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  1. And i thought i would be helpful with these Videos ..... Good Choice mate!
  2. Maybe some Videos help your decition Watch them, go to your Bank, visit your LHS and tell your Wife that you only got one Car. She wonn`t recognize the Difference between them
  3. looks more realistic than the "Tamiya Frog" i think.
  4. Both Tamiya Rule No. 1 if you get a Chassis you need to get it in minimum 2 Variations (for driving with a Friend, Familymember or a total Stranger at the same Time Tamiya Rule No. 2 if you let a total Stranger drive your car, tell him to get his first Tamiya himself Tamiya Rule No. 3 if you get a new car, buy 5 of them. one for dirving, one for spares one for display one for storing as untouched in the box and one for erm doubblespares or as as a gift for a total stranger like me
  5. @Problemchild you can put me off your list. I just ordered via Ebay.
  6. You can calculate the Price. Take it in your Winkelwagen and klick on Checkout, you will get a Calkulation if you pick your Country.
  7. Hello, i want so promote "Wah Wah Models". They have Cheap Stuff :D They sell e.g. a Super Stock TZ for $16,- or a Grasshopper Black Edition (half or 3rd the Price of a local Price...) for $66,- https://www.wahwahmodelshop.com/product/tamiya-53697-rc-motor-23t-brushed-540-super-stock-rz-copy-2/ They have a lot of Tamiyaproducts and Merch like Towels Shirts and Stuff like that.
  8. Whats the Difference between the MB and the Blackfoot one? Since it is now on Ebay uk i can get one easily.
  9. Top Force! The Top Force is much better, they are not comparable in my opinion.
  10. Are these Parts ony for Sale on Shapeways? The Deliverycosts are massive for my country....
  11. I think dual Servo steering is the only Way to make a Clod a propper steering vehicle. It also helps with the Suspension, because the standard Steering permits diving in the Front and the Back. The Yellow is a good choice, it do not suite the Bumpercolor, but you will get a different Bumper anyway. The back of the Body gets scratched by Wheelies,, that is a fact and i did not find any suitable decent Wheeliebar that is hidden by the Body itself. But there are wheeliebars that are mount to the Axle. Sadly it can`t be mount with my custom Bumper...
  12. That are Dicast Bodys from BBurago and a other Make that produces "Hollywood rides" ore something like this. I know they are way to heavy, but they look super Nice and they would give a nice litte Toy that drifts.
  13. I found someone that makes some Labels for me. Does anyone use Custom Labels for their Batterypacks? Im thinking to let someone design custom 80s style Labels (3 clored stripes, etc.) for my Batterypacks, they should show the Capacity, the Type of Battery and the Model. It would be a little gag that has no prpper reason besides make to make all my generic Packs look cooler. The Idea came to me with my 7 Cell Pack that i only using in my Clod, i had the Clodbuster guy as a spare Vinyl Decal so i popped him on to have a Clod specific Battery, but it is no prpper label....
  14. A WL-Toys micro Drifter 5 Heatsinks Decals for restaurations 2 Super Stock BZ Motors for 30 Euros each i think from Hong Kong, but the seem to be legit 1 Flysky receiver i hope that this will work with my Modelcraft GT3.2 Transmitter 2 Sets of old CVAs Cleaning Brushes 1 Set of Clod Buster 120 mm shocks So i got 7 Parcels after my Vacation, i thought my Wife will kill me
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