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  1. I tried it Yesterday. It doesn't Work aß fast as i thought..... I used it in an old Bodyshell that i used Nailpolishremover and ruined the Body with. It got cloudy.... The White Part of the Sparetire was Not removable with the Nailpolishremover.... But the Multigelremover worked instantly. So now i need some Lexan and PS Colors for Fürther Testing.
  2. I used Nailpolish remover in a Ford Body, it worked fairly good. Aß the bitte was empty i got anotherone and it Made the Lexan cloudy.... That old de solv it Graffiti remover has some chemical in it that sholt work Like heaven. But that Chemical ist banned in Toolshop products because it harmful to the invirorment or something. That Gel remover has the Same ingredients i think. Its the same stuff as this: https://www.diy.com/departments/de-solv-it-graffiti-remover-0-2l/258775_BQ.prd
  3. I already ordered that multi Gel remover. I will Test it and will show the results. I heared it is ok for Polycarbonate.
  4. Heollo fello TC members. I have some old Lexan shells and i want to remove the Paint. I´ve heard several solutions, but either the do not work, do not remove the paint, ruin the Lexan or are not easy to get because they are aonly available in Countrys around the Globe. A lot of people used "desolve it" grafitty remover ore some Product from Australia, but that product seems not to be around anymore. So i purchased some "multi gel remover", it seems to be the same stuff, but even better, because it comes as a thick gel that sticks to the Surface. https://multigelremover.eu/store/ I hope thats the right product and i can show some good results.
  5. You only can set up NiMh or LiPo... I choosed NiMh and i use a 8,4 v NiMh Battery.... https://www.hobbywing.com/products/enpdf/WP880en.pdf
  6. Yes i use the Hobbywing 880 The ESC cuts out if i use full throttle and and full Brake after some Meter. Then it beeps and i have to wait some seconds and it will work again. Also one of the Servos is cutting out (i use 2 different Servos atm) after that beep... I will glue the Tires after painting the Rims in Yellow. Should i remove the Chrome before putting the yellow Paint on them? If Yes, what should i use to remove the chrome?
  7. I testet the Crusher today. I prepared the Tires with shoegoo, let it dry and then put them on the Rims. The Tires still slip I have to glue them... Also after a few Minutes the ESC doesn`t react anymore. If i pull the Throttle for a few seconds and begin with a full brake, the ESC beeps and i can`t move for about 5 Seconds. Also the fron Servo cuts out after the ESC issue. My other Clod had the same Servo issue. The servos cutted out afer a few Minutes. I fixed thet with a receiverbattery. I hope that will also fix the ESC Problem. So next Step: .) Put a receiverbattery in. AND .) Put Stabilizers and lighter oil in the shocks. But otherwise it drives lovely :D
  8. After reading this, i will never run my cars in nature again....
  9. I wouldn't pick it up. I'm horrified by snails or better "Slugs". Slugs are way more horrifying than Snails. But yes it would also hurt me If i would hurt a snail. If i think about a broken house of a snail i get that bad feeling and around my private parts that you get when you See hurtful accidents. I hate yucky Stuff Like Slime, Pool or Spit. 2 years ago, my Daughter Ran over some Spit with chocolate in it or a drop of Dog diharrea.. i do Not know what it was and i do Not want to know it. But it was Just a tire of a WL Toys Crawler, so Stuff didn't flew around. I Like Dogs, but i can't stand them because of their owners. Here 80% of the owners shouldn't have a Dog. But i Like the Dogs of the people who Care about their Dogs and Spende Time with them.
  10. For me ist's snails..... I'm totally affraid of them. Ist's my worst Nightmare to run over Snails......
  11. I have a new King Cab Body, who wants to Paint it for me? I begin to sweat If i think of painting it
  12. ****, i shoud had have bought that Body for my Bigfoot look a like. I have the right body with the left stickers on it ^^
  13. I detailed my blower with some acrylic markers. It looks way nicer now. Maybe ith worth a try. It`s always good to see a Clod!
  14. As Henry Phillips always says: "TBLEs are never easy and they`re never fun" you maybe should better use a MSC instead.
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