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  1. 2022 / 2023: 58718 Toyota Celica GT-Four (ST165) (TT-02 chassis)
  2. Lowest price in Germany found so far is EUR 279.99 (Modellbau Seidel, which is typically the shop with the lowest prices for Tamiya RC kits in Germany).
  3. Chronological order of the releases tends to differ a little from country to country, but officially (and in my native country), the order was like this: 58231 Wild Dagger , officially released 24.02.1999 58246 Stadium Raider, officially released 27.10.1999 44025 Mad Bison, officially released 30.11.1999 58608 Sandshaker, officially released 28.02.2015 Considering that the Stadium Raider was officially released 8 months after the Wild Dagger, it seems a bit unlikely that it was released before the Wild Dagger in any market. However, the Stadium Raider is really the cancelled Schlesser Megane Buggy with the Megane body replaced with the Wild Dagger body, and the Megane was first announced at the Nuremberg fair in February 1999, if I recall correctly.
  4. A friend of mine who owns a TRF503 recently told me that he's repeatedly has destroyed the rear gear diff internals and asked if this is a commonly known problem and if anything can be done to make it stronger. As I don't own and have never run or built a TRF503, I don't have the faintest idea. Any advice would be highly appreciated.
  5. As I worked for a distributor at that time, I know how it happened in my country, and there are very good reasons to assume it happened exactly the same way virtually worldwide; Tamiya announced the WW2 to the distributors as the Wild Willy 2000 and being a rather exciting future release at the time, this information trickled through to hobby shops. And though Tamiya changed the name to Wild Willy 2 well before the actual release, the 2000-name got stuck. That's however no excuse for TUSA (or any other distributor) and Bigsquid to still get it wrong so many years later. By the way, talking about tentative model names, Tamiya announced the Farm King as the Poppy Buggy to distributors and also that name got stuck for a while on some distributors' and shops' websites even after the Farm King was released.
  6. The thing I hate most about Tamiya is the Juggernaut. Not the model itself so much, but how Tamiya went about it. Being a "flagship" model that customers sold their Grandmothers to afford, it's inexcusable how poorly designed and tested the Juggernaut was. If they had cared to run one for 5 minutes, they would have discovered that the drivetrain was crap and the combination of high CoG and "bubbly" tires made the model virtually undrivable. As much as I love "everything" Tamiya, I don't think there exists any valid excuse for bringing the Juggernaut to the market. And then the "Customer Care Package" that followed, which for many customers (depending on country) wasn't even free. Maybe not so important considering that the "improvements" of the Customer Care Package only fractionally improved the model. Yes, I know, it happened 2+ decades ago, and the Juggernaut is the reason we have the great F350 Hilift and the Mammoth, but I still can''t forgive Tamiya for how they handled the Juggernaut-disaster.
  7. I think Bigsquid's announcement is just based on their misunderstanding of a recent FB-post by TUSA. (screengrab below). And the "2000" is just because neither Bigsquid nor TUSA have yet realized that the tentative pre-release name "WW 2000" has been obsolete for 23 years.
  8. Mantua copied the Holiday Buggy body for their Nevada Cross back in the eighties and repros of this body can be found and are sold as "1/10 scale" by some sources. It's however 1/8 scale and doesn't fit the DPB chassis at all. Not much of a help, I know, but knowing it just might help you avoid buying a body that can't be used.
  9. A partially built and obviously never run Otaki Mustang Mach 1 was offered on eBay recently and the highest bid was EUR 181. I appreciate that a model of the Mach 1 to most collectors isn't even remotely as desirable as a 934, 935 or Countach and that an early Tamiya RC car in similar condition thus command higher prices. I still suspect the most important reason why an early Tamiya is so much more valuable to collectors is the model brand. Otaki doesn't exist anymore and while the Mach 1 body is relatively easy to source because Doyusha has (re-)released the static version of Otaki's kit several times, but I think a vintage Otaki kit deserves a little more love. Techncally, early Otaki RC cars were hardly inferior to Tamiya and the bodies of Otaki's 1/12 cars are similar in quality and detailing as Tamiya 1/12 cars. Admittedly, I stopped bidding long before EUR 181 myself, so I'm among the "guilty" collectors too! I'm not complaining though. It's amazing that vintage RC cars in quality just moderately inferior to Tamiya, can be had for so little money!
  10. I fitted the Stepside Hilux body and Blazing Blazer body on my Bruiser around 1985/1986 (sacrilege!) That's a while ago, but as far as I remember, the only real problem was that the on/off-switch was in the wrong position for the holes in the bodies. I think it would be possible to re-re the Stepside Hilux and Blazing Blazer bodies on the (re-re) Bruiser chassis, but if with tire sizes similar/identical to the originals and unmodified (re-re) Bruiser radio box, the bodies would sit too high. As we know, a similar problem didn't stop Tamiya from releasing the Hilux Hilift. If Tamiya should re-release the Stepside Hilux and/or Blazing Blazer, I think the most we can hope for is that they will be on the (re-re) Bruiser chassis with a new radio box and wheels and tires of suitable sizes. The original 58028/29 radio box wouldn't make much sense as the linkage for the speed control servo and the space for the 4000mAh battery wouldn't be needed. On the other hand, from a rational point of view, re-releasing the SRB with the original radio box didn't make much sense either, so I guess Tamiya could use the 28/29 radio box for nostalgia.
  11. I won't even claim it was the first "Black Special", but Tamiya released the 1/32 Lotus 30 Lightweight Black Chassis slot car in 1966! If I remember correctly, Tamiya also had a Black Special slot car motor in the sixties.
  12. I fully agree on the 356, 550 and D-Type. Not considering chassis type, I would add E-Type, 904, 917, Miura, Stratos, A310 and 300SL (Gullwing) to the list of bodies I would love to see Tamiya release.
  13. I think it's a missed opportunity. Tamiya could easily have made a new sticker design, molded the wheels in an attractive colour and anodized the C-hubs and dampers in green, orange, purple or any colour that would make them different enough from the dampers and C-hubs of the regular Egress. The Black Edition simply isn't different enough to appeal to me. Next!
  14. Although I think the stepside version is by far the bestlooking version of Tamiya's Hilux body and I prefer trucks with "stockish" size wheels and tires, a re-re of 58028 would kind of be superfluous now that the Bruiser and Hilifts are available. Except for the somewhat unique build experience of the 1st gen 3-speeders, of course. A Blazing Blazer as a true re-re or just the body on a different chassis would be fantastic. After all, the 3-speed chassis isn't at all realistic for the type of vehicle the body was modelled after anyway. In fact, if Tamiya would just re-re the body, it would be enough for me personally. I just have one BB body and would love the opportunity to "bask" in BB BPS parts and run models with BB bodies without feeling guilt.
  15. Talking about great results with Mini 4WD models from other companies than Tamiya, I really like Aoshima's series of realistic models similar to Tamiya's 190XX-series (Unimog, Wild Willy Jr. etc.). The Aoshima chassis combines 4WD with working steering! Also, the chassis was available with many realistic bodies of real vehicles that Tamiya has never made Mini 4WD models of (Honda CR-V, Daihatsu Midget, Subaru Legacy Outback and multiple others).
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