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  1. Hi everyone! This morning I was wondering if anyone ever produced a body shell for the gorgeous Ford RS200 and I found out that an original one was made by Kyosho (and I found some repro, but, like the originals, they don't look that cool, IMHO), then I found some other ones, made by Controlfreax, a company based in the UK. I tried to visit the website, nothing, doesn't even look like an actual website, just a bunch of weird links, I tried to google it, nothing, just images of bodies that got me so envious 'cause I really want to make one (or more) for my rally car... Can anyone tell me where could I find these Controlfreax bodies, if the company still exists? Thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot Reilluor! I asked about the FRP chassis because, since I use AutoCAD at work, I could replicate the chassis and make some carbon ones too (somewhat like the Exotek conversions). I'll post some updates when I have the material and/or when I have some WIP to show. By the way, what an awesome looking body this is...I know it'll take me quite some time to properly paint it, considering I'm such a fussy guy. Raman36, I send you a PM!
  3. Hi everyone! I've been gifted the re-issue of the body shell of this car and, when I found out it was made for the TA03R-S, I started to look for one, but their prices are quite high, both for the used ones and the new ones (not found in the shops, for sure). I may have found a good TA03R with the standard wheelbase (but with FRP chassis and upperdeck, sway bars and metal dampers...I guess it was the PRO version) and I wanted to ask you if it could be possible to make a conversion of that one into a short wheelbase one, using the FRP chassis and upperdeck I've found around on eBay and somewhere else too. Would I need anything else other than the chassis/upperdeck and the shorter belt (I suppose)? Thanks to whoever will have the chance to answer me!
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