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  1. Took advantage of the fact that it's half way decent today, grabbed my 3s and technigold powered Manta Ray and headed out to a big patch of reasonably short grass for a wee rip. It was going great until suddenly there was a massive cloud of something at the front end of the car, probably just a clump of dirt I think to myself and bring the car over just to make sure only to find that I'd managed to hit a pile of poo that judging by how much was coating the ENTIRE car must have been dropped by something the size of a woolly mammoth. Seriously how difficult is it for some people to pick up after their dog? Especially when there's a poo bin literally 10 steps away from where I hit the pile. Guess I've now got a "lovely" evening ahead of me stripping and cleaning the car and all because some lazy sod couldn't be bothered to pick up after their pet.
  2. They're a minor pain to fill and get bled properly but a bit persevering and you'll be fine.
  3. I've had the 90mm desert lizards fitted to my Scx10ii in a semi droop configuration for the last year or so and I really rate them, they look great, perform well and didn't cost me the earth. The only thing I don't like about them is they can sometimes be a bit leaky but as long as you give them a few minutes maintenance now and then they're absolutely fine.
  4. I've used them quite a lot, they carry a lot of brands that aren't readily available to people in the UK like holmes hobbies and crawler innovations for roughly the same price as people in the USA get them for. Plus you don't have to pay the ridiculous postage costs for getting stuff sent from America.
  5. XT60's on most low speed stuff 4mm banana plugs on the go-fast stuff I've tried deans in the past but I'm not a big fan of them and tamiya style connectors just get too hot/wear out with use. Also I always remove plugs from the motor wires and solder directly from the ESC to the motor. It just looks a lot neater that way.
  6. I put absima shocks on my lunchie, if memory serves me right I put 75mm's on the front and 80mm's on the rear and I got them from modelsport. I can't remember what weight of shock oil I'm running in them but it's probably something like team associated 25w in the front and probably 20w in the rears.
  7. Oil filled shocks, either the 5th shock or ampro transmission brace mod, I fitted a torque tuned motor to mine and added a couple of wheel balancing weights so it wheelies for longer the stock wheelie bar is absolutely fine so I wouldn't bother changing it. The only other mods I'd recommend are getting metal body posts because the stock plastic ones are pretty weak and maybe putting foams into the tyres. The lunchie is never going to be a great handling car but that's not the point of it, it's a car that makes you smile every time you drive it.
  8. I haven't started building my clod yet but here's a couple of pics of just one of tyres next to a ps4 controller that should give you a bit of a rough idea of just how massive it's gonna be once it's made
  9. The mirrors look great on the Falcon. It makes me want to do the same thing with mine.
  10. My Manta Ray. Painted with Alclad Holomatic Spectral Chrome and powered by an mfa rx-15 (Technigold under a different name) a hobbywing 1080 esc and 3s lipo.
  11. The 1060 isn't that a great esc imo. The 1080 while slightly more expensive comes with a programing card meaning you can adjust parameters such as brakes or how aggressive your throttle response is. The other advantage is that the 1080 can handle a higher current and far more importantly it comes with longer wires out of the box.
  12. I've not had much negativity when I've been running out in public places, usually it's teenagers, calling me a saddo or words to that effect or the usual "Aren't you too old for that?" from adults. I just ignore the teenagers and for the the adults my stock response is "There's worse ways to spend my well earned time, I could be in the pub getting wrecked or sticking needles into my veins" and they usually agree with me and carry on their way. A lot of the time tho people who do come up to me are genuinely interested or at least curious and want a closer look.
  13. If I remember rightly the voltmeter was only a fiver on fleabay. I just marked up the size of the display on the rear of the interior, cut the hole and stuck it in place with hot glue. It's wired directly to the battery connection with a deans plug in the middle so if I ever have to completely remove the body for c g changing batteries etc it's not going to be a problem.
  14. Fitted a mini voltmeter to the dash in my Scx10ii, now I can see the batteries condition at a glance and should avoid the risk of hitting the low voltage cutout.
  15. Tbh they're all much of a muchness. Apparently AE green slime is exactly the same stuff as noleen sf3 shock grease which is used as lubricant for motorcycle forks and shock seals. It might be worth having a look for that instead as you can get considerably more than AE supplies for not a lot more cash.
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