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  1. Are they the same as falcon by any chance?
  2. Great fun as always. Love how bright the astutes wheels look in photos 😂
  3. Ive left desolvit on lexan for hours and its never made it brittle. Ive had brake fluid make it brittle but thats another story. It even says polycarbonate safe on the desolvit can. I think ive done maybe 3 lexan bodies and a couple of hard bodies with desolvit with perfect results every time. I think there is maybe something in the thought that it may depend on the original paint to some extent.
  4. Tamiyas recent lacquer paint are nice.
  5. Just general good practice painting onto metal.
  6. Wow they have some rare stuff! Vanquish G parts for €12!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ive never used them, but id assume you will struggle to get anything to stick to stainless steel without a good etch or epoxy primer first.
  8. Not really best placed to sell, but only person i know who had a top cat disliked it. On the other hand, super astutes snap bulkheads. Im sure boths issues are fixable.
  9. Those cans are still just candies though and need to go over a silver base so if you are airbrushing you could still mix them to match shade.
  10. Well, they survived boiling. They survived acetone. The paint is mostly gone. Currently sitting in some bleach to try get the remnants of chrome off. Still look terrible but ill persevere.
  11. Just dig the wheels out and they used to be chrome, or gold. Will they be a different plastic?
  12. Mine are old originals so ill get a bit more aggressive with the stripping technique. So, originals dyed with tamiya fluoro yellow dye should look the same as super g wheels but be stronger? Will nylon survive normal paint stripper?
  13. I have some tatty wild one wheels and some black dye ready to go, i can give it a try if no one knows. Its a shame, the wheels are nice, but painted. Half the paint has flaked off, the rest has resisted all my normal go to chemicals. God knows what they painted them with! Thinking about it, i have some fluoro yellow dye too. Might give paint removal one more try first then go for yellow.
  14. Black with added pink wheels is great on these. My original getting some use... meal prep amarillo tx
  15. Its those screw shafts! Puts loads of pressure on the mounting holes. Use e clip shafts instead.
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