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  1. Mokei Kagaku

    Are these pretty rare bodyshells now?

    I fully agree with Svenb if you actually mean the original release boxed body parts sets and your question is really about how rare they are and not necessarily how much they are worth. Because, for these bodies, rarity and value don’t correlate very well. Except the Michelin Escort, all of them have been re-released either in car kits or as body parts sets in plastic bags. For collectors who want the original release body parts set in NIB condition, that doesn’t matter much. Most others, including those who want to build/paint/use the bodies, the re-release bodies will be the cheaper option. This generally reduces the demand for the original body parts sets, having a negative impact on the prices achieved. Also, I don’t know about the Japanese market, but I've always had the impression that most fans outside Japan think the Levin body is a bit boring and undesirable, and during my countless visits to hobby shops in Europe, I’ve seen the original Levin body parts set as (unsold) old stock at very reasonable prices quite many times. With a little patience, it shouldn't be very hard to find the Levin body parts set for 30-40 EUR/USD. Also, though predicting future Tamiya releases and re-releases is next to impossible, the Fiat body is most likely compatible with the new M08 chassis, making a future release of the Fiat on the M08-chassis and/or as a body parts set a logical move. (It was re-released on the M05S chassis, but as it doesn’t fit the M04 and M06, it hasn’t been so common in recent years.) I also think there is a good chance the Jaguar will be re-released again. It hasn't been verified yet, but there exist indications that the Mazda 787 is about to be re-released, and just like the last time the Gr.C chassis cars were re-released, the Jaguar could follow. So, from a value/demand perspective (and not rarity or my personal taste), I think the Michelin Escort is the most desirable, followed by the F40.
  2. Mokei Kagaku

    2019 Supra in Tamiya's pipeline?

    Though I do, not everybody would agree. In fact, I recently read a "slightly" patriotic comparison of the Toyota "Z4 Coupe" and the BMW Z4 Roadster in a German car magazine. Of course they concluded that the BMW is better. Worse though, they claimed that Toyota, with the help of BMW, finally has a good engine for the Supra. My scream of anger could be heard in the "4-Zylinder" in Munich, but then again, I live only 70km from it.
  3. Tamiya announced on Twitter today that a full size Toyota Supra GR will be displayed in Tamiya's booth at the Shizuoka Hobby Fair in May. I consider it very unlikely that this will be done unless Tamiya have model(s) of the car up their sleeve. Stock or (Gazoo) Racing would both be very welcome, in my humble opinion.
  4. Mokei Kagaku

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    The Tamiya-related thing I did today: Visiting Laimerstadt, Lower Bavaria, where the Tamiya photographer M. Tokoi covered a NATO exercise 35 years ago
  5. Mokei Kagaku

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    Yes, a standard servo is supposed to fit.
  6. Mokei Kagaku

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    A bit better illustration reveals the size: Racing Truck (MAN/Buggyra) tires on M-chassis VW Beetle wheels. It's really small! Overall length is apparently around 20cm. (Photo provided by Kentech)
  7. Mokei Kagaku

    Matchbox cars

    I collect a little Matchbox, Corgi and Dinky to relive my childhood. I'm not remotely as serious with this as with my Tamiya collecting and in no way obsessed with "new" condition. I want the cars to be complete and undamaged, but don't mind a few paint chips. So unlike the real Matchbox / Corgi / Dinky collectors, I don't have to spend a fortune to get what I want. I have them in the same room as I store my Tamiya NIBs and my collection of aircooled VW / Porsche toys and models. The room isn't used for anything else and is kept cool, dark and with hardly anyone than myself going in there, so though I would like to put them into showcases to protect them from dust and display better, they are relatively safe and dustfree on the top of the cupboards I store the NIB Tamiyas in. As said initially, I'm not really serious about this part of the hobby. It's just a little relaxed fun, so hardly any museum quality pieces. Some impressions, including close-ups of some of the single favourites:
  8. Mokei Kagaku

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    In the Star Unit series, the buggies are 1/14, the trikes 1/8. Based on the information available about the LB Mini at the moment, I reckon it will be about 1/20 - 1/24 scale.
  9. Mokei Kagaku

    Car list updating ( need help guys )

    2019: 57409 Lunchbox Mini (SW-01 Chassis) 57910 XB Mazda3 (TT-02 Chassis) 58671 Mazda3 (TT-02 Chassis)
  10. Mokei Kagaku

    Car list updating ( need help guys )

    2019: 57408 1/8 Star Unit Triple Wheel Dual Rider (Assembled) (T3-01 Chassis)* *Tamiya's actual item name, though a bit weird. (Basically an XB-version of 57407, but for some odd reason, Tamiya doesn't use "XB" in the item names or descriptions for the 5 (so far) factory built versions of the T3-01.)
  11. Mokei Kagaku

    Car list updating ( need help guys )

    47384 is painted in PS16, 84434 in PS49.
  12. Mokei Kagaku

    Car list updating ( need help guys )

    2019: 47413 Subaru Brat Blue Edition
  13. Mokei Kagaku

    Car list updating ( need help guys )

    2018: 84434 1/8 Dancing Rider (Factory Finished Full Set) (Sky Blue Body)
  14. Mokei Kagaku

    Dying Wild One and CRP parts?

    I agree with Saito. I've tried to dye Wild One wheels, but they didn't absorb the dye like for instance the Stardish wheels do (like re-re Holiday Buggy), which are in fact shown in the instructions for Tamiya's own dye set. As a general rule, though possibly with exceptions, "hard" and glossy Tamiya parts don't or just poorly absorb dye, whereas the "soft" and matt Tamiya parts mostly absorb dye pretty well. As for the CRP bumper, I have dyed an ORV (Frog) CRP-bumper without any problems though. I don't remember how the CRP Wild One bumper looks, but if it's of the same offwhite nylon as the CRP ORV bumper, it should take dye very well.
  15. Mokei Kagaku

    Car list updating ( need help guys )

    2018: 23802 1/14 RC Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3363 6x4 ClassicSpace (Full Operation Finished Model) (Red) (Yes, "ClassicSpace" is the correct spelling with capital S and no spacing) 23804 1/16 RC U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams (Full Operation Finished Model) 2019: 57909 XB Comical Hornet (WR-02CB)