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  1. Soon I will get a Tamiya Bullhead. I got it locally for 160 with installed Ball ratings and a Savöx Servo..... Here are the Pictures: Sadly the Radio is not included (then I would have be glad to pay that price) And the Battery holder is missing (you can see that on the last Picture). So now I don't know what to do with it. 1.) Should I recreate a Bullhead, never liked that model because it's stumpiness and high COG. (but loved the red chassis) 2.) Should I do a "Super Pete"? I never saw an RC Version of it and it has so tiny wheels, so the Clod Wheels wouldn`t look scale.... Maybe that would be a better fit for another Chassis.... 3.) Should I keep the Body and create a looooong Wheelbase? It would help the COG Problem and it would look better optical wise.... When i coose the long Wheelbase Pete/Bullhead look, i would install a Behind the Axle Setup. Can i install the Behind the Axlé Steeringkit without a Problem with the stock Chassis and Leddderbars? The BTA Steeringkit is for the Regulatorchassis.... 4.) Or should i put a black Pickup Body on it? i love the Black/Red/Yellow combination of the Mountainmonster made by @87lc2 ? But i do not know what Body i could fit to it and what Graphics i could stick on it. The mountain Monster is my Favorite, but i can`t copy that, i wouldn`t feel good. What Monstertrucks had a black Body?? What Trucks had a red Chassis? I found one, it would be a Carolina Crusher. I like the yellow Paintjob: I don`t like the Yellow Red Paintjob: I like the 3 Color Paintjob, but maybe it is to modern.....: There is also the Aussie Avanger. I like the Idea of not using a Pickup Body, but i´m a Fan of simple Graphics (Stripes, Wordart, etc.) I´m not a Fan of Skulls, Flames, Explosions and other Stuff, the only overloaded Artwork i love is the Grave Digger: 5.) Or the last Option fo me would be a Diggerlike Body or a Van Body, but there i either do not know what Trucks with such Bodys existed exept that real life Lunchbox Truck and the Grave Digger. But with such a Digger Body you have a lot of Optionsfor Paintjobs. The Job of @Insane_jim_69 looks very very good. 6 .) also a Schoolbus themed Truck would be awesome. But i do not like the Higher Education Truck. I do like the King Yellow, but the Body has 3 Wheelarches..... ...so i probably get a King Yellow anyway when my wife doesn`t look
  2. I love to read, look at Pictures or Play Tetris or other Gameboy Games while i do my business... I have a lot of old Skateboardmagazines and other Stuff in my Toiletroom. I grew up with Luky Luke and Asterix. Maybe thats a European Thing like French People have two Toilets for Familybusines or something....
  3. Hello, a bit Off Topic.... ....but i`m in the search of an Photobook about the evolution of Monstertruck. I´m more interrested in retro Monstertrucks and therir Tech. I know a few Monstertrucks from my Childhood, but, i do not remember their specs and differences, i was a child and didn`t had thehorizont to get the technical Background or the fine details of their Art. I want a Book full of pictures for my toilet Times.
  4. Yea, i was planing to do that... Or, get a bit more toyish and tape some old empty beercans togheter that i can Paint in blue or Red to get that Crushing effect.
  5. I think i have a Problem too. I want a 2nd runable Clod. There is a Bullhead for 180 for sale with a Radio, but without the Batteryclip.... I never liked the Bullhead because i thought it looks to tall and top heavy, but when you lenghten the wheelbase, i think i like the look. Mainly i want a Bullhead to have that red chassis and the yellow parts, is was planning to get a black Body for it....
  6. Like it? I love it! I think it gives the Clod that Original look. It's sleek but als very beefy at the same Time. Sadly i couldn't fit an 8mm Rod in the reamed Holes and i do not own a Drillpress for redrilling it wider.... So i putted 7mm Tubes in it. The next time i get to work on the Clod i will try to enlarge the Tubes with a bit of aluminumtape or Schrinkwrap or something. Since i reinforced my steeringrods with a Carbonfibertube and Shrinkingtubes i love that shrinkingstuff.
  7. You can see the Servomount in the Posts above. I did let machine 4 of the Servomounts with the Template that got lost..... The Template looks a bit like this and bolts on the 2 "U" shaped tubes that hold the original Bumper: Here is the original post:
  8. I use the special Servomounts designed by @MadInventor they look good and give you a stockish look. you almost do not see the Servo. But sadly his Template got lost and i did not saved it for recreate it for the next Truck...... ...i have some Bullheads on my watchlist. But i don`t like the Bullhead, it is to tall and odd looking for me, but i like the red Chassis and teh yellow Bars.
  9. I´ve ordered one. I hope it will be a big difference. I thought a lot of times about locking the rear Axle, but i did not cut the Tabs on the front one. My tires would rub the Latherbars (Letterbars? Letherbars?) if i would cut the Tabs..... I´m also thinking of getting "good" servos. I just use the MG 995 Servos or something like that. They were cheap in a Pack of 5 and do have a lot of Tourque if you just know the servos from the 80s and 90s. They are also fairly quick. So i`m peased with them, but i dont`t know how good Servos feel. I always had Acoms and Sanwa Servos that came with old Cars or Radios..... Also i have to improve my Servo on axle Mount, it is a bit sloppy, because the 2 Bumperbars i installed didn`t fit in the 8mm Holes, so i put 7mm Tubes filled with 6mm wood rods in it. So there is a 8mm Hole with a 7mm Tube because the 8mm aluminiumrod didn`t want to go in with any Force i tryied.
  10. I would also be interrested how these shocks work: https://www.ebay.at/itm/143713306845?hash=item2175fb08dd:g:UMEAAOSw-h1hNt1O 8 of these would cost about 40 Bucks. and i like the look of internal spring shocks.
  11. I think, a longer Wheelbase is alwas a good idea for Stability (and Landings) , but the MST MTX seems to be qite balanced wheelbasewise. I chose a longer Wheelbase for my Clod because between the front and the rear Tire is almost zero space, you couldn`t put a Tire between those 2 Tires..... What lengh are the Stock shocks? I´m a fan of long travel Shocks and a soft Setting, so you get some negatibe travel and a bit of Sag. I think a Truck should sag 1 or2 centimeters if you put it on the Ground. The Clod has 100 mm shocks and i use 120mm shocks, the Truck sags about 1,5 centimeters, so i have 15mm negative shocktravel and 5 mm additional dampening in comparison to the original shocks.
  12. Ya, one of my favorite Upgrades so far - cheap, but useful. With that upgrade you do not need any aftermarket chassis AND you can use longer shocks also - i would say 110 mm are perfect. Or you can use 100 mm shocks cut holes into the chassis to prevent the Gearbox hitting the Chassis and have the tires rubbing the Body..... That are generic 120 mm china cheapo shocks. There are the same shocks from different Brands in multiple colors https://www.amazon.de/Crawler-AXI03007-Metall-Stoßdämpfer-Öldämpfer/dp/B09NBMNG17/ref=sr_1_3?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=1OW8AAXROLYFL&keywords=120%2Böldämpfer&qid=1643138547&sprefix=120%2Böldämpfe%2Caps%2C132&sr=8-3&th=1 I think i`ve got a Set of 4 for around 20 Bucks. They came with 8 hard and 8 soft Springs so you can use a Dualrate Setup. I use 2 Soft Springs on each shock and use 120mm shocklength. With that extended Wheelbase and angled shocks it`s a good setup, but i think 110mm and straight shocks would be better. You will need Green Slime to set them up, because they are leaky and the O-Rings aren`t standard Tamiya Size ones, so you can`t use red or TRF O-Rings. There are also "Piggyback" looking Shocks, the "piggyback" are just for looks. Maybe i get theese for my next clod that is coming to me sooner or later.... (i have some sort of addictionproblem.....) https://www.amazon.de/AWEAJVI-Stoßdämpfer-Öldämpfer-Effektive-Stoßdämpfung/dp/B09FK1ND4L/ref=sr_1_24?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=120%2Böldämpfer&qid=1643139030&sr=8-24&th=1 I just ordered a Ford Body that reminded me of the Monstertrucks of my childhood. It was a Bigfoot, i think it had stripes on it. Can you tell me if my Clod reassambles a "real world Monstertruck"? What Bigfoot # would that be? (i didn`t put the Stripes on the hood and the roof, becaus i think they do not look very good - sorry Team Bigfoot )
  13. No, i`m using the same Extension as you in your Mountain Monster: And i love the feel of the Oilshocks. The Bad thing is that they are so soft that you need a Antiswaybar. If you do not use one, the Truck leans to the outer side when cornering (feels like 45 degree Angle) and just wobbles around and locks into one side after cornering. So i use suuuuuper soft Suspension and the improvised Sway Bar. I think it handles super, but i`m not a good driver. I only build some Models, testdrive them and put them on a Shelf.
  14. I found a Product: https://www.gobilda.com/servo-travel-tuner/ So you can adjust the rear (or the fron) servo to your likings if you have aRadio like mine @87lc2
  15. Can you tell me why you and a lot of people are using the friction Shocks? Is it more "Fun"? I think the Oildampers make a BIG difference, even the weight of a Clod is on the axle. But when i let my stock Clod fall from a few cm the Truck is bouncing aroind a lot. My "Stockish" Clod with the oilshocks lands very good and does not bounce - it just lands and get up to the 3/4 extended shockheight. I do not understand why so many peole do not use Oilshocks in the "retroclass" Clods.
  16. Thanks @87lc2 for having you in the forum, you are our Monster Truck Guy. I thought maybe it would be possible to sioler some resistors or something into the Wire..... I have a 3rd Chanel on my Receiver, but i think my Radio offers just 2 Channels (Absima GT 3.2). So i think i have to put a longer Servohorn on the front and even shorten the rear Servohorn a bit. I habe 2 HG 995 12kg Servos installed i think.
  17. There is a Tamiya 58698 Lotus Europa Special (M-06) coming. Did the news spread already?
  18. I drive 1 servo per axle and they are connected via Y-lead to the receiver. When i drive the back is almost steering more than the Front. In the Front i use the outer holes of the Servohorn and in the Back i use the inner hole (of 3 holes) Is there a better solution? Is there a Plug that could reduce the rear servo about 50%?
  19. Hello, i want to build some mobile Ramps and Obstacles for retro style Courses. What are the most common Ramps? What are the Dimensions? What are the Angles and Transisions? Are they just made by eye ore are there any regulations? What do you use for Crushingcars? I do not have Lexanshells and would use Cars made from Cardboard and/or Foam. Is there a good Site with Infos about rules, Sizes, regulations etc.?
  20. I only have a tight Space at my Frontyard (i do not have a Backyard). So i think my Setup is ok. Sadly it isn`t "legal" for retro Class because of the 7 cell pack and the 25T Motors. Would the anti Sway Bar that i use be legal? it is just a u shaped Wire that prevents rolling because i run a super duper soft oilshock setup and the Body would just wiggle from Side to side without that. But i See, i have to build more Ramps and build a Monstertruck course..... Also i do not know what to do with my other very unused Clod from the 80s..... it is quite "not runned", but covered in Dust and Spiderwebs.... I Bought the Super Clodbuster to save the old one. I`m happy with my super Clod (exept the Speed), but there is an urge to get another more modern Truck since i did not catch a local "get" of an Argios for 110 Bucks..... I didn`got it, now i want it sooo bad. I´m a big child.....
  21. I know the trigger king channel. The retro lass seems faster than my Clod, but I have 25 t Tamiya Motors with a bit of Timing and a 7 cell NiMh.... ..... and yes the Truck runs faster in Forward than in reverse
  22. That would be awsome Where can i see the Regulations? are the 27T Mors not extremly slow? Or are there "fast" 27 Turners? I know that you can`t tell how fast a Motor is by it`s Turns. The Super Stock Motors are extremly good in my opinion and much better than a lot of 19 - 15 Turn Motors..... What Motos du you use, what are their specs? In fact, i didn? knew that i always thought a clod is indestructable.
  23. @87lc2 Can you tell us about your Trucks? You are our Monstertruck gy. Your Montain Monster looks a bit like my Clod, but i have (very soft and a bit "leaky") Oilshocks, 25 GT tuned Motors, 8,4v NiMh, (poor) antiswaybars and homemade Servomounts for 4 wheel steering installed. I like mine a lot, but it is a bit to slw for my feeling. I would love to get a teeny weeny bit more Performene out of it. Maybe i do a runningvideo of my stock looking Clod.
  24. Hello fello TC Members! I would love to start a Solid Axle Monstertruck Comparison of different available Trucks with their Pros an cons. I would love it to have an "out of the Box" opinion and an opinion of the Trucks with a "moddingsetup" or different "moddingsetups. I would love to geather compact Info about the Price and "must have" Hop Ups. Also i do not know what Solid axle Monstertrucks are on the Market right now and what scale they are, are they 1:12, 1:10 or 1:8? The Trucks i`m aware of are: Tamiya TXT 1 Tamiya TXT 2 Agrios Tamiya Juggernaut Tamiya Clodbuster HPI Wheelie King Kyosho USA-1 Kyosho Mad Force Losi LMT Axial SMT 10 MST - MTX-1 CEN HL150 I didn`t hear about the CEN HL 150 until the last Thread about it. I would love a Monstertruck that is alittlebit more capable, more rigid and faster than my Clod with it`s Mods, but has the same Scale. I love the look of the MST MTX 1 but it`s a 1:12 Monstertruck and seems to be quite stiff. I would love to have an Agrios, but they are way to expensive and not as capable as an axial or the Losi Truck. The Axials and the Losis are to expensive for me and the CEN Truck is way to stiff, but it has all the features that i would like in a Truck (8 shocks, Anti Sway Bar, a Tube Frame Chassis, lots of Speed, etc.). When someone has good Expierences with one of the Chassis ore if i have some chassis not mentioned, i can put them in the first Post for a accurat Comparrision. For Instance: Clodbuster out of the Box: Scale: 1:10 Speed: on the slow side Offroad ability: not very capable because of the factory pogo style shocks and the cener mount Servo Modding ability: You can mod the H*ll out of it - plenty of Hop Ups and aftermarket Parts available, different chassis, other 4 Links etc. Shocks: 4 friction Pogo Sticks - easily changable to 4 or 8 oilshocks from 100 to 120mms Servo: Mounted on the Chassis, the steering Force is not very goot transfered to the Axles - but you can Steering: 4 Wheel steering with single servo (easily moddable to Servo on axle) Motors: 2 standard 27Turn silvercan Motors Drivetrain: Motors mounted on Axles, the Gearbox is very very durable Body: Comes with an hardplastic 80s chevroletstyle Body Weight: 8.60 lb (3900 g) and approx 4350 g Length: 18.90 in (480 mm) Width: 14.96 in (380 mm) Height: 13.50 in (340 mm) Wheelbase: 10.63 in (270 mm) Battery: 7,2v NiMh Packs or 8,4 V NiMh Packs, also Lipos in the right Case Pros: Iconic, cheap in Stock Form, plenty of aftermarket Parts and Modability Cons: verry old Design, noot very capable in Stock Form, expensive if you begin to mod and buy Aftermarket Parts Anti Sway Bar: No SMT10: Pros - Inexpensive, scale looks, nice soft suspension, durable with sensible power, and lightweight. Cons - AR60 axles. That's really it and even they will hold up just fine under scale monster truck power. Anti Sway Bar: Yes Losi LMT: Pros - 1/8 scale running gear, nice shocks, nice looking axles, no torque twist, durable even with insane power and used sensibly. Cons - Heavy, plate chassis is not scale looking, hardware is some of the worst I've ever seen. Anti Sway Bar: Yes Tamiya TXT-2: Pros - Realistic looking chassis, durable with sensible power, nice shocks, great looking toploader replica axles. Cons - Overall weight, weight distribution (top heavy), parts can be hard to find. I also find the body to me mounted waay too high, I lower the body with custom mounts on my TXTs. Bumpers are also hideous. Anti Sway Bar: ?? Juggernaut: Pros - Only solid axle leaf sprung truck ever in production, durable drivetrain with sensible power, handles well for what it is. Cons - A bit top heavy, steering not great in stock form but it can be made to work and its better than the Clod. Anti Sway Bar: ?? Kyosho Mad Force VE: Pros - Durable with 4s power...that's about it. Cons - Does not look scale at all, shocks are mounted in an odd position, wheels/tires are ugly, stock steering is useless. Anti Sway Bar: ?? CEN HL150 Pros: the Price? 250,- Cons: Too stiff Suspension? Price: £ 220 Scale: 1:10 Tires: Soft Anti Sway Bars: Yes Gears: swappable Motor: one 550 Steering: steering is vague and disappointing being sat so high up in kit form, moving it onto the axle is a huge improvment. Shocks: 8 Oilshocks - to stiff - needs improvement (softer springs and oil or rund just 4 Oilshocks) I could edit your Describtions into the first Post
  25. I do not see any of theese chinese aluminium upgrades ever on eastern RCs. There are a lot of chinese aluminium Upgrades for the Clodbuster. I wondered if anyone uses them. Are the shocks usable or are they junk? I own that Chassisbrace/extension and it is the best Upgrade i ever bought for my Clod. Paired with oilshocks and an anti sway Bar it is a nice Monstertruck (just a bit slow). But there has to be a scene anywhere in asia that uses that Parts. Sadly u dot find any Youtube content with easter Searchterms.... There are also many upgrades for the Hornet and other Models, but i never tried any of them.
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