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  1. I've got that kit fitted to the front of my Clod and locked the rear steering out, it's a quality bit of kit although I had to notch the chassis a wee bit at the front to stop the servo hitting on compression. I can't tell you if it's a lot better than stock though because I fitted it while I was building the Clod, but from what I've heard it's far superior to the stock setup.
  2. A sheet of @yogi-bearstickers, the quality on them is absolutely spot on and all I need to do now is cut them out and put them on my cars/tool box/wife and child
  3. That's pretty much the way I used to do it although I used lead balancing tape intended for use on golf clubs and tennis racquets because it's easy to cut into small pieces and it's self adhesive so no messing around with hot glue etc.
  4. I found that balancing the wheels on my race buggies made the car feel a lot smoother. I dunno if it was all in my head or not but it made me happy to do it so I kept on doing it.
  5. Took my Axial Bomber out for my daily woodland walk with my daughter today and noticed that it was feeling a bit down on power to what it normally was, I decided to ignore it putting it down to the el-cheapo motor reaching the end of its life. An hour or so later I was reversing to take a better run at an obstacle and heard a bit of an odd rattle coming from it. Picked it up and gave it a quick look over and a shake but couldn't find or hear anything wrong and other than the rattle it was running OK so I put it back down and we headed back home with the ESS one sound kit drowning out most of the odd rattle. Back in the house I pop one of the side panels off to get a better look inside and discover the source of the rattle. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the endbell has decided to completely separate from rest of the can and was bouncing around while the motor was running. That explains the lack of power and the funny rattle. I guess it's now time to fit the holmes hobbies 16t crawlmaster I've currently got in my cc-01 into something a bit more suited for that level of power and put something a bit more sensible into the cc-01 again.
  6. That's what I do and while you're at it the Ampro ORV central servo mount is a worthwhile upgrade and made a big difference to the steering on my Monster Beetle.
  7. A runner to me is a car that I can either just drop a battery into or a battery and receiver into and it'll go. Everything else is either waiting to be fixed or needs a bit of forward planning to get ready to run.
  8. Nothing too exciting for me today, just a replacement Grasshopper 2 chassis to replace the one that I managed to snap the shock tower on and a credit card statement that's got all the upgrades etc I bought for my Clod build on it and I don't want the authorities seeing just how much I've spent on it 🤣🤣🤣
  9. I keep most of my Tamiya boxes purely because they have awesome artwork and it's a perfect place to keep spares in and together organised by car. Boxes for old race tackle that's either been consigned to the loft or sold usually find themselves heading into the recycling. The same thing goes for boxes that are huge like the ones that Axial rigs come in.
  10. Headed out for my afternoon walk with my daughter to get her out of the house for an hour or so and decided to take my axial bomber with me instead of my usual cc-01. It's an astoundingly capable rig and it goes over just about anything I care to aim it at. I found it was great fun at first but I actually started to find driving it a bit boring because with the cc-01 I really have to think about what I'm doing but the bomber is up and over stuff in absolutely no time at all all. Still it looks pretty cool while doing it.
  11. Shoe goo or e6000 work well for gluing things to lexan.
  12. Once I get paid this Thursday then I'll fire some cash your way for a set (assuming there's some left by then)
  13. I use 96mm absima steelhammer tyres on my cc-01 with every other row of lugs removed so they flex more and have more grab going over obstacles. They come pre-mounted so all you need to do is swap em out and be amazed at the difference over the stock tyres. They're pretty cheap at about £17 for a pair but if you can track down a couple of pairs of fastrax kongs they're exactly the same tyre but slightly cheaper. (I only found that out after I'd bought them.)
  14. Yup that's styrene cement, with that type what you're supposed to do is place the parts together then with the supplied brush apply a small amount the cement along the join to fuse the pieces together. Where some people run into trouble with that type is they apply it to one or both surfaces to be stuck together then they put them together and wonder why it's not sticking and it's because the small amount of adhesive has already evaporated unlike the old school plastic glues that comes in a plastic tube. You should be able to get it to work using the method above or you can use a small bit of superglue applied with the pointed end of a cocktail stick which is a bit faster but comes with a higher risk of gluing yourself to the model.
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