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  1. Thanks for all the inquiries. Just updating the first post again as I have worked with a few people and gotten some more cars sold.
  2. Good afternoon all Thanks for the msgs. I just wanted to update the post as a couple go to new homes. Regards Cory
  3. Hello all, after much back and forth I have decided to pass on most of my collection of R/C cars that started back in 1986. I am going to keep a select few that have some sentimental value to me but the bulk is ready for a new owner to display, build and appreciate. Most of the cars are rally cars and on road cars. I have a few buggies. All are original release unless otherwise stated but it should be obvious by the kit number... Each one comes with everything that came in the box originally unless otherwise stated. A couple also come with radios, futaba magnum sport, magnum jr and a couple of 2 sticks. I wanted to post them here as I have been a member for a long time and I'd rather see them go to the community that has helped me over the years. I am going to list the ones for sale and will sell them for ebay going rate minus the final value fee. I will ship anything at the buyers expense and will send pictures of anything upon request. just post a few here for now. 49191 Ferrari 312 T3 new in box complete SOLD 58039 Honda City turbo (complete car only) 58009 Rodenstock Celica LB (Car only complete with speed control) 58042 Rothmans Porsche 956 car, built, used, unfinished body, manual, box 58051 Fox (complete car and manual) 58055 Boomerang (complete car with box, manual and period remote 2 stick) SOLD 58064 Celica Gr. B (RC Car action test car including manual, spare parts, magazine included with feature) rebuilt 58129 Castrol Celica 93 Monte Carlo Winner (BNIB opened for inspection only) 58145 Promarkt Zakspeed AMG Mercedes C-Class DTM new built 58176 Repsol Ford Escort RS Cosworth (Body completed, rest of car unopened) 58189 Matini Alfa Romeo 155V6 TI (new built with futaba magnum sport radio) 58190 JACCS Accord (used built with futaba magnum jr radio, upgraded, all original parts included) Limited Edition SOLD 58201 Toyota Celica GT4 Monte Carlo 97 (brand new in sealed box) 58211 Mini Cooper (used complete) SOLD 58220 Mobil 1 NSA TA03R (BNIB) Limited Edition 58224 Peugot 306 Maxi WRC (used complete in box with upgrades, all original parts and manual included) 58226 Subaru Impreza WRC TL01 (Complete in box with manual and radio, body new, chassis used ) Limited Edition 58323 (x2) Schnitzer BMW M3 TT01 (One new built, one brand new in unopened box) Rerelease 58327 Mercedes 190E EvoII AMG BNIB Konig Pilsner version unopened Rerelease SOLD 58347 Lunchbox (BNIB unopened) Rerelease 58517 Super Hot Shot (New built) Rerelease SOLD Tamiya 1/24 plastic models (BNIB) Toyota Celica GT-Four RC Subaru Impreza WRC 98 Monte Carlo I will consider interesting trades but I'm not really looking to replace anything so please don't be offended if I decline. Let me know if there are any questions, or if this is too much I'll ask admin to delete and go one at a time. You can get in touch with me here or at cozmic512@hotmail.com All items are located on Long Island in NY. Thanks for looking.
  4. You are correct. I was searching wrong. Thank you that was driving me crazy!
  5. Hello all, I am looking for the part number for the original Honda City Turbo RC car. I can only seem to find the new number 58611 for the re-release or the 57894. Im unsure if this could be correct. Does anyone have any info about this car? I have had this car since the 90's but I only got the car, not a box or manual. thanks!
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