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  1. I understand that, I just didn't see any problems with the rere frog I built recently, or the other orv kits I built about 8 years ago. They seemed identical to my vintage monster beetle.
  2. What disappointed you with the quality of the frog?
  3. Brush paint? Didn't think there were any tamiya brush paints for lexan any more. Are they just the tamiya acrylics? They may not work well on lexan.
  4. The schumacher servo savers are good. I like them. I put them on everything I can! As mentioned, kit springs are too stiff, and the damping is way too heavy. The mid rere on the other hand is the opposite! I think they use self rappers as the alloy is thin. Self rappers give you a much caused thread. Machine screws I suspect would strip the threads quite quickly. As for the trans, I put a 14x2 in it and it stripped the layshaft in about 3 mins. The new parts fit much better. It needs careful assembly. You need to make sure the pulley fits onto the pin properly. The inner pulley should fit in so the fence is flush. If there is a gap, the pulley isn't seating on the pin properly. It will still fit in the greabox though! If it does all fit together properly, the layshaft assembly may now be a little narrow. Check the end float and shim it if need be. That will stop the pulley halfs separating and will help stop the layshaft pulley stripping put inside.
  5. Have a search for thunderdragoncy and his ultra g threads. That should explain most of it 🙂
  6. Yeah, same old faces 😂 Been playing with non tamiya stuff for a while so not been on here much recently.
  7. I still have some of the old ones, the new ones look the same. They will be 2.0".
  8. Unfortunately, I robbed the front gearbox, prop, hi caps and alloy c parts from this for my egress so the vanquish is in bits in a box. Now it's being 're released I'll get a few bits to put it back together. I miss it!
  9. The car got a fair bit of track use and drove great! Lowering the car 10mm really helped too. It was thrashed mercilessly with a 17t motor, on big outdoor gastro tracks, with big jumps, and I never broke anything. I prefer the modded vanquish to my egress! They are a great car when sorted. Learning cad is very much worthwhile. I used Adobe illustrates. Took a few hours playing around to work out how to use it, but you get quicker fast. How have you done your parts? The 2 piece top plate really works, removing the msc servo. Gives more room for the motor.
  10. I have a 10.5t speed passion in my egress. Speed wise it's up there with my high quality vintage modified brushed motors , even when running 14 turn etc in my procat. (They are all rebuilt with new brushes, bearings and freshly zapped magnets so not weak motors!) A 10.5t should humiliate a sport tuned.
  11. If you draw it and send them the file a front tower should be £6-£10 ish, plus postage. Depends on size though, egress size was about £8 iirc.
  12. I've read delorean didn't even have a paint shop, bumpers etc were bought in ready painted.
  13. That's great! I used to be a gold plater many years ago, although the largest thing I plated was probably a hammer.
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