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  1. It's been 2 years since I posted this. I shelved this and fixed the Hotshot. I should put up a post for that car. It ended up putting the technigold in the hotshot instead. I've been thinking about re-visiting the willy again
  2. Body is a bit wonky but back together now.
  3. Ah yeah, missing the pinion :-( and the spare tyre on the back of the body
  4. Did exactly that, worked perfectly with no damage. I’ve cleaned everything and started reassembly to see what’s missing. I’ll be pulling it apart again to install ball bearings when they arrive. Technigold doesn’t fit but believe it or not, I don’t have a spare silver can! In the 2nd photo, the plastic spacers between the motor and top plate, I don’t have them so raised the parts to find a couple of plastics that looked right. Anyone got a pic of the proper part?
  5. Thanks guys, it's soaking for now while I locate a suitable punch
  6. Thanks! I’ll soak them for a good few hours and find something I can use to punch them out. Can I reuse the pins?
  7. Hi, Picked up a vintage hotshot and wild Willy last week. Never had a Willy before. Just tearing it down at the moment to give it a clean and check. Can’t wait to get this thing going again. How do I remove the pin holding the wheel hex on? thanks
  8. Hi @Snappy1 Almost a year on, not too much in the way of updates. I have a re-re kit I'm about to build, that will be fun. 2 sets of re-re hi-caps 1 set already on the vintage and 2 sets of J parts. The black wheels are a bit buckled and the tyres worn anyway. I'll buy some new wheels and tyres and rebuild the diffs before taking it out for a run again.
  9. That is great. I wish 'd kept my original box. It sounds like you have everything ready to go. Your pictured wing looks better that my current TBG one! Looking at the pics tho, you need some alu hexes for the wheels, those black plastic ones won't last. Yeah, those old screws will have seen better days. Some of the guys here have helped me with some of the more rare bits, most of the hardest bits to get for my build were j parts. Is there anything you're needing? I've decided to build my re-re kit and have ordered 53136 X2 to replace the plastic thrust bearings in the diffs. I need a sealed bearing kit, another alloy motor mount. Need universals for the back too. I love these things and am looking forward to building up this one!
  10. Peter, got some pics yet? How's the body and wing?
  11. I'm no longer a local @Snappy1 but I'll let you know next time I'm visiting family around there. Thanks for linking to my thread. Looks like photobucket have screwed over my pics, I saw something posted on toymods about getting around that, I'll fix it up when I can.
  12. Mine's been sitting for a bit. I'll pull it back out and see what it needs to get going and how the diffs are looking.
  13. Check out my build thread, vintage back from the dead. Post up what you get, tear down and take lots of pics.
  14. what are you guys doing for lipos / battery hold down plate stands?
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