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  1. How about notching the side like schumacher pistons?
  2. Keeping the esc cool wont stop the motor overheating though. Best to get that 12t out of that car in my opinion
  3. The only press nut issues ive had is them coming loose if they are not threadlocked. I have probably done hundreds of laps on track with my original SA and the only failure ive had was breaking the front bulkhead, but that was due to impact. Ive been surprised how resilient it is to be honest. Ive read about a few possible issues and i was nervous driving it as i assumed it would brake, but it hasnt, and thats with a 14t motor and driven/jumped pretty hard. Crashed it a good few times and its been fine (apart from the one bulkhead issue 😂)
  4. Today i was delivered a tekin 610r esc. Probably destined to replace the 1060 in my super astute, as the tekin is cooler 😎 Dont suppose anyone has a gold tekin heatsink spare?
  5. Thats great! Thanks for the pics.
  6. Do you have any pics, or a build thread? A little m chassis stadium truck appeals since i discovered how much i like my stadium thunder.
  7. This got me thinking! I didnt realise there was so much cross compatibility. M sized stadium truck.... Sounds good! How would that work, m06 with wider arms?
  8. There is a few in there 😂 I may be able to scale the digital manual on my phone untill a screw is the right size and then try and measure the shock shaft. Not exactly 100% accurate though!
  9. Im putting my vanquish back to stock, which means rebuilding the original cvas. Problem is, i took them apart and dumped the parts in my shock parts tub and now i dont know what shafts are what. Rears are 42mm i believe, but what about the fronts? Thanks.
  10. 😎😎😎 Guess id better make those spacers then!
  11. Oh, it's definately a driver! I have a 10.5t brushless in mine and im not afraid to thrash it on track, at home, over jumps etc. I may be being a bit unfair on it, its a great car, just not as good as dedicated race cars at getting round a track. I have to 'drive' my egress, my procat just instinctively goes where i want it to.
  12. The rere's are the same as originals, but value is high and new ones very hard to get. If you want a runner, an old, used, scratched one of any origin is best. A couple of parts on older ones like to break, but in the US spares are easy to get. Running one of these in the UK is a pain. If the frog has an emotional pull for you, then buy a frog! I like them.
  13. Cat xls makes the egress feel like a drunk buffoon. Ive driven both, back to back, on the same track. No contest. I do feel a bit guilty driving my egress, but ill thrash it anyway. Always worried ill break it though where as my procat (basically an xls) feels indestructible. Edit, old Schumacher 4wd's are a pain to work on though. Simplest of jobs tends to end in complete strip down and they are fiddly to then put back together. Make the egress seem like lego.
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