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  1. just got my crp front suspension kit in the mail today. looks like i might have to start a build thread...
  2. nice.. i want to keep mine scale looking. right now the next step is finding small bore old school shocks. i might use the ones off the kyosho scorpion re re. those are 60mm long but the crp kit uses 65mm shocks so im not sure.
  3. I ordered the crp front suspension kit for the FX10 last night. Now i need to find shocks.
  4. Does anyone know the shock length for the front shocks on the 2014 Kyosho scorpion eye to eye? Thanks!
  5. video ddoesnt work for me. as for my plans as of now (and they are subject to change) is buy the crp hit off ebay and try to find shocks for it. Do the shapeways rear end kit and find shocks for that as well. make it look scale as possible.
  6. nice, what shocks to use with the crp front end?
  7. What shocks are recommended if you use the CRP kit for the FX10? also looking for the Pintopower/Shapeways 3D-printed 5-shock cantilever system and if i can get that what shocks. Thanks Geo
  8. where can you get the Pintopower/Shapeways 3D-printed 5-shock cantilever system ? its not on shapeways.
  9. Well I finally got a re re donor for the project.
  10. I was just thinking of ways to make the rear end handle better and the 4 link came to mind. I didnt think of over all length. Thats a good point Mad Ax
  11. I ve seen his independent grasshopper but not one that was 4 linked.
  12. I have thought about doing a 4 link rear suspension but was wondering if it has already been done. Pics would be great if it has been.
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