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  1. Well, Fujio posted a pic of his FB and clearly pointed out that it's his model, so I wonder which of the two that doesn't have one?
  2. I surrender. You know everything better than anybody else and all others are idiots that deserve to be ridiculed, beaten and even lied about. I deeply apologise for not understanding that before now, but then again, I'm a clueless idiot, so it's actually a wonder that I at all recognise you as the flawless allknowing God that you are.
  3. This is not about having a bias. Yes, Fujio is mildly ironic in his comments to you, but he's not disrespectful, aggressive and abusive like your are. It doesn't matter that you "obviously" know everything better than anyone else and that only your knowledge and experience cater for legitimate statements. If you continue like this, you will definitely not be an asset to this forum. Best of luck.
  4. I would reconsider my way of communicating if I were you. Your abusive, disrespectful and aggressive style will quickly get you expelled from this forum. The TC forum has unusually strict rules that are actually enforced, and this has ensured that it has stayed friendly, respectful and generally nice for two decades, unlike most forums. Furthermore, Fujio is a pretty active member here who coheres to the rules and is known as factual, experienced and knowledgable. That doesn't mean that you can't have a different experience with the Fighting Buggy/Super Champ, but then again, there is no reason to assume or even claim that he's lying or that his experience isn't real. Stay friendly, respect the opinions of other members, even if they don't fully coincide with your own, and you'll discover that this forum is a great place to be and offers great opportunities to learn something new regardless of how vast one's experience is! That said, I will emphasise that I fully agree with you about the obligation to give accurate information. Occasionally, people will post statements that are clearly not true and can be checked against "absolute" facts. Calling out other members who are presenting assumptions, guesses or downright lies as facts is one of the sometimes, but thankfully rarely required activities to keep this forum a trustworthy source of information. With all the different parameters involved, the required or ideal length of the damper hose of the FB/SC is clearly not such a case and Fujio's obviously experience based opinion is as legitimate as your own.
  5. 2020: 56363 Scania R470 Highline Silver Edition Full Operation Kit
  6. I don't know what these bumpers typically sell for, and I would guess it can vary a lot if offered in regular auctions, depending on how many enthusiasts who find it. It's probably of interest to relatively few, but of course it takes just two buyers to cause a bid war. Personally, I would have been willing to pay around EUR200 for a new or unused one without cracks and scratches. I will check the initial production Brat manual for item number of the bumper. Also, when I built a Brat for a friend when it was first released, I added the skid plate from a 5208/50208 ORV Bumper and Guard Set at the same time, which of course was before the Grasshopper was released. The initial production Grasshopper also had the early bumper, so it's very likely that 5208/50208 also first had it. I wrote an "article" about the initial production Brat some years ago after buying a built but never run one, so you'll find more information about all the changes that Tamiya made shortly after release in the link below, including new manual with a lot of changes. Initial production Subaru Brat photos and comparison with later production version. Initial production Subaru Brat promotional poster Initial production Subaru Brat promotional leaflet
  7. I have a little obsession with initial production versions of Tamiya RC kits, and for some reason, especially the Subaru Brat and Grasshopper and to a slightly lesser degree the Frog. As many of you know, the initial production versions of the Subaru Brat and the Grasshopper had some design weaknesses that were quickly remedied after early customers experienced problems. One of the common weaknesses was the bumper. The initial production bumper was so fragile that very few have survived. Finding a used one that isn't broken and especially an unused one without cracks and scratches is rather difficult. I've been looking for one the last decade or so and was prepared to pay a premium if I should be lucky enough to find one. A few days ago, an unbelievable bargain came along; an unused initital production ORV bumper offered on German eBay for a BIN-price so cheap I almost felt guilty and embarrassed for buying it. I 'm pretty sure the seller can't possibly be a Tamiya collector and hopefully considered himself lucky to find a buyer for "an old piece of cheap plastic"! I paid EUR27.70 including postage and today it arrived in very good if not quite pristine condition. It's indeed "my tiny bargain of the year" and I would have considered myself extremely lucky if I had to pay ten times more for it. Not everyone's cup of tea, for sure, but I still feel like sharing, if for no other reason than to point out that there are still crazy bargains to be made with rare and vintage Tamiya models and parts! Happy hunting! The two first photos show the bumper as bought. The rest of the photos are a comparison with the normal ORV-bumper as it has been since modified after initial production.
  8. I'm currently not here so often, but noticed this, so feel free to pm me if I can be of any help.
  9. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Tamiya-49574-FWD-White-Suspension-Arms-FF-01-ultra-rare-D-Parts-vintage/154191566662?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144
  10. Photo of 58687 Ford Escort Mk. II Rally
  11. They could possibly use the Minilite wheels for the 1/8 TG10 Mini, which are 1/10 TC size, although they would probably be just as unsuitable for the Escort as the 1/10 Mini Minilite wheels. Then again, Tamiya has gotten pretty reluctant to release brand new wheels in recent years, instead rehashing old wheel designs for new bodies. Moderately successful, in my humble opinion.
  12. I don't think that's very likely in this case. Sure, Tamiya and Italeri collaborate a lot, but the molds for Italeri's Escort Mk. II originate from defunct company Esci and were first used in Esci's production in 1980. In other words, it's not likely that Esci ever had CAD-files for the kit/molds and even if they had, it's still very unlikely that Italeri would now have the CAD-files and that they would be good enough for scaling up to 1/10 scale and make a body in the quality that Tamiya would require. Measuring up a vintage and not particularly accurate kit and scaling up from 1/24 to 1/10 scale wouldn't make much sense either, although both Monogram (1/24 => 1/12) and Pocher (1/24 => 1/8) actually did that with their '57 Chevy (Monogram) and Porsche 993 (Pocher). The resulting models are extremely crude though.
  13. 2021: 47454 Plasma Edge II Iridescent Purple/Green (TT-02B chassis) 47460 Fighter Buggy RX Memorial (DT-01 chassis)
  14. 2020/2021: 58687 Ford Escort Mk.II Rally PB (MF-01X chassis)
  15. It's difficult to give a simple answer. It depends on whether the kit is NIB or started, like in your case. If NIB, then again on the condition of the box, the packacing inside and the parts themselves. Being this old, there could potentially be corrosion on some of the fasteners and other metal parts, the rubber might have deteriorated and so on. Furthermore, it depends on how and where the kit is offered. Old Tamiya static models generally achieve higher prices in the domestic market, but that depends a bit on the type of model and whether it has been re-released identical to the original, slightly or significantly changed and of course, availability of NOS (new old stock). In the case of the specific kit in question, the fact that it has relatively recently been released as a factory built kit, might have an impact on the conceived value of the kit. Also, whether a discontinued kit can possibly be re-released in the future, will mostly influence the price. In some cases, Tamiya doesn't have the molds anymore (like the 1/100 scale Sikorsky Skycrane and Sea King, with molds sold to Revell), or Tamiya doesn't have copyright for the models (like the 1/25 scale slot cars, which are AMT, Jo-Han and MPC copies), making re-releases virtually impossible, pushing the prices of the originals. In other cases, a re-release might be considered likely by potential buyers, for instance when a model partially based on the same parts has already been re-released (like your kit, where the "road going" normal CB750 was recently re-released). The time of the year a kit is offered for sale, also often is a factor. With the above in mind and probably due to further factors as well, my guess is that your kit can possibly achieve as little as 100USD because it's not NIB and if offered in such a way that it's not easily feasible for Japanese collectors to buy it and somewhere between 500 and 800USD when NIB and offered in a way that makes it globally easily available. I consider less than 100 and more than 800USD to be unlikely, but not impossible.
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