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  1. Today i've mowed a little Track. Sadly the Ground ist veeeery bumpy. But now i actually can get use out of my mobile Ramps.
  2. Thanks Mate! 1.) Yes, he switched the Pack after the throttle began to fail. With the new Pack the Throttle failed again and i said that the Battery might be not charged, so i gave him one of mine fully charged packs - he had the same errors. 2.) neither the Motor nor the ESC was hot. The "Cup machine" is sold as a alternative to the sport tuned Motor, but is way slower and weaker. 3.) i will check that. I gave him one of my ESCs and a new servo to test that Setup. But i think he will need a receiver battery or a better Radiogear.
  3. Hi, a friend of mine has a lunchbox with a carson cup machine, a TEU 105 BK, 24 ghz Radio and a generic servo. after 10 - 20 Minutes of ose the throttle begins to fail, it isn`t reacting. if you turn it off an on again somtimes the throttle reacts, but the steering faails. I do not know what radio he uses, but is a "modern" 2.4 ghz Radio. What could be the Problem`? is is maybe a BEC Problem (i do not understand what the BEC does exactly...)? Does he need a radio battery (a batterypack that provides Power to the Receiver)? I do need a Battery for my Clodbuster because the 2 Servos draw need to much power, so if i do not use a receiver battery the Servos stop working after a fw seconds of full throttle.
  4. So, last Weekend, i searched for my little Boat. It is a LRP Deep Blue One boat. I think if i fit a new Propeller and a Lipo in it, it would be a decent little Boat. I think the Lean comes from the Broken Prpeller, i have bent the Propeller, because i thought it will get faster, but i just did gave the propeller more resistance so it turns the Boat in one direction (lean to one side). Does anyone know where i can gaet a fitting Propeller and maybe a new Motor (the old one is rusted on the outside) AND a better Battery than the original. (I want a Battery with the same Plug but with more Volts, the LRP Lipo isn`t on the market anymore.....) here is a little Video of that Boat with a NiMh vs. Lipo comarison:
  5. They would be fun, but they are also not very fast. Maybe i try to repair my Boat, but i dont know what Propeller i could fit, and i dont know if that lean could be fixed. I just watched a Video of the LRP 420 Boat and it seems to do not have the leaning issues, but it als has just one Propeller.
  6. Hello, I have a little LRP Speedboat. Sadly i destroyed it anyhow. First i bent the propeller for moe Speed. But then it got a strong lean to the side. Then i bent the Propeller back, but it is very Slow now and no fun to use, because it has the lean anyway. It turns good to one Side but not to the other Side. Is there a cheap little RC Boat that has 2 propellers and is fun to use. I want a fun little Toyboat that i can bring to the lake. Any suggestions?
  7. Thats from a flemarket, i didn´t de mount it myself - so i do not know if it was removed legally or not.
  8. While researching the web how to fix my that re re Soaker, i found that video already ^^ Thats my tiny collection of squirtguns. The one on the left is a cheapo Gun from "Buzz Bee Toys - Water Warriors" but i think the gun itself is pretty solid. Sadly the Hasbro Brad doesnt produce Waterguns with that pressure pumping mechanism from the glory Days, besides the re res. The new Water Guns from Hasbro doesn`t use any pressure anymore.
  9. Beeing born in the late 80s and a Kid of the 90s, i loved Supersoakers. Sadly that Hasbro/Nerf Soakers are total Garbage. But the have a Rereleasemodel of the clasdic Series. Sadly they missed to produce in propper Quality. The new Super Soaker XP150 leaks, has smaller tanks and do not have a propper Valve. It has a Pinchvalve that can't handle the pressure. Does anyone got one of these Rereleases for their Kids? Does anyone worked on them so they work like they should?
  10. I don`t know any..... There is Matteos Channel where he documents his life with RC Cars. His Videos are amazing, but they are not about Tamiya, they are about Tamiya and his Life. Tamiya Club would be a great Source for making a Tamiya Documentary. If you want, buy an RV, Cameragear and visit our Members for Interviews. A lot of People have great Storys to tell and do know a lot about the Company.
  11. No no no, i like the new body. But i think the Clod Body looks way more cooler! I love the clod. But i also want to have a 2nd Bigfoot, because i have the Bigfoot #1 Body on my Dagger.
  12. Your old ESC just looks like the cab from Bigfoot #1
  13. So i found the Racer Stripe Decal from JConcepts. The Sheet is for the Ford Raptor Body, so it won't fit at all.... Does anyone has some Tipps how to send a Sheet from JB Decals to Austria? Is anyone able to design me a sheet for printing it locally? I just need the Bigfootlogos, the Stripes could be cutted from a Vinylsheet, but i would prefer a print. I would donate for the Work.
  14. Hello, i have a JConcepts Ford Body with a Racingback and the Sun Screen thingy. I want to put soem Bigfoot 8/9/10 Decals on it, the ones with the Stripes. I know that JB Scale and graphics produce some Decals, but they do not ship to Europe. So i wrote them, but they can`t ship the Sheet for me. They also can`t send me the Printdata to print it myself in a Printshop..... But they wrote that JConcepts themselfes have a propper Racing Stripe Decalsheet - but i can`t find it anywhere. MCI Decals are without the Bigfoot Logo ect. Sadly i`m not able to design a Decalsheet by myself - i would love to get the propper poportions so the resultat will look any good. I know that the stripes by itself are an easy thing to do.... Any tips for me?
  15. Thats simply awesome. I love wood! Only thing i miss are some Window and Door Details.
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