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  1. Hi folks, going for a retro look on lexan Brat body using PS42 Corsa grey (which is blueish I believe). I want a flat colour finish. Should I be going for a good few coats of the base colour then white or siver backer? Cheers!
  2. Be interested to hear the conclusion of this one.
  3. Ah yes, inspecting ebay closely I have deduced that if it's for sale at less than £15 it's not a proper one.
  4. Here's a recent vid about using an acrylic conformal coating on the internal board in a receiver. Worried to hear that the 1060 esc isn't as waterproof as claimed though.
  5. Hi all! Long time no see. Nice to see that Photobucket are still hosting my photots on this thread. Anyways I broke one of the lower front arms whilst running the cars in the forest with the kids earlier this year. Seems like I have three options: wait for old stock parts on fleabay; donor car (becoming rare, more expensive and on guarantee of condition) or buy 3D printed replacements from Ampro/Shapeways in the US. The 3D parts look amazing and the do the shock towers and front uprights too. I wonder if it's worth me spending £70 sterling on a full front rebuild in nylon? Great video about the parts here:
  6. Had to fork out for some brand-new C parts on the tree but other wise she runs nicely with the spring spacers in the front shocks. Then I found a really fine tipped paint pen!
  7. Fantastic work, I don't think members have given you enough credit for this. Are you in the UK?
  8. Just re-added some of the photos to this thread. I've recently fitted an old servo and RX to this Baja Falcon and installed a basic ESC. She runs but need to put some spacers in with the spring cos all a bit saggy and ruins the toe-in on the front. Also need to think about how I can waterproof the RX, epoxy all over the PCB?
  9. @percymon still got it? Just saw a handful of front suspension parts go on eBay for over £20.
  10. Inspired by Tynhead and others on these forums so thank you to them.
  11. Wasn't impressed with massively hesistant reverse on Sniper RV20 I bought last year so maybe I'll try the XT-20 for the Baja Falcon
  12. Don't know about the brace fitting a Blitzer, seems unlikely though. Maybe talk to CRP guys direct, they have been helpful to me in the past. Anyway. Got a few stickers for the Baja Falcon. They're white backed so not quite as nice as the Canadian repro set I got for the Kyosho Beetle, they are on a transparent backing but you do have the cut them out yourself. Anyway, it's supposed to be a runner so no big deal.
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