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  1. I found that it is a Scorpion with a Turbo body. Original release. I think the radio could be functional, but corrosion of the batteries is really bad. Not sure I want to spend for the replacement batteries, but I might “rig” something up to test.
  2. Okay. I have it in hand. Missing the battery cover plate. All batteries are soldered and toasted. I think it is a Scorpion. Any pictures that I can take to help id?
  3. Thanks, I guess I will wait until I have it "in hand". Any Kyosho forums.
  4. I just got this for $5, to pickup on the weekend. Is it Turbo Scorpion ? or a different version. Appears that it might be very old. Thanks in Advance.
  5. Thanks. That is what I needed on the mechanical side. Nick
  6. I clicked the subscribe and register/login, but I do not see any other sizes. :-( Wait I don't see any request where to spend money. I am missing something. Tried in firefox and chrome thinking that maybe content was blocked. Nick
  7. Hello. I picked up a 58070 Pumpkin for $10. Trying to get it fixed up and get transmitter and receiver working with new connectors. But I need a manual for it to replace and tighten up. The pages here www.tamiyaclub.com/manuals.asp?cm=384 are hard to read (blurry) when I print them. Is there a higher resolution version? Thanks NIck
  8. I would have to say the steering knuckle and the rear upper arm. But then I think if I make the knuckles aluminum then the carrier will break. Also thinking of upgrade steering arms as they flop around on my truck. P.S. Does anyone know how these would install. No instructions. Listed as TA-06 upper rear arms, but these measure the same as the ones on my f150 TA02T.
  9. That is a good question. Since I have started breaking parts when driving hard, I want to have something more survivable, less breakage. The other side is to get new Traxxis Slash, then spares not a problem?
  10. Yes. Thanks. I have read most of the threads on the upgrades. Kind of still thinking weather to buy just parts or get a kit and update it. But I am finding that list of available parts seems to be all over the place. Not to mention the aftermarket parts that are out there, but may be out of business or not made any more.
  11. Is there a master list of aftermarket hop-ups for ta01,ta02, ta02T? I have f-150 SCT 58161, but finding parts is hard. I just managed to get some Alum Rear Upper Arms to fix the rear end http://www.ebay.com/itm/171137117390?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649, but now I broke an upright. Thanks
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