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  1. The DF-01 is guilty of that! When the TA01 was designed, Tamiya decided to keep the DF-01 tub and angled the rear drive shafts forward to reduce the wheelbase to 257mm'ish. Then the shorter TA02 (FF01) tub was introduced to improve CoG, resulting in rear drive shafts angled rearward to create the same wheelbase as that of the TA01. The angles of the rear drive shafts are of course dictated by the TA01 (forward) and TA02 (rearward) rear suspension arms. To create the TA02SW (and later TA02S), Tamiya combined the short TA02 tub with the forward angled TA01 rear suspension arms. (The "W" in TA02SW is achieved with wider offset wheels only, whereas the "W" in TA02W is additionally achieved by combining wide TA02 front suspension arms with wide TA01 front knuckle arms.)
  2. I fully appreciate that! I'm not a big fan of FB myself, but have chosen to use FB for my Mokei Kagaku "Tamiya" page as it's a free and relatively easy format to use for the "blog" format I want the MK page to have. Also, I have set up the MK page in such a way that access is possible without logging in, so for those who don't have and don't want an FB account, the page is still accessible. You just can't comment on it. According to Tamiya's official description, yes. So unlike the original TA02/FF01 Carbon Chassis Plate set (#53195), the FRP Chassis Conversion Set isn't required to convert from bath tub to carbon chassis. I fully agree and although 47479 was named "Conversion Set" already when it was announced early in August, I kind of expected it to be the plates only. So I was surprised when I got the full description yesterday, which confirms that it's indeed a complete conversion set. I too think that market must be tiny, even when counting in Japan.
  3. The photo is in fact a bit misleading and I'm indirectly to blame for that. I posted the photo and the description on my Mokei Kagaku Facebook page yesterday. As I did multiple unique and distinct linguistic corrections to Tamiya's description and exactly the same corrections can be found in Model Build's description, it's pretty evident that the photo and description were copied from my post, which is perfectly fine. However, what Model Build omitted, which leads to confusion, was my remark about the photo: Quote: 47479 TA02 Carbon Chassis Conversion Set (The extensively identical 47396 TA02 FRP Chassis Conversion Set shown for visualisation only.) Unquote. In other words, 47479 is almost identical to 47396, but with carbon lower and upper deck and front and rear shock towers. Link: https://www.facebook.com/mokeikagaku/posts/4111047785688793
  4. First photo. M-06M wheelbase confirmed.
  5. Yes, confirmed in June and July. So far: Hop-Ups: 22028 TD4 Assembly Universal Shafts (2 Pcs.) 22029 TD4 Differential Nut and Screw Set 22030 TD4 Aluminum Servo Stays 22031 TD4 Slipper Clutch Set 22032 TD4 Aluminum Steering Bridge 22033 TD4 Aluminum Steering Arms 22034 TD4 Aluminum Crank Arm 22036 TD4 Aluminum Rocker Arms 22037 TD4 Stabilizer Set 22038 TD4 Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount 47464 TD4 Titanium Screw Set Regular spare parts: 51674 TD4 C-Parts (Uprights) (2 Pcs.) 51675 TD4 D-Parts (Suspension Arms) (2 Pcs.) 51676 Super Avante Body Parts Set Photos are out for most of them:
  6. Yes, Nimrod Racing made one, but as usual for Nimrod bodies, the proportions and overall look are unfortunately terrible. It's not the worst of their bodies though. As if that's a comfort...... http://blog.rcbodyshop.fr/2010/02/nimrod-racing-classic-car-bodyshell-110-scale/
  7. Sorry, it's probably a little off topic, but I feel nostalgic today, so I couldn't resist making a snapshot of my little Europa diecast collection. And no, I won't paint the Tamiya Europa body metallic pink!
  8. Fully agree. I'm not deep into Lotus, but my understanding is that the Eclat and Elite epitomize "Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious" more than any other L.O.T.U.S., but I can't help liking them a lot anyway. I've got the Airfix 1/24 Lotus Elite kit (from old Tsukuda molds) and simply love it.
  9. I dare say it's by far more attractive than the vast majority of modern sporty / sports cars normal people can afford now. Also, it may not have been a beauty when it was launched, but it was relatively affordable to buy and maintain and quite fast. Not many new cars we can say that about today.
  10. As you may know, it's from old Carson molds, which kind of explains the "modest" quality. Also, it has always annoyed me that they opted for the 914/6GT and 916 body and not a regular 914. If it had been a regular narrow body 914, there would have been so many more options on how to paint it in authentic variations, including Autobahn-Polizei. Anyway, with Tamiya's release of the Europa, I don't anymore regret not getting the Kyosho Pure Ten Europa body. I skipped it back then because Kyosho had gotten lazy with their Pure Ten series when the Europa was made, resulting in what I consider to be by far the least detailed body in the series.
  11. Same here. The Matchbox Europa was the very first car I got from Matchbox after they started to convert to Superfast wheels. It must have been 1969 or 1970 and I was 4 or 5. I have a very vivid memory of mum and I in the shop and she explaining to me that it was a new model and the wheels "special". My mum passed away 9 years ago, and soon after I started collecting Matchbox, Dinky Toys and Corgi Toys cars after giving away the ones I had as a child when I stopped playing with them at 11-12. The Europa has a special place in my heart and collection.
  12. The blowmolded body of the original King Cab might be an obstacle. I don't consider it likely that Tamiya will take up blowmolding of bodies again. Saying it wasn't a big success is a "slight" understatement. It's of course not feasible to use moulds for blowmolding to vacuum form bodies. Tamiya can of course always make new moulds, so it's not an obstacle that can't be overcome. The question is however if Tamiya considers that financially viable.
  13. That's correct. Both the Mad Cap body and Saint Dragon body are direct fits on the DF-01 (with bathtub chassis). The rear body post is fitted on both sides of the tub to fit the Mad Cap body, whereas the Saint Dragon body uses the original single body post in the original position. In my humble opinion, the Saint Dragon body looks better on the DF-01 than on the TS chassis. The higher front damper mount and longer dampers may look a bit more dominant, but if looks are more important than function, using TA01 front damper mount and Mini-size dampers is an option. I'll try to post a few pics later.
  14. 47459 Saint Dragon 4WD Needless to say, it's on the Fire Dragon chassis. I however think it's more interesting that Tamiya has opted for the regular blue Saint Dragon livery and not the red Saint Dragon Ricky's Special livery of 58083.
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