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  1. Thank you very much. That is some helpful Information there.
  2. What Parts (Partnumbers) do you need to Build that Diff? I'm very interested in that Fix. I have 3 King Cab Diffs here an i absolutely hat that Diff because all of them are damaged in some Way. (Damaged Shims, melted Plastic, Broken screws) I`ve successfully rebuild only one of them with new Shims and Ball Diffgrease and are not tooo confident that i will last very long, even with the Silvercan. I love and hate the King Cab. I love the look of that truck and how it handles. But i hate the Diff and i`m not skilled enough to paint the Body that is laying around..... I wish that @TruckNorris would be my Neighbour, so he could help me with that Shell and the Paintwork
  3. Yeah, i know, but i thougt that topic is the best fitting topic for my Question. In the Forums i normally use it is rude to start a new topic if there is an existing or fitting thread.... If it common to start a new thread even a similar thread exists i want to apologize and i will read the "Forumrules/Terms of Use" for a better behavior in the future.
  4. Hello, i know that i`m pesky but im turnin Insane. I run a Wild dagger with the Quicrun dual ESC and 2 "Super Stock BZ Motors" on zero Timing. Today i wanted to set one to positive Timing and the otherone to negative Timing. Anyhow the Truck ran slower forwards than backwards.... So i changed the polarity on the Motorcables (and reversed the channel on the Transmitter), switched the Cables from the ESC from one Motor to the other, but nothing helped. The Truck was slower in the forward direction. So i tryed to set positive Timing on the Front Motor and negative Timing on the back Motor.... .....aaaand the Truck is faster forwards and relativly slow backwards. But that wrong in my opinion. The Back Motor should run forwards an the front Motor should run backwards in my belief. So here is my Setup: Wild Dagger Quicrun 860 Dual ESC 2 x Super Stock BZ Motors Yellow ESC Cable to Red Motorcable Blue ESC Cable to Black Motorcable
  5. Ok, i see, i will have to buy a RPM-Meter to check the Motors i buy..... That also would be very nice to check all of my Silvercans that are lying around, because i have the feeling that they all have different Power. Some have Yellow and Green Cables, some have Black and Red Cables, some are polished, some are not.... Also i have some "Stock tuned 27T Motors" with changable Brushes.
  6. Hello, i found some "tuning Motors" at the Conrad Store. The Employee told me that the Motors run at the same speed in both directions, but he also mentioned that he did not know what Timing is, he never heared about Timing....... ....so i did not rely on his Purchasespeech. That are the 23T Motors i found: https://www.conrad.at/de/automodell-brushed-elektromotor-modelcraft-tuning-18924-umin-windungen-turns-23-236263.html Do any of you kno if they are Timed? I inspectet the Motors an you can not modyfy the Timing. Either is is timed or not, but you can not adjust the Timing. Edit: The RPM is similar to the Sport tuned Motors...
  7. I understand what Timing is, also what the Turns mean. I´m sorry if i missunderstood anything you wrote of if i could not explain what i was thinking. It could be a Languageproblem, because my english is very bad and that tends to Errors in the communication. Also, i do not know a lot of RC Parts - so my Questions could be more than below the average Questionqualitys in this Forum. So, sorry if i was rude, dumb or anything like that. That was the Answer that i was in search of. I never had opened a Motor, so i do not knof how the brushes look like. Yeah, that is exactly that i was told. The Sport Tuned Motors (nowdays) are 27T advanced Motors. If there were 23T Sport Tuned Motors in the past is not clear. Even if Tamiya USA Claims that the Sport Tuned Motors are 23T, but thats wrong, they are 27T.
  8. Thanks for that Info about the 550 Motos. So that the Brushes have a dedicated Direction isn`t true? The Guy in the Hbbyshop told me that there are "Forwardmotos" and "Backwardmotors" because of the Design of the Brushes and that Timing only controles the "Punch" of the Motors. And that a Zero timed Motor doesn`t run in the same Speed in both directions (because it still is a Forward designed Motor....). He Said that brushless Motors can be reversed if you solder the Cables or do something with the Programchip or Sensor or some Stuff like that.... ....i didn`t listen because i want to stay brushed. So anyway, i searched for the Specs of the 20T RC4WD Motor. My expierience tells me that the Turns do not say a lot about Tourque or RPMs. The Sporttuned 27T Tamiya Motor is a lot faster then the cheapo 17T Motor from Absima. So here are the Specs that i Found: RC4WD 20T: At No Load RPM @ 7.2V : 20000 +10% , 2Amp Current Rated load RPM @ 7.2V : 18400 +10%, 7.92Amp Current Didn`find anything about the Tourque, but it is a Crawler Motor so the Tourque would be very High... Super Stock BZ 23T: R.P.M. at best efficiency: 26,500rpm (7.2V) Torque at best efficiency: 500g-cm (7.2V) Sport Tuned 27T: R.P.M. at best efficiency: 18.300 rpm (7.2V) Torque at best efficiency: 350g-cm (7.2V) So it seems that the Tamiya Motors provide a lot more Power than most of the Motors from other Manufactrures. So i think the 20 Turn RC4WD Motors are not hotter than the Super Stock 23T Motors. But otherwise, i do not have the knowledge of or expierience like you. Maybe i`ll test These 20 Turn Motors.
  9. I´ve wondered who of the Tamiyaclub is into Skateboarding? I´m not talanted in any Way, but i have grew up with Skateboarding and so i do it for the last 25 Years. I love to cruise on my Skateboards und carve Around. And all of my friends skate, they do the flippedy`do`tricks and stuff like that, but for any reason i have the biggest collection of Skatebords in my Friendshipcircle, even if i only use my Skateboards to get from A to B. As a Start i leave a short Video that did Pop of in my Youtouberecomendations and that combines Cars with Skateboarding:
  10. So i watched a lot of your Videos on Youtube. The Clod with the 20T RC4WD Motors seems not to be that much faster than my Clod (NiCd and NiMH Batterys Standardsize). I want to go 1 Step faster, but not tooo fast, the Super Stock BZ 23T Motors are a bit to much for the Clod, i`m in Search of a Motor between. The Sport Tuned would be perfect if there were a "Reverse Sport Tuned Motor" Also , today a were a the local Hobbyshop and the employee made a good Point: "Forward Motors with Zero Timinig are still Forward Motors. Because the Brushes have a prefered Direction. So even if you time The Motor to Zero, it would run better Forward than reverse. That is the Reason why there are These 550 Traxxas Monstertruckmotors in Forward and Reverse." Are there any Forward an reverse Motors out there???? And if the Direction of the Brushes make that much difference, why didnT Tamiya pack 2 different Motors in the Kit? In the Kit are 2 ordanary Silvercans.....
  11. I did expect that Answer But i do not want to run an Period perfect Car with an mechanical Speed Controller..... AND i do not want to Spend 500 Bucks..... But i see the Moneybills flying out of my Window when i thin what a new Monster Beetle costs with a Sportstuned Motor, Bearings, Receiver, Differentialupgrade, Paint, ect..... But when i install a Sports Tuned Motor in the Monster Beetle, i also have to Upgrade a lot of Stuff Like Dogbones, tyres and maybe the Differential..... For a Basher the old Body would be fine, because it is by far not a shelver. And than i have a similar Problem with a Blackfoot But that car is in a better Condition and only hat that rocked down Body.....
  12. Now the Lancia is finished. I`ve installed a Sports Tuned Motor, a Carson Lightunit, Ballbearings, CVA Oilshocks, a Cockpit and i am halfway happy with the build The Only Thing i do not like is the Handling. When i steer under full throttle and let of the Steering the Car do not go straigt. It drives a curve for a loooong Time, it does not catch a straigt line. So it is Ok for Bashing, but i could not drive a Racecourt with that Car. I Wonder Why? Maybe i should install a new Servo? Now it has a 30 Years old Hitec Servo in it...... Here you got Pictures: The Carson Lightset that i`ve installed has some unused LEDs... AAND when i wathc the second Picture i got an Idea. Maybe i should install 1 unused LED for the lighting of the interiour? PS: The Cockpit is terribly painted, i did the Photo in an angle that you do not see the terrible Mess :D
  13. Hello fellow TC Members, i have an old rocked down Monster Beetle (a really old one with the little Spring and not the Diaphrgma in the Oilshock). The car does not have the original Speed Controller in it, so it has a ESC. Also the Body is rocked down. The Stickers are Bubbely, the Wipers are lost and the Driver is lost. AND the Steering is really sloppy. So i asked myself what to do with this Vehicle? Should i upgrade it with new CVA Oilhocks, a new Servo, new Bearings, new Tires, new Paint and Stickers.... ? Hm thats very expensive... maybe i should buy a Rere? Should i sell the old one to get a little bit of money and the Space for a new one? I really don`t know. I want a Monster Beetle for soft bashing and i know that i will regret to sell the old Car.....
  14. I started very latly with my Hobby. I`ve got an thrashed Figher Buggy from my Cousain that i thrased down. So i had a wish for christmas and i got an "Blazing Star" as a presant. I`ve driven that Thing a lot and i`ve purchased an old Tamiya Mini with an Sportstuned Motor and had driven that litttle Thing a lot, then Puberty has hitten and that 3 Cars lay in the Attic for Years.... Eventually the Time came that i got new Interrest in RCs and i`ve purchased a "Dual Hunter" witch has a terribele Sell, so i mounted the Shell with an old Shell of an Stadium Raider. I've run that little Ting maybe 2 or 3 Times till i had to Move.... The Time i had to move in my 23m² Flat there was no room for any RCs, and i wanted to get serious in Life and find "my Girl" so i decided to get rid of my Cars and the Spares.... What did i do? i threw them little thingys in the Trash!! I reget that a lot, because now i have my wife and she`s really OK with that amount of 'Toys that i have. And now i have more than enough RC Cars to Play with. (20 finished Models and a bunch of "Projects" to get my Youth back")
  15. Yeah thats right, it is not a good runner. (@pintopower explains that on his Youtube Channel.) But fudge it, the Car looks nice For me it`s a counterpart to the Toyota Turbo wheelie only more off road looking and less off Road capable.
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