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  1. Hi Folks, I'm making a long term move overseas in the next few months and I've decided it didn't make sense to keep my collection of Tamiyas in a storage unit for years on end. Therefore it's all going up on eBay, I have approximately 50 models. Mostly touring cars, mostly completed rollers, but there is a little bit of everything, some models unbuilt in boxes, some completed with full RC gear, etc... Feel free to take a look: https://www.ebay.com/sch/lukezky/m.html I haven't posted here very much but I've gotten no end of enjoyment from reading the threads here for the past decade. It's a great community and the hobby has brought me no end of pleasure.
  2. Here is my 2CV built with donut's Shapeways parts. Thanks for making them available!
  3. Thanks! I guess I might need an excuse to just get the full kit...
  4. Those are just regular Tamiya PS paints. The Nissan was painted with PS-61 Metallic Orange followed by PS-7 Orange. The Mercedes was painted with PS-17 Metallic Green and PS-13 Gold, which were in fact the stock colors called for in the body instructions.
  5. Maybe it's too early to tell, but does anyone know if we might expect the Fighting Buggy body set to go on sale at some point? Or do we think this is likely to be a kit-only release?
  6. Really love this build. I browsed your Shapeways shop, and I see the 2CV wheels there, but none of the other lovely parts you've designed. I wonder if you'd be willing to post some of the other bits such as the front grill, clear lens covers (if Shapeways can even print those), handles, etc?
  7. Here's a Mercedes GT3 I did with a clear body. I admit to stealing the idea from this thread by Tamiya Era, from way back in 2013. He used a Tamiya TA05 VDF Gold Edition chassis, mine is also a TA05 but it's the Eagle Racing version.
  8. Good question. I started with PS-37 Translucent Red followed by PS-15 Metallic Red and finally backed by by PS-5 Black. I used the entire can each of the PS-37 and PS-15 as I wanted it to be relatively dark, but it still didn't turn out too dark. Decals were just what I had laying around. The main Falken decals on the doors (and hood and roof, which you can't see) are from a "Need For Speed Drift Team" set I found on eBay years ago, but I don't see them anymore. (I painted this shell back in 2016 but only just now got around to finishing it!) The body kit is from KillerBody for their own Lancer, they didn't fit perfectly but well enough.
  9. A couple I finished recently. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X and Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP.
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