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  1. graemevw

    Cad design for fibre lyte

    I downloaded inkscape and had a play. Admittedly i dont know what im doing, but i found it a nightmare to try and use. I can draw, i can measure, bit what i cant do is plot points. I want to be able to plot accurate hole markings, preferably by typing in dimensions rather than trying to drag with the mouse, then once the holes are plotted, draw lines around the outside to get the shape of the piece. There must be a simple program where i can tell it to place a mark, then place another 36mm to the left, then another 10mm up etc etc to get a layout of hole centers, then draw a shape around the lot. Maybe ill try google sketchup next.
  2. graemevw

    Vanquish rebuild

    No way im cutting the body. I think ill end up making one in the same vanquish style but higher.
  3. graemevw

    Vanquish rebuild

    Ill look at the tower. The manual shows hi caps fitted to the original tower, but its not ideal. The wheels are original, and very good, but not 100% mint. Are they any different to rere avante wheels? My C parts are vintage, but i have just ordered some alloy ones, front and rear. I think ill try and make this bomb proof (till the tub snaps!)
  4. graemevw

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Finally got the front of the terra scorcher sorted. This is going to get thrown round a track in 2 weeks time and it has a 17x2 in it. So, whats going to break next? Tub? Knuckles? Towers?
  5. graemevw

    Vanquish rebuild

    Been generally checking this over and a few things are coming to light. Front shock tower has snapped again. Im not surprised, thought it would the first time i drove it, but it went checking suspension travel. I have ordered an aluminium 2001 tower. Doesnt give me much hope for the repaired G11, but im wary of running the good G11 i also have. It seems to sit a little high on the egress spec hi caps, no problem, ill put some spacers in them. Rear chassis bottoms out at the same time as the shocks but front doesnt. I might try and modify the 2001 tower or use it as a template to make a slightly higher one. Is it really worth trying to get the chassis to bottom out? The tyres are a little old and need glueing. I was thinking about maybe getting the narrower front tyres and narrowing the front avante wheels. Also thinking about fitting alloy C parts now, before the originals break. Seems like i am ending up building this into a reliable runner rather than a nice shelfer.
  6. graemevw

    Vanquish rebuild

    I have a new gearbox metal plate and all new hardware i could have used, but im trying to keep as much original as possible. Ill keep all the original parts together so it can be put back 100% stock if i ever want to. I e decided im probably going to run this though hence the upgrades.
  7. graemevw

    Vanquish rebuild

    Completely forgot i was supposed to be documenting this! Its been a real struggle deciding how to build it. In the end i went with gold uprights, hi caps, bearing steering and steering turnbuckles and the dyna tech. I have the ball diffs but built it with gear diffs. I have rere universals but kept the stock front universals and rear dog bones. I decided against using rere egress chassis plates but will work on some carbon parts for this later. It obviously has full bearings throughout. I have some avante front metal ball ends for the top links, i may fit them, unsure if its worthwhile.
  8. graemevw

    Project RR-03Ra - Converting a TRF201 into a rally car

    I noticed that too. Possible they stopped due to the rules meaning people havent gone! Or maybe they just havent updated the website.
  9. graemevw

    Project RR-03Ra - Converting a TRF201 into a rally car

    Yeah, i read the rules before and thought it was a little strict. You could run in open class i think? I was tempted to build a car for it, might pop down and see what the set up and people are like.
  10. graemevw

    Project RR-03Ra - Converting a TRF201 into a rally car

    There is a website link too. Only 5 mins from me.
  11. graemevw

    Project RR-03Ra - Converting a TRF201 into a rally car
  12. graemevw

    Project RR-03Ra - Converting a TRF201 into a rally car

    There is a newly set up rally club in chesterfield too. Not been down though.
  13. graemevw

    Restoring plastic

    Ive been wondering about acetone vapour recently too, or maybe other solvent vapours depending on plastic.
  14. graemevw

    Schumacher upkeep

    Presumably because they just dont understand it.
  15. graemevw

    Restoring plastic

    Bumpers are normally a softer more flexible plastic, not sure polish will work well. If you have a scrap piece similar id try sanding then reforming the surface with a heat gun. Might work, might not. Probably a certain amount of risk too.