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  1. Just ordered a technic f1 car from amazon for £66
  2. Yes I just changed to using lipo a couple of months ago a lot longer run time a lot faster a cost the same as nihm I started this thread thinking I would never change to lipo but now I have won't be using nihm again but if you still would prefer nihm I found the ansmann 4000mah one time tunnel models sell lasted ages
  3. I bought my nihm from time tunnel models
  4. Great builds I really liked the police one also the tilt-1 must have taken a lot of hours of work but it looks well worth it
  5. Just been having a look at some of the technic sets wow the price of some of the bigger kits makes rc look a cheap hobby lol
  6. Wow great work I have just read through from the first page some great builds
  7. Fitted a slipper clutch in my durga
  8. Yes into f1 btcc moto gp and bsb Iam a raikkonen fan
  9. Yes that's very true the spares for tamiya are great
  10. Great reading the other makes of rc you guys have i am glad to have tried other makes as well as tamiya I have found the dex 210 rtr really good value for money for a 2wd buggy it comes with a speed passion brushless motor and esc all for £160
  11. I have a Durango dex 210rtr and just got a traxxas slash platinum so I have have 3 tamiya kits I have built and 2 2 rtr shame on me but the dex 210 was new and the slash second hand so how non tamiya rc do you have kit or rtr
  12. Looks great nice job lights really sets it off
  13. I would agree with xv pilot on the durga it was my first rc I bought thanks to xv pilots advice its been great had it since last august and only thing I have had to replace was a hub hex that had split was also a very fun build
  14. been pricing the kit up with brushless motor and esc combo bearings, servo, radio gear, shock towers and shocks now this will sound like swearing but its nearly as cheap to buy a hpi bullet mt rtr
  15. So well worth the towers and shocks
  16. great thank you crispy one last question is there other shocks that fit was thinking colored springs was hoping to find yellow ones
  17. Hello guys been looking at what might be my next build won't be for a couple of months yet but looking ahead was thinking of something like the blackfoot 3 and had a few questions about it would it handle a mild brushless system like the etronix photom 12t and also is there any other wheels that fit as not to keen on the chrome looking wheels that comes with it
  18. Very nice looks good in green how slow do scalers move never seen one moving just seen them in pictures
  19. Wow great paint finish wheels also look really nice painted that way
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