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  1. Hello looking for some advice do any of you guys own a petrol civic I currently have a soda fabia vrs mk1 which I have owned for the past 9 years it's 12 years old so no dpf filter on it I only do 3600 miles per year so with modern diesels having dpf filters I will probably run in to problems with one so I am looking at going back to petrol thinking of getting a civic 2012/2013 model but unsure to go for the 1.4 or 1.8 there doesn't seem all that much difference in mpg on paper also the 1.4 takes about 13.5 to get to 60 so wondering if might be underpowered
  2. Nice looking pick up really like the shade of red you have used did you use super glue to fix your screen in with
  3. Scalia r620 because it's the only rc I have left lol
  4. Hello guys finally got round to finishing my scania r620 at the stage of setting up the mfu 01 it looks like in the instructions the it should have the engine sound when power switched on the when you push the set button engine sound stops but when I just switched mine on all I could hear was the speaker making a high pitched noise
  5. Great thank you guys will look for the clips and get some black heat shrink
  6. hello guys looking for a bit of advice please I was wondering how the best way of how to hide the wires for the tail lights the truck is a scania r620
  7. It was 70 cl bottle the double black is £39 normally and the black label £25 normally
  8. Very nice colour looks great I have the same kit but haven't started me yet how many hours has it taken you so far
  9. anyone got shadow of mordor got it last Thursday be hooked since getting it put in 40 hours so far got this week wasted Monday,Tuesday,and Wednesday on it lol so not got round to starting my scania kit yet
  10. Looks very nice so far really like how it's all black
  11. Ok great thank you just wondered in case I ever go for another truck kit in future but won't be getting an mfu if I do go for another truck kit so that radio will work great
  12. hello guys I got a tamiya attack 4 channel radio with the scania r620 bundle I got just wondered if you guys that use a 4 channel radios do you get the with multi model memory or do they all come in use for single models only?
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