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  1. Perfect choice for kids and adults alike! This pic is a few years old now but the fleet my kids and I have have been abused and then some, aside from a broken roof on one car the rest have survived far better than any other cars I own!
  2. Hello chaps, I'm looking for a pair of front 2wd buggy wheels and tyres. Any type, any colour as long as they are the bearing type and the tyres are good. Give me a shout if you can help. Shane
  3. Tamiya Top Force 2017 for sale. Unbuilt car, I have cut the shell out ready for painting but otherwise it's all new. Includes a new Rc Bearings kit. Price includes free postage to the UK Located in Shoreham, West Sussex if you'd prefer to collect in person. £180
  4. Hi guys, I have my Tamiya TRF 416 touring car for sale. It's in used condition although I've never actually driven it. Comes with a brand new Aerox Razor shell, spoiler is just stuck on with tape for the pics. It has the window masks and decals included. No electrics Located in Shoreham, West Sussex £120 Price includes free postage if you need it.
  5. Stage 1 of project evil mini completed today!
  6. SOLD! New built Mitsubishi Pajero. Never used. Comes with Tamiya esc and silver can motor. Rc bearing kit fitted too. Has its box, instructions and decal set. Located in Shoreham, West Sussex. £90 COLLECTED Can post at your cost, courier will charge about £10
  7. Couple of days back I bought an M rage, not in any way shape or form Tamiya but it did give me a reason to get all my M chassis cars out for a group pic. 8 M03's, a 3 racing TT01 conversion and the M rage that I'll be racing indoors this winter.
  8. New built Mitsubishi Pajero. Never used. Comes with Tamiya esc and silver can motor. Rc bearings kit fitted too. Has its box, instructions and decal set. Located in Shoreham, West Sussex. £115 including postage to the uk
  9. Sorry matey, missed your post. I still have the qd beetle but the others have gone. Its really only any good for spares i'd say, the battery tray is a bit ugh after some leaky aa batteries. I'll take £10 plus post if you want it.
  10. Lunchie Cat sx Proline shells Blitzer Beetle All sold subject to collection. I'll update this when funds have been received.
  11. Hello and welcome to my 'the wife needs a new sofa' sale. Sadly the time has come to thin my collection a bit so here is the first wave of stuff I'm saying goodbye too. Prices do not include postage or paypal fees. Cars are located in Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex if you would prefer to collect them in person. CC01 PAJERO- £120 - New build, never driven, boxed with instructions etc... RC Bearing kit fitted. Inc Esc and silver can motor. SUBARU BRAT- £100 - NIB Doesn't include the lexan shell or decals for the lexan shell. Does includes an RC Bearings kit. BLITZER BEETLE - £70 - This one is used and shows some signs of use. The decals have started lifting on the bonnet and the rear shock tower has had a repair. Has custom strut braces fitted, oil shocks, 15t thrust motor and heatsink, there's a servo in there too.The shell is in brilliant condition with no cracks. The pics don't show it but the driver does infact have a head! LUNCHBOX - £60 - The chassis has been used but not a great deal, has oil shocks all round and has the 5th shock mod too. It has a servo and silver can motor, uprated steering arms and servo horn. It has an aftermarket front bumper and WR02 black wheels with hex adapters fitted on the rear. The body is new however the paint job isn't the best, looks great on display but isn't perfect. It comes with spares including a lexan Pumpkin shell and the body posts to swap the shells over. The lexan shell isnt' perfect but looks great none the less. TL01 - £65 - The TL01 comes with an aftermarket Audi DTM shell. The rear spoiler is not fitted, it's just stuck on for the pics. The chassis is ready to run requiring just your radio gear. It has a silver can motor, futaba servo and a Ripmax esc. Also has the lightweight chassis and a heatsink. The wheels and tyres are new. FF02 - £50 - This one is ready to run, just needs radio gear. Has a Tamiya esc, silver can and a servo. The wheels and tyres are new. The shell is a Citroen Xsara WRC but the paint job isn't brilliant, no cracks or splits in the shell though, it's never been used. QD CARS - £20 -These are really for spares or repair. I don't have any radio gear for them and I'm not sure they even work. The beetle has a ropey looking battery tray! The bodies are good so might be useful for someones restoration LOSI SHORTCOURSE -£50 - This one has been used but is in good condition. Could do with some shims on the front wheels I think as they tend to wobble slightly. Has an HPi Blitz shell and it's original one aswell. Includes a servo and a Pro Stock motor, has oil shocks fitted too. SCHUMACHER CAT SX - £100 - This one is out of my Tamiya comfort zone! It looks brilliant but just sits on my shelf going nowhere, bought to race indoors last year but I never got round to it. Comes with no electrics, does have a new pinion gear. PROLINE E-REVO BEETLE SHELL - £5 - Brand new 1/16 scale shell. Includes decals and paint masks. Lots more pics available of individual cars.
  12. No sorry buddy, it went a long time ago.
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