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  1. Unfortunately, I robbed the front gearbox, prop, hi caps and alloy c parts from this for my egress so the vanquish is in bits in a box. Now it's being 're released I'll get a few bits to put it back together. I miss it!
  2. The car got a fair bit of track use and drove great! Lowering the car 10mm really helped too. It was thrashed mercilessly with a 17t motor, on big outdoor gastro tracks, with big jumps, and I never broke anything. I prefer the modded vanquish to my egress! They are a great car when sorted. Learning cad is very much worthwhile. I used Adobe illustrates. Took a few hours playing around to work out how to use it, but you get quicker fast. How have you done your parts? The 2 piece top plate really works, removing the msc servo. Gives more room for the motor.
  3. I have a 10.5t speed passion in my egress. Speed wise it's up there with my high quality vintage modified brushed motors , even when running 14 turn etc in my procat. (They are all rebuilt with new brushes, bearings and freshly zapped magnets so not weak motors!) A 10.5t should humiliate a sport tuned.
  4. If you draw it and send them the file a front tower should be £6-£10 ish, plus postage. Depends on size though, egress size was about £8 iirc.
  5. I've read delorean didn't even have a paint shop, bumpers etc were bought in ready painted.
  6. That's great! I used to be a gold plater many years ago, although the largest thing I plated was probably a hammer.
  7. I think some America dealers painted them, and Delorean had 3 painted as prototypes. About 20 years ago I saw one for sale in the UK that was said to be the one frank delorean went to court in. It was dark red and had a cream leather interior (it was about 10k incidently, more than they normally were). No idea why it ended up painted though.
  8. Not from the factory. Dealers painted some I think but delorean didn't paint any cars. They do look good painted though!
  9. Surely it won't be £370! Going by the pricing posted by A baum it would work out at £260, which is more like it. I paid £400 for my egress and that's full of carbon fibre and has hi caps! But I think anything over £250 and I'll pass. Might buy one for the couple of parts I need and sell the rest on if it makes financial sense though.
  10. Vanquish, definitely. I think it will be a fair bit more money though.
  11. Those of us that enjoy doing the body just end up paying more money for less fun Harder to cut, harder to paint and harder to decal the better for me. The body is the best part of the build
  12. Thinking about it, this looks great I've changed my mind. Would be cool if they have done something different and given us an rc version of this but on the original chassis. If they haven't, considering I have an original, I'm building a 1/10 neo vqs and dyeing those white wheels red
  13. I wonder if they want to charge more to keep the price of this family of cars high and so they figured they would pre cut and pre paint the body to try and up it's worth? This wants to be £250 tops in my opinion. I also don't like the sound of the decals being 'based' on the originals, maybe they will be like the mini vqs?
  14. PRE PAINTED!!! What's that about? Hardly a beginner's car, not at the price it's going to be. Will be interesting to see how they have painted it.
  15. As vanquish is purely a word, I don't think aston could trademark it and stop others using is. Especially as it's already a tamiya product. Many other companies trading with that name too. You may have trouble building and selling a high quality gt 1:1 car called vanquish but doubt they could do anything about anything else. It is odd tamiya have down that though, maybe purely because the mini 4x4 is called vqs, and tamiya just wanted to differentiate it from the original, like nova fox etc.
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