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  1. Hello everyone, my Bruiser chassis is finished now: The transmission has been put togehter, but the motor is dead.... Some parts are missing, but should be available. Thanks for watching. Best regards Marcel
  2. Hi, thanks for your information and feedback. I already ordered the color (learning by doing ), but have to wait 2 weeks... @KEV THE REV The Mounty chassis looks very nice @WillyChang I guess the rere's black finish is panted on, mine is already scrachted at the front shackle The last days I got bored and plished the rear axle: If you are interested I will keep you up to date about my resto. I'm also happy if you got some advice for me. Thanks & regards Marcel
  3. Hi everybody, I got myself a original Bruiser, which I want to restore. My first mistake was to polish the frame rail , it's all shiny now - but i guess I also removed the protective coat.... Any tips on the chassis to avoid more damage? Another option is to paint the chassis with Zero Paints Metal Primer and Zero Paints Metal Color Steel. Have a nice Sunday Marcel
  4. Great work on the MSC, looks like it came with the kit. Marcel
  5. @ pintopower Thanks a lot! After seeing your pictures of your Watanabe Hornet, I feel a little bit attracted to that kit. It's weird, but I like that pink MSC... Marcel
  6. Very nice build, looks very good. Maybe you could use some parts from Mini-Z kits,to build a working steering... Marcel
  7. @ Shodog - that is one very nice color scheme. Are those CRP wheels?
  8. I must admit, that Clod looks very good. You've done a great job with your steering mod and those shocks are a perfect match. It was a pleasure to follow your build. Marcel
  9. Nice build, thanks for sharing. I have to build mine soon.... Do you pant the body like the original one? Marcel
  10. The only optional color for a Hornet would be red, like in the commercial. Maybe a blue one like the Super Champ would also look good, the decals are almost the same (yellow / orange)... The Watanabe Hornet is a slap in the face - and those pink tires If someone is driving that "thing" on a racetrack, everybody is going to avoid that poor soul... Marcel
  11. Sleeping in the garden... Very hot and sunny today (38°)
  12. It's definitively an original one, even the chassis is original (no crossed out trash bin there). Great find, a real bargain. Keep us informed about your restoration, I would like to see the result.
  13. The other differences are the front arms, the re-re got shorter and wider ball connectors for those. The original Fox came with a Upright Stay for the front upright, the re-re only got some washer.
  14. Seidel got some good prices, but the service sucks. I ordered a static model-kit as a gift for a friend, the box got damaged in transit. I couldn't give that kit to friend (it looked very horrible), so Seidel told me "a good builder... and blah, blah, blah". On my own expense I had to send it back to Seidel , and received no refund for the shipping cost. Tamico is way better, they offer you a refund for damaged products (you can still use).
  15. @ zomboided Maybe you can help me, I got those CRP springs #1653 for my Blackfoot and I didn't mount them because I can't remember which one were the rear ones. The only difference is the collor 2 silver springs and 2 "yellowish" ones, all the same length. Thanks. Marcel
  16. Wow, nice posters. That Hornet one looks very interesting, I would like to have that one. I'm also located in Germany. Marcel
  17. Hi Jack, some parts are different from a Monster Beetle and a Frog or a Brat. You could use the chassis and the gearbox from the newer kits, but those radius arms are shorter on the Frog and Brat. Those rear Arms should also fit, but I guess the only places are auction sites. You should dismnantle your ride and take a look what should be fixed, and let us know there is always a solution. Marcel
  18. The are some pictures of this Kit somewhere on another forum... Don't know if the are legit, but I can't post those pictures...
  19. Oh my god.... and I'm running out of space, but this one is a must have. Can't wait to get one, I guess in Germany it will be available ca. December (sadly).
  20. I love the first three Mad Max movies, the cars in the new one a very unique. Hopefully the aren't to many CGI-effects in this one....
  21. Yes indeed, some good-looking Sand Rover - Holiday Buggy tyres and wheels. Don't know why Tamiya ditched and replaced them with those ugly white and yellow ones...
  22. So far it looks good to me. Do you keep the original nose cone or do you build a new body?
  23. Hi Theibault, thanks for your answer you saved me from a disaster.... Hi Erich, I only painted the windows and added the Decals. I need to paint the taillights, but no new pictures so far.
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