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  1. You can get very good copy’s on flee bay
  2. Hi what’s the best way to repair this? I can’t put anything behind it as there it a bracket that sits flush
  3. I only intend to use it once or twice a year
  4. Great I did wonder if they would fit
  5. Hi I’ve just purchased a 56004 tiger tank for restoration I need 2 replacement treads for the tracks does anybody have any or know of a replacement 🤞
  6. Hi guys thanks for the reply’s the bumper part I need is the part with the words tamiya cut out and it has to be mint. The antenna I can’t even find a re re I am based in uk
  7. Hi I’ve nearly completed my hot shot restoration but I am having trouble locating the last 2 parts, the ariel and front bumper can anyone help please Rich
  8. Hi all has anyone got any wiper blades for a monster beetle or sand scorcher for sale I guess there the same
  9. Hi doc thanks for your reply it’s a m38
  10. Hi everyone can anyone tell me the correct box art colour for a wild willy in Tamiya spray paint ? , they do a few shades of drab olive thanks rich
  11. Hi everyone can anyone tell me the correct box art colour for a wild willy in Tamiya spray paint ? , they do a few shades of drab olive thanks rich
  12. With a very small punch. But be carful not to brake the round alloy part
  13. Morning everyone I need some screws for my m38 Resto the ones that hold the motor mount together 1 long one and 2 small ones all countersunk k7 and b2 in the manual if anybody has any Regards Rich
  14. Year kind of thought that was the answer I've just never seen it before thanks
  15. Hi, can anyone tell me why the super champ has cable ties around the front arms ? Regards rich
  16. Hi, I am about to start a resto on a sand scorcher, would a re release sun roof fit a vintage shell ?
  17. Thanks for the fast replies guys, I have a go at it after about 30 mins the paint turns to like tar then I can wipe some of it off but it's hard Can I leave it to soak over night without it damaging the shell
  18. Hi, I have a vintage hilux shell to strip, can anyone tell how long I can leave it in de-solv it graffite remover for before it damages it
  19. Thanks for all the advice guys, your hilux looks great Kev
  20. Hi guys They are not really dirty just discoloud, So far I have tried a dremmel with a wire brush but this just marks it, bead blasting works great on the metal parts but pits the cast parts, And a dremmel and pads with autosol polish shines it up like crome Interesting about the tumbler media, I have a bullet case tumbler with walnut media in it for cleaning brass bullet cases would this work? I am not looking for a bright shinny finish just a nice clean one
  21. Hi all I am undergoing my first restoration of a Toyota hilux, but I am having trouble cleaning the axial and gear box I have tried various methods mentioned on the forum and web but can't get that dull clean finish of he original Can anyone advise Regards rich
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