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  1. I have gone the opposite way, started with the Cat and will then look at the BigWig and Egress, the Cat is slowly killing my desire for all things RC, then I have to make the big decision if I am going to build this or leave it new in the box
  2. have been looking for 1 of these for years with no luck and all of a sudden one pops up 10K down the road from me, stoked to finally get this after all these years, the problem now is that I don't know if I want to build it, may need to look for a runner now.
  3. Started building the Cat XLS after sitting in the closet for 4 months, man it is a pita, got as far as the rear diff and the spur gear, the spur gear has a fair wobble in it, has anyone else experience this with the build.
  4. The DB01 RRR is an excellent example of the DB01 Chassis, I would recommend it if you can find one, the belts on the DB01 won't need regular maintenance check the tension every time you inspect/work on the diff. they are difficult to get body shells for, I have had to look at getting TBG shells as a replacement ( RRR doesn't come with a Body )
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