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  1. 1 minute ago, Busdriver said:

    A bit fiddly in places. They lack a bit of detail in some areas. I’ve made the Fiat , my only issue is the doors. I ended up fixing them closed as the hinges weren’t robust enough.  


    Ok thank you. I have just always built tamiya kits as they are an easy build and clear instructions lol 

  2. 12 hours ago, Busdriver said:

    There’s a very nice Italeri Lancia Delta in 1/12. Also the Fiat 595 Corsa. . Not forgetting the Tamiya Caterham 7 . All are available with a little looking . I have an NIB Datsun 240Z rally lurking under the bed along with the Lancia 

    How are italeri kits to build I have only ever built tamiya kits 

  3. I used to have a durga,hotshot, and tt02 lancia delta that I used a runners but enjoyed assembling them more than using them lol. I also used to have a scania r620. I know what you mean about the detail I was thinking of doing a rc kit again as a sort of break from static kits as I used to enjoy the assembly side of the rc kits I also found that there is a lack of choice of static 1/12 car kits mind you some of the Porsche’s in 1/12 are nice :)

  4. That’s great thank you them would do the job as it would be used for Audi A4 or v8 touring car just for a shelf queen I have a glass display case in my lounge the I would be displaying model in looking forward to building an rc kit again after a long break now just the decision of which on of the 2 to go for lol

  5. Hello guys was looking for some advice please.not been on here for years as got out of the hobby and have just building tamiya 1/24 static kits but I would like to get a Audi A4 or v8 touring car kit for the enjoyment of building rc again it would be for display only I would also like to get a touring car interior for it and was wondering if there would be anyway to not drill the body and attach it with magnets as would only be used for display 

  6. Hello looking for some advice do any of you guys own a petrol civic I currently have a soda fabia vrs mk1 which I have owned for the past 9 years it's 12 years old so no dpf filter on it I only do 3600 miles per year so with modern diesels having dpf filters I will probably run in to problems with one so I am looking at going back to petrol thinking of getting a civic 2012/2013 model but unsure to go for the 1.4 or 1.8 there doesn't seem all that much difference in mpg on paper also the 1.4 takes about 13.5 to get to 60 so wondering if might be underpowered

  7. Hello guys finally got round to finishing my scania r620 at the stage of setting up the mfu 01 it looks like in the instructions the it should have the engine sound when power switched on the when you push the set button engine sound stops but when I just switched mine on all I could hear was the speaker making a high pitched noise

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