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  1. Clean, soak in vinegar to de rust, quick go on wire wheel, then heat untill they go shiny/on the verge of starting to glow red, then dunk in oil. In this case, used gear oil.
  2. Today i have been mostly re blacking screws. These were a rusty mess before.
  3. So you still need one of these? I have 1.
  4. I have these tyres. They are sand rover/rc10 size. I think it says MRC, or maybe CMRC. And racemaster on the side. Anyone know what they are? Sorry, bad pic photo sharing sites no sign up
  5. Personally, id go box art. I had the same thing with my 58008 lp500s. The tamiya one is slightly different to the real one. In the end, i went box art. Its a tamiya the way tamiya ment it, not a scale model.
  6. Are there any internal differences or slight size differences you know of? Looking at gallop pics, they dont have progressive springs like the marui (and mine) have.
  7. Pm sent. Shocks are bottom loaders, gold tops, white plastics. Thanks
  8. Well, that seems to match exactly what i have then. Samurai it is. Thanks. Knew i could rely on this site 😎
  9. Its here! Not stripped it yet, but i need... Nose tubes Front shocks Front body mount Servo mounts Wing wire Wing buttons Rear upper shock bushes Couple of front arm mount screws Ill need any screws required to fit the parts too. I also need body, decals, tyres and gear cover but i expect ill buy those new. Anyone got a stash of rc10 bits? Lots of people seem to break these for parts.
  10. Ooo, hang on, progressive springs. Do the kyosho have those? Maybe they are marui then.
  11. Today the postman brought me.... An A stamp rc10! Its nowhere near as bad as it looks 😂
  12. Thanks. Do you know all the cars they came on? I have 2 fronts and a rear with no spring or spring retainers. They will get ebayed to fund some rc10 front shocks (these came on an A stamp rc10)
  13. I got a pair and some bits of these with a car i bought recently. Are they kyosho? They look like i remember my tomahawk shocks being but these have a bleed screw. It has a seal so i assume the bleed screw isnt home done. I assumed they would have been red with the anodising removed but they look like they were always silver. Anyone recognise them?
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