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  1. I´ve gave the interior a little Paint. Now its isn`just a black dark Cabin, now you can see a little bit of contrast.
  2. whoop whoop I think my Shocks are to reboundy & to soft. If you let the car fall from 10 to 15 cm you het 2 little hops..... Driving a straight line on tarmac is also very hard because it does not have any stabilizers, so the car likes to lean to the outer edge after a turn....
  3. how stiff do you ride your shocks?
  4. Definetly THAT Thing: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=136686&id=34622
  5. whahooo

    WPL C-24

    So now i have one of these WPL C24s...... The Car is crappier than i thought ^^ But it has a very nice apperence AND it climbs very easily. I´ve installes Wheel Weights right away. Also some Leafsprings and Metal Axles are on their Way. I did come to the decision that i need a 2 Speed Gearbox. For the 2 Speed Gearbox a need a different Transmitter, should i buy the original V3 Transmitterset with the "Soundmodule" and the ability for a Lightswitch an a Winch or should i buy this set: https://www.amazon.de/SmallJun-Transmitter-Change-Active-Throttle/dp/B07QRV7Q5B/ref=sr_1_8?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=wpl+2+speed&qid=1610037435&sr=8-8 I do not need Sound and also do not need a winch, but it should be plug & Play '(and not very expensive). A small transmitter would also be nice, because that little Car will be my Park and Kids Toy of my "Collection" so it should be durable, tiny and inexpensive.... Also i?m not certain what 2 speed Gearboy i should get. I want the most advanced Gearbox without the Springload and i want the best possible Motor with the most Tourque. Any Advice what i should get? Also you can make this, thanks to AMPRO:
  6. I hate that you couldnt buy crystals anywhere for a reasonable Price. Mos of my Cars run 27 am or fm Radiogear. Sadly my 27mhz am Radio with a case full of crystals was stolen. So i have only one Pair of fm and one Pair of am crystals, so if i swap Cars i have to interchange them..... My Goal was to have every car ridable right of the shelve. New Christals cost 10 Bucks or more, so i could get 2 Flyskyreceivers instead....
  7. Also the heat from a hair dryer will help them stick, especially over Edges.
  8. i was thinking of getting Foaminserts for the wheels, but what inserts do you use for tamiya rally Block tires?
  9. How soft should Ralllyshocks be? I have 3 Rallycars 2 TL01s and ine M05ra. One TL01 has really soft shocks. The expand fully if i set the Car on the ground. If i let the Car fall from 15 cm the real End jumps 2 Times befor Standing still, so i need maybe thicker Oil in the back. Sadly the car can't hold a straight line while leaving a corner. So i installed a gyro, but that results into wobble because of the hard (DumboRC) Gyrosetting. The other TL01 has relatively hard Srings in the shocks because it was maybe a Streetversion of the Celica gt four befor.... so i think it isn't very offroady.... What is the best rallysetting in your opinion?
  10. Could that save the King Cab Transmission??
  11. Ya, i love me some Segarally esecially the first Game on the Arcademachine. I would love to have some Sega Rally Props, e.g. the Startpult.
  12. Today i got my 2 Rallycars TL01s ready. The Lancia has a cheap Lightset and a Dumbo RC gyro receiver in it. Sadly i can't set a Sensitivity and the Headlights do not work on the 3 Channelbutton, so i hat to use the 6th channel with the potentiometer.
  13. Hello, i've installed and callibrated a GYC 300 Gyro in my TL01 Lancia Delta. The Car is powered by a Tamiya Teu ESC. After i pull the Throttle fully, the Steering gets locked and the Gyro put itself into Callibrationmode. So i can't steer for about 10 Seconds. Is there any Fix for it or do i need a different Gyro? The same gyro works perfectly in a mini RC. Is it a Powerproblem? Maybe BEC?
  14. I found rubber based Decals. Sadly there are no specs about the size.... https://carpys.com/r-c-car-wraps-graphics/Firestone-CRC-Rubber-Tire-Side-Wall-Decals-p181607184
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