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  1. Which re-re offers that color bumper? I thought all the new bumpers in that style only acme black?
  2. You scored at that price. I have a couple of these (built and NIB). I have a few spares, so if you need anything such as that motor mount, let me know. I think I have one New in package still.
  3. One (Hilux) just popped up on my eBay feed which seems to be rather nice. Asking $1,000 though
  4. Hey guys, Here I am again, asking the Tamiya community if anyone has a spare rear 959 spring laying around? I found a very restorable 959 that is missing one of the springs. Does anyone have one in their spare parts bin willing to part with? Will pay of course
  5. I'll check my spares, fairly certain I have a used one (unbroken) laying around.
  6. Holy cow! I didn't think I had a chance finding that bushing (or anything like it). So happy right now, I could kiss ya! Thank you (yet again) for the help. I owe ya BIG TIME!
  7. This is a complete hail Mary but it anyone knows this part, it's you guys Does anyone know where I can source this small speed control brass bushing for the 58021-58022 MK1 Can-Am Lola / Datsun? Is this something a hardware store would even stock? It's not a typical bushing, it has a small lip on the topside. Bushing circled in picture.
  8. This thread makes me want a Conrad 240826, even if it is..... worthless
  9. Thanks Chris for the D parts!!! So excited... never thought Id find em Still on the lookout for C2!
  10. I did talk to ORB and they wanted €98 for 5 parts. I would almost pay that for original parts, but am very hesitant to pay that for 3D parts.
  11. Trying to restore a sad broken Astute and having absolutely ZERO luck finding parts ( C2 , D1 & D4 ). The only luck I have had is finding a guy who makes them from 3D parts, but he wants $100 for the parts I have listed. I would consider this if they were original, but to pay $100 for 3D parts seems steep for a band-aid shelf queen. What are the odds of an Astute rere? Anyone else in favor of it?
  12. Thank you for checking on that other D tree, appreciate it!
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