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  1. Hi all can anyone one tell what size ball stud I require for the larger damper fittings cheers in advance
  2. Mci for the decals, I’m currently doing the l&l 959 shell for my xm-01
  3. L&L 959 body on, a bit of reshaping on the wheel arches and it should look fine. Then to the task of painting the shell. Last time I painted a 959 shell was a very long time ago I think I was 14 with better eye sight and a steadier hand 😆
  4. Thanks but they look like gt style ones I’m after the rothmans Dakar style ones.
  5. Does anyone have a 3d print file for 959 mirrors and roof lights. cheers Glenn
  6. Making good progress I’m a couple of hours in. I’m thinking it’s going to be a tight fit with the electrics 😆
  7. Cheers Alex I don’t have a printer, are you Uk based? what diff oil did you use ? I’m thinking 10k front and 5k rear I’m not 100% on what to use in the centre diff as yet.
  8. Hi Alex do you have a file for the 3d printed battery spacer. I received my kit today and I am just about to start building 😁
  9. Just had my shipping notification from Jadlam models 😁
  10. Hi I have a l&l 959 body shell I’m happy with the shell but the wing is a bit meh 🫤 anyone have 3d print file for a wing? cheers.
  11. Some injora wheels for the CC-02 and a couple of servos
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