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  1. Sold, delivered and arrived safely, many thanks
  2. Yeah sure Drop me a note of the address when you do, I'll have it prepped
  3. Still for sale at £85 guys Ive not heard from Ritchie, sorry mate!
  4. Sure, no hassles, I'll drop you a pm
  5. Hopefully a drop to £50 posted after a week is ok? Just making room guys
  6. Just making space, I hope after a week a bump and price drop is ok? Down to £90 posted
  7. Arrived with the buyer today, all well Many thanks
  8. Sorry I wouldn't have any use without the wheels and shell
  9. Perfect, sounds ideal for me, clears my garage and gives some stuff for others to use
  10. Yep, they are almost all Tamiya but in various states of use, some near empty etc. The whole box is ready to go, someone can just collect PM me for an address and time to collect
  11. That would be great, some of the cans are 1/2 full etc, its a real mix If you can take the box that would be great, just taking up space!
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