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  1. Hi Mokei, thanks for your time. I lost last fighting buggy on TAMICO, they don't know when restock it. Now only SEIDEL has in stock the fighting buggy at good price.

    I thought if you agree, I could make an order to Seidel with your address, I pay it, and when you receive the parcel, you can resend to me after I refound the shipping cost to Italy. Little complicated, What do you thing about?

    Many Thanks, Ciao, Fabrizio.

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    2. fabrimtb


      Hi Eric, today Seidel sent to you the Fighting Buggy.

      Ciao, Fabrizio

    3. Mokei Kagaku

      Mokei Kagaku

      Hello Fabrizio!


      Your Fighting Buggy has arrived. I'll have the shipping cost calculated after work tonight and inform you again.


      Best regards, Erik

    4. fabrimtb


      Hi Eric, great, many thanks. Ciao, Fabrizio.


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