sim_107_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=SBKGZQQ9W7VW2WF2XS7W to be lacking strength wise and avoid using it for any kind of stressed pieces.