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  1. Well I ordered some frog dog bones and cups off eBay last night. Parts like that are tricky to find where I live. Fifty bucks just to get the thing to run properly out of the box!! Where do you get those side plates? eBay? J.
  2. Thanks! i'm looking. Much of the talk seems to be that the arms are too long and thus bind when the suspension is compressed. I can't keep the CV joint in the cup long enough for that too happen.
  3. Yes, I have ball bearings inside the axle hubs. I am quite stunned Tamiya would release a kit like this with such obvious and known flaws. Makes me wonder....
  4. Thanks for your time. I can't believe I am the only one dealing with this issue. We'll see...
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yes, the shock is fitted. There are no o-rings in the outer cup, but it's not really a cup - it's a CV joint.
  6. I'm wondering if someone can help me here. I purchased a pair of Blackfoot 2016s and am totally stumped by a significant drive-line issue. I have gone over the assembly a number of times and I cannot understand why the right side (motor side) CV easily pops out of the cup. I can easily pull it out with my hand when the entire unit is assembled. It's almost as if the joint are a few millimeters too short. Have I assembled it wrong? Is this a flaw in the design? I ran it all of one minute and, sure enough, the CV pops out of the cup. I'm almost regretting I bought 2 of these! I have attached a couple of pics. Here's hoping someone has a fix or suggestions. It seems odd that Tamiya would release this truck with such an obvious flaw, given the Monster Beetle's release last year.
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