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  1. max69vk

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    God knows what paint the previous owner used to paint the windows but it took a lot of effort to strip & polish them back to clear even using a host of different products. Got there in the end though! Just need to fit some fine line trim round the roof edge to sort out the horrific paint job now.
  2. max69vk

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Glad you bought this as it saved me from buying it! 😂
  3. max69vk

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Some might describe this as ‘wheel porn’ Also some well used SRB boxes...
  4. max69vk

    New member and SRB fan here to say hello

    And I thought I had a hoard of Vintage SRB parts! Next time the other half starts complaining about how many bits I have in boxes I’m showing her these pictures! 😂
  5. max69vk

    Yeah Racing 'QUTUS'

    Pretty sure I had something similar on my Schumacher Bosscat & Cat2000 back in about ‘92/93 as well!
  6. max69vk

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Dug out an unfinished project that’s been collecting dust for a while. The Blitzer wheels never really sat right for me with the arches trimmed back so I pulled the wheels off my GF01 (which don’t suit it) & with some DT02 uprights + adapters, shoved them on! The slightly larger radius lifted the car up (which was needed) but the front was a bit excessive so I repurposed a screw hole in the front arm to mount the lower shock further out (see left vs right in pic below) & bring it down enough, this also helps when setting up the toe in/out to give me just enough clearance at full lock & full suspension compression; At this rate I might actually start using this car at some point this year! 🤣
  7. max69vk

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    In honesty it was rock solid, but 5 nuts to take off 1 wheel is too much like hard work! 😂
  8. Up for grabs as I’ve just bought 2 other Clod chassis to work on - turns out this is actually in a lot better condition than I realised other than the thick coat of dust & muddy tyres. The chassis is complete but with no electrics, nothing is broken & nothing appears to be missing. The only mark I’ve found is a slight scuff on one of the gearbox cases. All of the wheels are original & in good condition though 3 of the tyres will need to be glued (& they can be glued) Any questions or more pictures required, give me a shout! £100 + post, or can be collected from Surrey.
  9. max69vk

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    I’m certainly hoping so! Having looked at it a bit better tonight it’s going to need a lot of work though as it needs extra braces, brackets to replace some bodged gluing & the poor linkage mounts, & the best bit? I’m sure this isn’t how you widen a Clod! Why use 1 wheel nut when you can have 5?!!
  10. max69vk

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    That’s what I was thinking too, although the guy I bought it from works for Pro Carbon Racing so I think he was trying to make his own version of the chassis using a few parts of the Traxxas parts. Either way it saved me a bit of messing about though there is still plenty to do.
  11. max69vk

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    More goodies, TRF dampers retainers to finish off my mini dampers, SRB front bumper from RCChannel, & a very rough but interesting Clod project! Just had another few deliveries turn up! A rather battered but salvageable SRB Ranger Body, an immaculate but dusty vintage shelf queen Clod chassis, & a job lot of battered shells which I’ll be stripping the decals off!
  12. max69vk

    Remove paint from abs king hauler body?

    DeSolVit graffiti remover, wouldn’t use anything else personally.
  13. max69vk

    CPE Clodbuster rear steer lock out help pls

    Well that’s a bit rubbish! A quick fix you could try is (if you have them) to drill the tops of a pair of plastic servo posts so you can then screw them onto the steering rods, hopefully these will give you enough length to then be able to screw them to the plate?
  14. max69vk

    CPE Clodbuster rear steer lock out help pls

    It’s essentially the same part. The plate bolts to the gearbox through the single bolt hole at the top, you then bolt your steering rods through the 2 holes at the bottom - though you will need to fit a small nut and washer on the threaded section of the steering rod on both sides of the plate so they don’t just slide through the hole in the plate.
  15. max69vk

    CLOD mk1 grill for sale

    Might help if you have a price in mind.