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  1. Going to try to paint a grasshopper interior today. I don't really recomend the Interior. The ESC do not has any Space, neither do the Batteryplug.....
  2. I did some "improvements" Windowrubbers Holes filled Wheelarches taped with flash With normal light:
  3. I used 9mm hex. I will do that with my Toyota too and post Pictures.
  4. I widened the track of my Lancia and put other wheelnuts on. Before: After: Also i'm thinking about oainting the Nuts in white.... What do you think?
  5. I got a basherbody. Sadly i had to drill new holes and the previous owner did cut the wheelarches not the right way....ķ
  6. @A-Baum I got them from https://www.rcdecals.co.uk/search-results?q=astute The Decalsheet is precutted soft/stretchy and very thick. I like that, but it is hard to get them into small Gaps. Also they do not attach if you using windex (Windowcleaner). I put the decals dirctly on the shell without Windex because the first Sticker i applied didn`t hold very well. Also because of the thickness they aren`t usable for scalebuilds, because you "see" the decals. But for Buggys and stuff like that, i like that stretchy thick decals a lot more.
  7. @shenloco was the fist one that i saw that got a Parcel from him.
  8. So, it´s done for the biggest part. I stickered most of the Stickers from a Reprosheet and think does not look as bas as i thought in that red metallic tone. I think i leave the red Oilshocks in and only change the Wheels into black ones that i have laying around from my red Holiday Buggy.
  9. My post wasn't Rally releated :D but it is nice to know that RC Rally started in the Czech Rpublic. Because i have a czech name i have some connection to the Country. I know that the Malaysians have the Micro RC and Drift thin going. Does anyone know about the Chinese? There are a lot of chinese Clodbuster Hop Ups, but i NEVER see them. I only saw the Chassisextension a few times.....
  10. Hello, i wondered if any of you has contact to scenes of other Parts of the World. Most People here seem to be frum UK, Canada, USA and Australia and a hand full of People from Asia. But i have some Japanese Youtube recomondations that show awsome footage and superb Builds. Sadly i don`t understand Japanese.... ...also i can`t read the comments and i`m not shure if they would answer english comments. And i know that that Malaysia, the Phillipines, Japan, maybe Korea and other Countrys have a strong RC related scene - but i can`t search für Videos that are in Tangalog, Japanese, Malaysian or Filipino... And i think the "Rally" "Rallycross" scene in Poland is quite big. Are Polish People here? Are there other big scenes in Europe (France, Italy, Czech Republic, Skandinavia,....)? Also there are a LOT of these Chinese Upgrades for Tamiyacars, but i never see them in any builds exept on the Pictures of Aliexpress or Ebay. The only thing i see are these slick Tires for the Wild Willy or Lunchbox. I would love to see how few of that upgrades would perform. Here are 2 randomvideos that pop in my Youtube recomondations:
  11. Hello, i want to rebuild my Clod shocks because they are leaking. Also i want to fill my Lunchbox shocks with thinner oil. What would be an equivalent to Tamiya Red oil the thinnest of them all?? And what O Rings should i use? Tamiya Orange ones? (I have them at home, but there are transparent and blue O-rings TRF branded)
  12. I hope it works. There are some HBs that are painted: I have the Red version of the re re HB and would love to have that matte finish. Sadly my Shell has a Crack and i don`t find any glue that works....
  13. Hello, doeas anyone has some Small Arcades in their 1:10 Garage? I have a Tempest 1:6 miniature Arcademachine, but it is 1:6.... 1:6 is to big to look Scale nearby a 1:10 Car. But there are also these cheap tiny arcades, sadly i do not see if these are 1:10 or 1:12 or 1:14 ore something.... https://www.amazon.com/stores/TinyArcade/page/9FEC3503-C4D0-4A46-AF4A-9824F7EB7038?&linkCode=sl2&tag=e074d-20&linkId=a5618fa78fdcc34c2801517845437a8a&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl Doeas anyone of you collect them?
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