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  1. What are the chances of another run of the Dyna Storm, I missed it both times in the past, these days the prices have been going crazy for reasonable condition kits
  2. Are you buying it from RC Mart lol. depends what you want to use it for, I would go for the TRF all day long.
  3. the one bit of information that I struggle to find is what amperage should we discharge them at to go into storage mode, set at the lowest rating a 5000mah battery can take 18 hours to discharge to storage( from full charge ) I am using an Ultra Power UP6+ and an ISDT Q6 pro with an independent power supply. any advise appreciated.
  4. did you use anything special to screw fix the wing, I had another go at it last night and its driving me nuts
  5. I am still trying to figure out how to get the rear wing on, its a POS, need 4 hands to twist the strap and insert the pin.
  6. Brisbane Taringa mate, yep plenty of interest, I know a few others that would be keen as well, the clear version looks the goods.
  7. Whats the damage for 1, I need about 40 for my display case, Tamiya, team associated, Yokomo, Schumacher etc. at least he is locally based to me
  8. JJ I will weigh them tonight, chassis and gear box are the 2 main areas of weight
  9. I ended up using red rings, green slim and a small amount of plumbers tape around the threads of on the bottom cap, along with the plastic gasket. no problems so far but I have only driven it up and down the road, id say it would be different after going over a few jumps and crashes.
  10. yes mate a Geared Diff, just didn't come with oil
  11. Yep, looks like I was wrong again, was the Mini T a good car ???? but jeez how good would a re re JRX2 be
  12. I picked up an early release from my LHS, apparently 2 came into Australia from the pre production batch, dint come with Diff or Shock oil, was a pretty easy build except for the shock's they suck - the seal is a PIA to get over the collar, 1 X shock leaked overnight onto my tool bench. its a lot heavier than my Super Astute
  13. yeah, they have this up on there website at the moment, I'm only guessing on the JR because Jnr is back, it could just be the new 4wd from the worlds
  14. Not Tamiya but a Losi JRX2 maybe on the Horizon.
  15. pretty much, its going to be used @ Chargers RC in Brisbane, its a great track with heaps of traction
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