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  1. I'm looking for some alternative wheels for the Konghead, as the stock chrome ones are very brittle. Does anyone know if these will fit, and if they'll also work with the stock tyres? I've not heard of R31 before. http://www.rcmart.com/r31house-r31b035-kart-wheel-black-p-81045.html Many thanks
  2. Did you get chance to have a look at my PM, before i stick it on eBay?
  3. Steve, Just sent you a PM with all the details/prices etc.
  4. I can help you out. I've got a brand new unpainted but part built fav sharkmouth if that's the sort of thing you're after? Also got kit wheels and alloy wheels along with a 3d printed flat four engine and exhaust. Got lots of spares too. Let me know what you are looking for and I'll sort more details tomorrow once I've had some sleep ;o)
  5. Thanks. It was intended to be a runner but now it's done it looks too nice to use. But i probably will, just carefully.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I've finally got this one done. I noticed that the gear stick is in a place that the driver couldn't reach so i made another one. And here we are. I'm really pleased with how this one has turned out. Any comments welcome, and thanks for looking.
  7. I've never seen alloy pumpkin mounts only lunchbox ones. I'll have a look again.
  8. Great job. If you get some done in aluminium I'd have a couple of sets.
  9. Is there a way to get full details without having to have a Facebook account (which i don't)?
  10. Thanks for the comments. Manage to find time this evening to get the wheels and tyres finished. ~Next job is to paint the bonnet, roof trim and side parts.
  11. This is my first build on here. I've built quite a few Tamiya kits in the past, and as a kid, but this one i'm taking my time with. Any thoughts welcomed. First job is to paint this chap. This is the first time I've ever had the patience to paint a driver. Not perfect, but i'm pleased with how he looks. I wasn't using the rear box, so i made a lid/fuel cell to hide the wiring for the lights. Plenty of wires to hide! And, here's where i'm upto. More to come when i get five minutes.
  12. It did have a shape to the back but i've cut that off to get the plate to stick. Also, i tried your method first, but as the hole was too deep the filler just started to sink and melt the plastic anyway, so that's why i cut the back off. I'm now left with a 8mm diameter hole to fill, but it's now only the thickness of the bonnet. So, once i've found a glue suitable for the plate on the back, filling it will be easy... i hope.
  13. I'm trying to fill a hole in the bonnet of a FAV. I've done loads of repairs on Tamiya hard bodies before, but i now realise that the FAV bonnet is the same material as the chassis (which i think is ABS). Also, i think the driver figure is too, so i'll need some appropriate glue for that as well... Firstly, I'm trying to glue a plate to the back of the hole on the bonnet. I've sanded the back and the plate but the glues I've tried won't stick it. Maybe i'm expecting too strong a bond, but i don't want it falling off once I've painted it. I've tried Plasticweld (i realise that's more for styrene bodies etc), and I've just bought some Unibond ABS (and other plastics) epoxy glue and that's not held either. Ideally i'd like a glue/method of melting the two pieces together, so before i get me soldering iron out, are there any secrets i can be privvy to? Thanks for any help.
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