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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to restore an old CC01 and find myself in need of a chassis tub, just the plastic bit, nothing else. If you have one for sale in the UK please let me know. Regards, Shane
  2. Hehe nice to see it's still being looked at, the car has gone through various stages but I still have it, it's having a new body fitted soon.
  3. Yep, these are Detolfs. Minis and buggies fit ok but the longer cars mean I had to remove the side sections. I bought the extra shelves and brackets from Ebay.
  4. I had a huge amount in my loft but all boxed up, my old display looked like this. Some I still have, some I've sold on. Sadly I sold the display cases so I'm on the hunt for more of those.
  5. Thank you! It is indeed the CC01 bug, it came on Saturday so it's only had a few laps of the kitchen so far, seems very smooth. Not sure if I'll use it as a crawler or keep the wheels and tyres that it has already, I really like the stance so chances are aside from some new paint it will stay pretty much as is.
  6. Hello Tamiya club! I had a break from all things rc for a little while whilst life got in the way, new home, new job etc.... Heaps of stuff that meant the rc collection was banished to the loft for what seemed like an eternity. My partners son asked for an rc car for Christmas so that restarted my love for them and I have been making up for lost time since!!! I restarted old projects, started new projects and even bought a few new kits! I've always loved beetles, now however it's turned into an obsession! Four bug projects on the go, a DT01, TL01B, CC01 and Grasshopper all with beetle bodies waiting for fresh paint, I'm collecting a monster beetle on Sunday and an M06 beetle ordered from Fusion this evening!!! It's good to be back!
  7. Perfect choice for kids and adults alike! This pic is a few years old now but the fleet my kids and I have have been abused and then some, aside from a broken roof on one car the rest have survived far better than any other cars I own!
  8. Hello chaps, I'm looking for a pair of front 2wd buggy wheels and tyres. Any type, any colour as long as they are the bearing type and the tyres are good. Give me a shout if you can help. Shane
  9. Tamiya Top Force 2017 for sale. Unbuilt car, I have cut the shell out ready for painting but otherwise it's all new. Includes a new Rc Bearings kit. Price includes free postage to the UK Located in Shoreham, West Sussex if you'd prefer to collect in person. £180
  10. Hi guys, I have my Tamiya TRF 416 touring car for sale. It's in used condition although I've never actually driven it. Comes with a brand new Aerox Razor shell, spoiler is just stuck on with tape for the pics. It has the window masks and decals included. No electrics Located in Shoreham, West Sussex £120 Price includes free postage if you need it.
  11. Stage 1 of project evil mini completed today!
  12. SOLD! New built Mitsubishi Pajero. Never used. Comes with Tamiya esc and silver can motor. Rc bearing kit fitted too. Has its box, instructions and decal set. Located in Shoreham, West Sussex. £90 COLLECTED Can post at your cost, courier will charge about £10
  13. Couple of days back I bought an M rage, not in any way shape or form Tamiya but it did give me a reason to get all my M chassis cars out for a group pic. 8 M03's, a 3 racing TT01 conversion and the M rage that I'll be racing indoors this winter.
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