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  1. Its this kind of shape, HCT looks more of a lip type spoiler? I could probably just bend a flat bit of alloy but need to incorporate some kind of easy, strong, child proof fixing (screw up from inside probably)
  2. My nephew has painted his lunchbox as the A team van. Done a good job of it too, he's only 10! He has asked if i can make a roof spoiler for it. Any ideas on how/what to make it from? I could make him a nice full size one from steel, but not sure about a 1/12 plastic one. Or, anything from another model i could modify? Would be easier!
  3. Are you going to be able to get to that left turnbuckle once its built?
  4. Why not use the solvent you used at work? I have a few solvents around for joining various plastics, cant remember the name of the one i use for abs, i can check later though.
  5. Finished up the body for my tt02.
  6. The shop i got my zoo body from (im sure its the same you did) recommended rush 32's so thats what i bought. I guess there are many variables though so just have to make a choice and see where to go from there.
  7. Didnt realise you were planning on RWD, looking forward to seeing it run. Got your zoo shell yet? I just painted a preopard. Its nice, but the poor mould finish shows in the lexan. Im not bothered considering its going to spend alot of time on its roof, just wondered if the other zoo bodies are the same. What compound tyres are you using?
  8. Ive done alot of the same things, but hadnt thought about taping the front knuckles pin inside the ball. Ill give it a try. I will probably upgrade it a little but i only want to upgrade what it proves to me that it needs. Ive also never driven an on road car really, so i will be absolutely hopeless for a while! Sort of nervous about being in any kind of organised race! I see much car park practice in my future!
  9. I just realised you can get wider axles for tt02, c6. No inculded in every kit. No desire to buy 4 C trees though. If i eventually end up fitting metal driveshafts, or universals, do they also come in long and short thread versions?
  10. Thanks. Do you think the stock steering is limited too much? I could trim, rather than remove, the stops to get more steering without the over throw issues. Yes, if its a case of spending money, ill swap the top arms. I have all the bits except suitable length turnbuckles. Good tip on the wheel nuts, i could even slim nylocks down in the lathe i guess. Shame as i have a spare set of egress locking hexes that are very nice but wider track would be better. I re measured the body and its just wider at the bottom, presumable to get it off the mould. Its a race legal 190mm body so i assume its ok. Not that i think it will matter at this level.
  11. Im building a budget tt02 for a bit of club racing. Its a basic tt02 with no hop ups yet apart from cva's and clamping hex's. All ive done is build it carefully and shim everything that needed it. Ill be using 17.5t brushless. Ive got some rush wheels and tyres and a zoo racing body. Im quite happy how the build has gone together but there is a fair bit of play in the front top arm ball mounts. The bottoms are fine. Any way to reduce this? It may not matter as i may use turnbuckles for the top arms. The steering throw is limited but not by the knuckles, the steering arms hit the little piece that clips in under the front prop joint. Trim it back? Its coming in at 180mm wide. There isnt enough axle to add 5mm to each side with hex's etc, any other options? Ill be using pre mount tyres so i seem to be stuck with standard offset wheels. Is it worth worrying about? Seems as much track width as possible would be good. The body is sold as a 190mm body, but it measures 200mm. Is that normal? This is just a bit of fun, a bit of track time with something cheap and simple. Im just looking to try and optimise the basic chassis. Ive read all the rc racer tt02 posts i could find! Thanks.
  12. I think a fair bit of the lunchbox low gearing was purely to make it wheelie. I know a couple of people running 18t with a stock silver can and its fine. I run 18t, but its not a standard motor.
  13. Badly marked with the red lines. This is where the spindle is clamped. I drilled through the clamp, through the spindle and into the case and then put a screw in to lock the gimbal.
  14. Found a tomato tray and painted that. Didnt go well though. The red bleeds through. Black doesnt. Think i could make some cool effects with it though, if im brave enough to risk a good body.
  15. Not yet, but in this heat maybe by tomorrow!
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