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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I don't have any other cars in your list, but if you have spares for the celica gr.b 58064 / porsche959 58059 or lambo countach cs 58008 or other king cab/monster racer spares then let me know. If not, then just the king cab d parts tree shipped would be great. My friend 'wrote off' his monster racer at the weekend and I'm trying to help him get it running again. E-mail me at 'deleted' thanks. I am A TC subscriber if you want to check my cars out, also monkeysout :-)
  2. Hi are these parts still available ? Really need the d parts ... Also will you ship to England ?
  3. Hi, Do you still have the king cab d parts tree ? If yes, is it complete with the 2 steering knuckle/uprights and will you ship to England ?
  4. Just got the right size from RC bearings, missed them last time because i searched for 'bearing celica porsche 959' and not just browsed their whole bearing section. Cheers all.
  5. I knew I was taking a gamble on quality, £7 for a 22 bearings inc shipping is very very cheap, but I was sure they would be better than worn plastic spacers. What amazes me is even after a polite long email detailing the correct sizes and double checking sizes of originals (from my friends chassis) with a digital caliper, the seller refuses to change their description/listing. I'm not worried about a refund or replacement's, I just wanted them to fix their listing for future buyers. The latest email from them this morning said they will not be changing their listing/description because they sell many and I'm the first to complain. Strange since the gear box half's have a 1mm gap when assembled with these oversized bearings ?
  6. Agreed, and if your upgrading worn plastic spacers to ball bearings, you won't have an original to measure/check.
  7. Hi all, I recently purchased some bearings from Ebay to ball race a restoration I'm doing, and I would like to share the negative experience, to help protect others. The ebay listing stated ... Seller = pflhobbyboy - Fit To TAMIYA PORSCHE 959 CELICA Gr.B RC Car - 2x6x3mm x6pc - 5x8x2.5mm x16pc The 16 large ones fit fine but the gear box won't go back together properly with the small ones in. I managed to strip another chassis I recently purchased and found that these small ones are actually 2.5mm thick/wide, not 3mm. - 2x6x2.5mm x6pc = correct I contacted the seller but in very poor English they say the fault is mine. I tried to ask them to remove the false statement about fitting 2x Tamiya cars but they are not interested. I search other sellers and 2 are selling bearing kits with the wrong size, 3mm, and 2 are selling the kits with the right size, 2.5mm. I can't open an ebay case because its over 45 days old, 35 of those in shipping. Be careful fellow TC members !
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