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  1. All sorted. Fitted an Mtroniks Rock Crawler ESC with the 55t motor and it's just about perfect. Thanks for all the help I've fitted it with Mad Bull wheels, painted it bright purple and added a silver sparkle for good measure.... now I've just got to find some decals that my 5 year old daughter will like!
  2. Thanks XV Pilot. Got myself a new o.8 pinion and we're away. Unfortunately, the 55t motor still seems rathe quick of the mark, so I'm thinking about going for an 80t motor to slow it down further. Does anyon know what the standard speed steps ar for three stage MSC. The grasshopper seems to be something in the region of 98%, 99% 100%.... I don't remember my old cars being quite to biased towards the top end.
  3. OK, so I've got my 55t 540 motor and an 18t pinion gear as per the manual, but the new pinion is too small in diameter. Have had a quick look around and can't get a grip in pinion sizing. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  4. Excellent. 55t sounds about right. I'll see how we get on with that and then decide on the esc. Will probably swap to esc later anyway. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the quick feedback. I hadn't thought about swapping the motor. If I went right to a 55 turn would that literally crawl? Sorry if I sound a bit dumb on the matter. I'm assuming, as I have the stock MSC fitted there's no issues with the rest of the electrics? Thanks for your help. I'm in North Yorks by the way, so not too far from you Monkey.
  6. Hi there. Just joined the site and looking to swap my Grasshopper 2 from MSC to ESC with a low speed/power setting that would allow my 5 year old daughter to use it. While it's not the fastest car in the world it's a bit too quick off the mark for her at the moment. Any recommendations would be welcomed.
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