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  1. Mokei Kagaku

    TA-01 Turning Yellow

    These are the parts I know of, but there might exist some further "event item" versions without item numbers, although I've never seen any versions in other colours (unless dyed): 49543 TA01 Fluorescent Yellow Suspension Arms 49544 TA01 Fluorescent Green Suspension Arms 49547 TA01/TA02 Fluorescent Gear Case (Yellow) 49548 TA01/TA02 Fluorescent Gear Case (Green) 49549 TA01/TA02 Fluorescent Gear Case (Pink) 49550 DF01/TA01 Fluorescent Yellow Chassis 49551 DF01/TA01 Fluorescent Orange Chassis 49552 DF01/TA01 Fluorescent Green Chassis 49572 TA01 White Suspension Arms 49573 TA02 White Suspension Arms 49574 FF01 White Suspension Arms 49575 DF01 White Suspension Arms 49578 TA02/FF01 Super White Chassis 49579 TA02/FF01 Fluorescent Orange Chassis
  2. I'm about to convert a Dirt 4WD chassis (like Hummer) to G6-01TR portals. It's basically no problem, but if you want to keep the original width so the tires are covered by the fenders, the suspension arms need to be replaced with some shorter ones. I used TA01 front suspension arms, but the TA01 or TA02 rear suspension arms are't angled enough to give the right wheelbase when angled backwards. So I experimented a little and found that TL01 rear suspension arms with spacers between the halves can be used. Having portals on the Hummer, just like the original, is nice, but it's expensive. In Germany, the Dynahead can be had for about 250 Euro, although I paid just 203 Euro for mine. I made a list of the parts needed and checking the cheapest sources, the 6 portals in parts cost around 200 Eur, and that's even without the bearings. From an objective perspective with regard to off-road capability, I don't believe it's worth it, but then again, who wants to be rational in this hobby!? I can make some photos, if interested. I have actually just converted one side so far with the intention of posting photos on my FB page to show how the portals can be used while keeping the original width and wheelbase.
  3. I clearly remember from "back then", how customers generally were a bit disinclined against the Bush Devil because of the "devil" decals and combination of colours. Once I built a Bush Devil for a customer's son, and was instructed to not use the "devil" stickers, which I thankfully was allowed to keep. They came in handy when restoring a Bush Devil a couple of years ago. Still, to me, the Bush Devil was never really "right" in its combination of pink wheels and slightly provocative paint scheme and stickers. Then I recently stumbled over this on eBay, and to me it demonstrates how attractive a Bush Devil can look (with a little help from the Landfreeder). With all due respect to the builders of great Bush Devils out there, this is the best-looking Bush Devil I've ever seen.
  4. Mokei Kagaku

    58038 brat parts needed

    Yes, they are pretty hard to find. They were only used on the Subaru Brat and the Lancia 037 Rally, but were included with the C-parts in the Frog, Blackfoot and Monster Beetle too (not the Mud Blaster though). The re-release Brat, Frog, Blackfoot and Monster Beetle came without these parts on the C-sprue. So sourcing them now means that you either have to get an pre Mud Blaster production C-sprue, cannibalize a Lancia or original release Brat, or from left-over parts from an original release Frog, Blackfoot or Monster Beetle. As a left-over parts they were easy to get 30+ years ago, but the chance that someone with an original release Frog, Blackfoot or Monster Beetle have kept these left-over parts for so long, is not really big. There are some out there though, so with a little effort and patience, you will sooner or later find them. If you don't necessarily want to keep the model 100% original, the good news is that you can use a direct mount servo saver as on the original release Frog and re-release Brat and Frog. These parts are easy to sort and a direct fit.
  5. Mokei Kagaku

    M-08 predictions?

    It is indeed confirmed, and I agree with you. It's such a significant release that I don't think the official announcement will be in just a "monthly new releases", but as part of an exhibition. The Shizuoka Hobby Show (May 8.-11.) would seem a good candidate.
  6. Mokei Kagaku

    M-08 predictions?

    As far as I know, they didn't announce it in Nuremberg at all.
  7. Mokei Kagaku

    Volvo FH16 Timber Truck 56360

    They're doing this instead: 56549 MFC LED, 3mm/1100mm (2 Pcs., Red) 56550 MFC LED, 3mm/1100mm (2 Pcs., White) 56551 MFC LED, 3mm/1100mm (2 Pcs., Yellow)
  8. All CC-01 models have the same front suspension, Or not entirely true, early production CC-01 kits all came with blue front uprights whereas later production CC-01 kits partially come with otherwise identical but black uprights. The front uprights originate from the TA02 chassis, but were first released in the 53121 Skyline Long Front Arm Set. It converted the TA01 from "short" front suspension arms with "wide" uprights to "long" front suspension arms with "narrow" uprights, keeping the same width. And that fact might be the solution to your (potential) problem, if there is one at all! The wider uprights of the TA01 front suspension increases the distance from the inside of the wheel to the steering arm. I don't have any suitable 1.55 wheels to try to verify whether it's enough or not, but I'd say the chance is pretty good. In the rear, I can't imagine that clearance will be a problem with the original parts. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as taking the original front suspension off the CC01 and mounting a TA01 front suspension. The reason why is that the CC01 has its own type of front suspension arms despite having TA02 uprights. So neither TA01 nor TA02 front suspension arms fit the CC01. However, the TL01 front suspension arms do and they are the same length as TA01 front suspension arms. So what you need is: 2 pcs. TL01 front lower suspension arms. 2 pcs. TA01 front uprights 2 pcs. TA01 front wheelaxles 2 pcs. TA01 front drive shafts 4 pcs. TA01 kingpins (longer than TA02/CC01 type kingpins) 4pcs. 1150 bearings (TA02/CC01 uprights use 2 pcs. 1260 and 2 pcs. 1510 bearings) 2 pcs. outer screwpins (length tba) 2 pcs. inner screwpins (length tba) 2 pcs. generic adjustable upper arms. The CC01 upper arms are unique for the chassis type and mounting holes are 90 degrees to each other, whereas TA01 (and most other) upper arms are on line. With these parts, you have an almost "bolt-on" solution to increase distance between the inside of the wheel and the steering arm without changing width of the front suspension. You will need to shim slightly between the suspension arm halves, but otherwise it's a direct fit. After reading your post, it took me 5 minutes to convert one side on one of my CC01 chassises. See photos below. TL01 suspension arm with TA01 upright to the left and original CC01 to the right. TL01 suspension arm with TA01 upright to the left and original CC01 to the right. Resulting width is in theory identical and measuring with calipers, the original suspension appears to be about 1mm wider, but that can be compensated for with shims between the hex hubs and inside of the wheel (further increasing distance between inside of wheel and steering arm, btw!) TL01 suspension arm with TA01 upright to the left and original CCo1 to the right. The increased distance between inside of the wheel and the steering arm isn't easy to visualize directly, but the king pins are a clear indication. The kingpin with TA01 upright to the left is almost not covered by the wheel at all, whereas the TA02/CC01 upright to the right is almost fully covered.
  9. Mokei Kagaku

    Tamiya static kits

    I miss just one kit in the 1/24 car series to have the whole series and have been searching for it for many years, so I'm very interested in this model if you should have it: SS2443 / 24043 1/24 Dressed Up Nissan Leopard Also looking for the following 1/35 Tamiya kits: 49650 1/35 Volkswagen Type 87 w/Figure 89752 1/35 German Schwimmwagen Type 166 w/Reconnaissance Team
  10. Mokei Kagaku

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Yes, they are limited edition releases. A bit about the history of the unnumbered PS-paints, though they have item numbers): 89827 Raybrig Blue (1999), replaced by PS35 later in 1999 (originally intended for 58254) 89911 Anodized Aluminum (2008) 89912 Iridescent Blue/Green (2008) 89919 Evolution Red (2009), intended for 58437 and 58440 89920 Pastel Gray (2009), intended for 58444 89922 Bright Mica Red (2009) replaced by PS60 in 2010 (originally intended for 58447) 89925 Dark Blue (2010), intended for 84124
  11. Mokei Kagaku

    Tamiya 58667 Audi Quattro Rally

    It's a completely new body. I have the Carson body, and it's far from as crisp, detailed and precise as the Tamiya body. It's one of Carson's better bodies though, but that doesn't take a lot. As for Tamiya using Carson bodies, I don't think Tamiya will ever do that again unless Carson quality is improved way beyond what I think Carson is capable of. Considering how bad the Vectra B body in 58209 is, Tamiya can't possibly have failed to acknowledge sourcing a Carson body as a mistake. I admittedly have some Carson bodies for the simple reason that they made bodies of some very attractive originals which nobody else offer. Still, their Porsche 356, Opel GT and BMW E21 are so bad that I haven't bought them even though I really want bodies of these cars. Carson's Lancia Stratos is possibly their worst body, but thankfully alternatives exist. Thankfully Tamiya has released the NSU TTS and the Audi quattro now, totally eclipsing Carson's attempts at replicating the same cars. My Carson quattro immediately went into the "to sell"-shelf with the first information of the Tamiya quattro. So the only ones I have left now are the MB 300SLR, Opel Speedster / Vauxhall VX220, BMW M1, Audi E2 Pikes Peak, Audi TT and Porsche 914 (actually a 916). Apart from the 300SLR, these are the only M-chassis- and TC-bodies from Carson that I think are half decent.
  12. Mokei Kagaku

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Re-Release!

    Not exactly the first time it turns out his "inside information" is pure guesswork. A person generally knowledgeable about Kyosho, but an extremely unreliable information source:
  13. Mokei Kagaku

    Aluminum Shift Servo Horn Item No: 56548

    Relatively new, yes. Announcement was mid November, so I reckon shops are currently getting it in stock. Link to announcement when I first got the information. I don't quite understand what you mean with "terrible grey ones", but for any stock Tamiya servo saver, the Tamiya Hi-Torque servo saver is a significant improvement. Personally, I think the aluminum arms mostly benefit the bling factor and do between little and nothing for performance, but it does't stop me from buying them either.
  14. Mokei Kagaku

    Tamiya 58667 Audi Quattro Rally

    You're right, but I did a typo in that post. Ur-quattro wheelbase is 2524mm and not 2554mm like I typed. So the data I provided were wrong, but the logic correct , if I may say so! I apologise for the typo though!