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  1. So the would be the Wild Dagger Steering knuckles included. That would be awesome, because the knuckles of my Dagger broke too...
  2. My C-hub broke.... Does anyone hast partnumbers for me? eBay just offers me parts for about 50 bucks...
  3. I think tirefoams do make the handling of a truck with a working Suspension a lot better. Do you use Tirefoams? What thickness and lengh would i neet for a Lunchbox and a Clod tire? I want to fit them in my King Yellow, my Lunchbox and my clods. I know, people say a Clod ist better Off with more Wentholes and without Foams, but i don't want to beleive that I think, If you have a working Suspension, tirefoams are the Way to Go. my Dagger hast soft Tires with Foams in IT and performs pretty sweet.
  4. I don't think that internal spring shocks in the front would destroy the character of the buggy. I hust don't know how much mm i would need in the front and in the Back. There are 60 mm shocks available as internal spring shocks
  5. I´ve asked that in the past, but... ...are there any oilshocks for the Hornet Grasshopper? I hope with the 1/24 boom, there will be some Oilshocks that would fit the Grasshopper directly. There is video of a guy that uses CVA´s and the Grasshopper performs really well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvhSps_W4AA
  6. I found a video of a Carolina Crusher. I hope that mine will perform simmilar:
  7. Thats not mine. The Videodescription says: Just a quick video of my brushless Clod. Dual 4300kv brushless, 2s lipo, oil filled shocks, Renegades/Tributes I use 2 25 Turn Tamiya Motors in my Bigfoot with the Standard ESC and 2 HPI Firebolt 15t Motors in my Carolina Crusher.
  8. Actually, thats hard to believe And when i watch the Regulator with standard Pogos, they seem to not perform as good as the original high center of gravity chassis. Standardchassis with oilshocks, but without stretch: But maybe it`s highly subjective....
  9. Hello, i could get a Losi LMT Grave Digger for about € 450,-. But i`m still using NiMhs, because all of my cars are stores in a wooden cabin, i don`t run my cars that often and i don`t know anything about Lipos. I`m scared that the Lipos will discharge or get damaged and will burn the house down. Can i run a LMT on NiMhs?
  10. Yeah, i don't know either where to Put the Hobbywings ESC.... I don't get why people buying a Clod, buy an Aftermarket chassis Like the Regulator and then use the Standard pogos I would love to use a Regulator, but only if there was a Version with an extended Wheelbase and half the price. I use the Standard plastic Chassis all 3 of my clods, but oilsprings are a must have for me.
  11. I want to finish my 2 projects this winter. I´m unsure if i should smoke the the windows of my 2 trucks or if i should put some kind of interior inside the trucks. I don`t know anything about old school Monsertrucks and how they looked inside, neither do i have the skills to create an interior.... I woulda have searched for some 3D Prints. Also i never done some windowtrim, but i have some kyosho 0.1mm (or something like that) windowtrim tape at home. What do you think? smoked Windows would also be fine, but you can`t reverse that.
  12. Love the crusher! I have a Clod Crusher and it is almost at the point where i wanted it to be, i just have to fit some Velcro Bodymountingsupport, because the Magnets aren`t stong enough for a Monstertruck.
  13. I digged Out my King yellow. I love the Model in the shelf. It has oilshocks all around and has the double Servo steering. But it is tipsy and tend to flip over, so i never use the model.... It's Not that fun to drive it because of the poor Jumpphysics and the ipsiyness It jumps always nose up, the landings are not very smooth because all 6 shocks and they do not compress that much. I think i have the softest Tamiyaoil filled in, but i Check that and fill in the lightest oil i can find. Are there any stabilizers for that Kit?
  14. I realy like the look of the new Clods, but i realy don't need another one. My Wife would kill me Also i realy do not like how Stock Clods perform. They are slow and bouncy. A Lot of people Like that bouncynes.... I don't get it I always put oilshocks on my Clods. I Install metal antirotationbracets. I Install hotter Motors, Tamiya 25 Turn Motors for instance. I use a longer Wheelbase with a chassisextension er made from metal. And because my oilshocks are super soft, i use stabilizers made from pianowire. I think with hat mods the Clod Looks stockish enough, but they perform Like a Dreams.
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