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  1. Did the paint crack/split or the body?
  2. Just bought the paint, so TS it is. Now the only question is if 1 can of colour and 1 can of clear is enough. I think it will, but it will be close! For the sake of completeness ill report back with results in a week or so when its done.
  3. Id have thought so, although i don't know the air brush. Bit if i had something that needed that power, and i had that power supply, id use it.
  4. Got to say, thats basically exactly the finish im after. It just looks thinner, more 'water like' and more scale than using automotive cans. I know automotive paint will do that look, but probably not from an aerosol. Its hard to describe exactly why it looks different, but to my eyes, it does. I did my blackfoot with halfords cans and its great, but it looks a little swamped in paint, like its been dipped.
  5. I havent tried that, no. I just gave them an initial go over with some G3. They need more work, but it will do the bulk of it i think. Just then need to see if i have anything that will restore a super clear, micro scratch free finish. I have some jewelers rouge that may do it but that tends to need quite an agressive mechanical action to work.
  6. Ill give TS a go this time. I did like it on the lunchbox apart from coverage, but i think that was a yellow issue.
  7. The main things id want to use it on is clear windows so micro scratches are my main concern. Ill try everything ive already got and see where that leaves it.
  8. Im not overly fussed about it costing a bit more, i still think 1 can of colour and 1 can of clear will be enough (1/12 lambo shell), im just concerned about the thickness build up, especially with the clear. Its not so much the paint, mor that car cans are designed to lay down more paint.
  9. I have a hard body to paint black. I want it as perfect as i can. I normally use halfords cans on hard bodies, seem to do a decent job. But im a little concerned about paint thickness. Only time ive used tamiya TS paints was yellow on a lunchbox. I quite liked the paint finish but as it was so thin it took alot of coats to cover. How is the tamiya TS black and laquer? Anyone got enough experience of these to suggest which is likely to give the best results between TS and halfords cans? Thanks.
  10. You can use it on paint too?! Dis you use all 3 grades after flatting?
  11. Can anyone give me any info on this? Ive seen it mentioned and im trying to decide if its worth the cost for me. What can it be used on? Any coloured or clear hard body plastics? What about lexan? Are all 3 compounds needed for general use or can the heavy scratch remover be left out? Is it as good as people say or is there cheaper options? I have loads of various metal polishes but they always leave clear plastic a little swirly with fine scratches. Would just the final novus polish then rectify that? Thanks.
  12. Hahaha I rebuilt, cleaned and painted my pillar drill in the kitchen, wife wasnt impressed 😂
  13. I need a few bits for my next project. I need two front knuckles for the 58008/9 (maybe others?) cs chassis. I also need a wiper, one mirror, one exhaust and rear number plate for lp500s. Could also do with some wheels/tyres. Mine are ok for shelf but id like to run it a bit too so i need either some 58005 wheels and rubber tyres, or some front A and rear D wheels and tyres, or just wheels and some idea of any modern foams i could fit. Manual back page and 58008 box would be nice but not really top priority right now. I guess a black motor or indeed any other nice bits for these cars could also tempt me to part with some money thanks. edit... sorted now
  14. I have this old acoms battery. Is there an adapter for the 6v connector so i can charge it? Either to female 7.2v or female deans? Also, has anyone managed to get any kind of lipo in these? I assume this is as dead as can be as its been plugged in for probably 30 years!
  15. GREAT!! Super happy about that, didnt think they would be tamiya. Thanks looks like im missing the two ratchets and the gas torch.
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