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  1. Hello Gents, Can anyone confirm that the Hobbywing Quicrun 0880 Dual Motor Brushed ESC will work on a stock Twin Detonator? The stock MSC is knackered and the hobbywing seems to be the best bet for a dual motor chassis. My main concern would be both motors spinning the right direction and not fighting each other. Truck has stock silver cans and 7.2 lipos so nothing flash! Here’s the link from model sport https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/hobbywing-quicrun-0880-dual-motor-brushed-esc-80a-waterproof-440053 thanks!
  2. what motors and esc is this running? Is it quick?
  3. truck looks good! Ive spent way to much time with my Axial Wraith that my TD is making an awesome shelf queen. Im going to change the steering over to the spare axial one i have laying around. Still not sure what way to go motor wise though as all this timing jazz confuses me.
  4. The shocks are great but i dont really understand the bottom balls as they can slide backwards and forwards on them on the blue ball joint part? The tops have to b e pressed in with pliars. Anyway i cancled the order of the Gmade beadlocks as they still arent in stock and went for some HPI split % wheels in white. I like the design and the stock wheels are white. Pictures of it all built up. Can drop it from 2 foot and it just soaks it up which im pretty amazed at. I remember as a kid when my dad took me to buy the truck, the model shop had a Traxxas T maxx and he just dropped it and i remember both me and my Dad being amazed by the suspension, so the way this handled the drop made me happy. And the generic flex pics Im so pleased with it i just want to go bashing but i need a new shell as there is no way im going to damage this one! Aswell as finishing this i bought an Axial Wraith Poison Spyder last night which was very naughty of me! Im going to try the battery out in this to see how well it performs, its a Overlander Tornado 3800mah stick. When payday arrives im also going to purchase another battery so i can run both trucks at the same time, an ESC and maybe a better steering servo and alloy horn as this seems quite weak with these tyres on it. More updates to come!
  5. Are they upside down? I just figured a car shock is fitted that way up and they have less chance of leaking. Surely it wont affect the operation? Thanks i didn't do that i just stuck them on but i wish i had now! I just youtubed what you mean and that looks so much easier. At least i know for next time now ay!
  6. So i managed to snap one of the M3 bolts that hold the shock into the lower arm which is a pig. I cant get it out so ive given it to my pal who works at a mchine shop and he's in the middle of doing that However the other three shocks are all bolted on. I did what you all suggested and nut and bolted the shock towers as i noticed it had cracked Also done the body shell. The paint came out amazing and the colour looks great in the sun the pictures dont really do it any justice. However im really disappointed withe the way the decals came out. I spent ages cutting them out with a craft knife and i just found it really hard to line them all up properly. The windows have a few air bubbles in and a slight crease in the stop of the front windscreen but its mainly the flames. They don't match if you look at it from front on where they meet the grill but its the best i did do and has taken me around 6-7 hours just to cut out the decals and apply them. Im still waiting for the wheels to arrive from Fusion and shes ringing me tomorrow morning with an update. Still confused bout motors after watching the video of the brushless TXT-1 im half temped to just 2wd it but we shall see what the future brings. I just want to go and have fun bashing now!
  7. Stickers for the shell arrived from Florida today. Midway through cutting out the decals but im having a break and my girlfriend has taken over the craft knife. She better not mess it up ha! Wish they were pre cut would make life so much easier! Oh and i snapped a bolt in the lower arm when fitting the shocks. So need another pair of lower arms Will upload pictures when the stickers are all on
  8. ahh that would be why then. i was expecting them to be plastic when i was undoing the screws.
  9. right got some bits through the post which consisted off Twin Detonator body and Tamiya PS-16 blue (now pinted but will put pictures on when stickers arrive) Junfac wheel spacer to correct the offset of the new wheels when they come back into stock. 18t Steel pinion gears GPM Alloy upper and lower control arms and strut towers (ordered another bluje one from asiatec) Gmade Zero shocks and thats about it. I also had a metal ball bearing kit but i forgot to take pictures of that anyway stripped it down packed the rear diff with grease to make it stiffer,I put alot more grease in than pictured and feels stiffer than the fronts which i didnt touch. if it makes a difference i dont know but hey ho. and rebuilt it some old bearings i didnt realize that the wheel bearings were plastic and was wondering what the remaining bearing were for so had to take it apart again to change the wheel bearing. woops. Put the steel pinion gears on after hunting far and wide for a 1.5 allen key Could someone tell me whats wrong with the original pinion gears? and also built up the shocks. im now waiting for bolts and nuts to arrive to hopefully mount them. the difference between these shocks and the stndard ones are amazing! anyway thats all for now. Need the boltss and wheels to come through and also stickers for the body, oh and my next pay check so i can carry on splashing out on it!
  10. right ive built up front and rear gearboxes with metal ball bearing, fitted all the ally arms but now im stuck ?!? i have no idea how to mount the shocks. The original shock screws have the threaded bit then like the bush on with the shock can move on , but this doesnt fit through the g-made balls on the shocks. The tops i guess i am going to have to nut and bolt but where do i get tiny nuts and bolts from? Sorry if none of that makes sense. If anyone has pictures on how theirs are mounted that would be great. I will upload build pictures later
  11. Ah i didn't realize you couldn't get lipo's in the same size as the original battery that could be a problem. Lentner3 thanks for the recommendation thats looks good! Reilluor have you got a link to the chinese copies? Update from Fusion, the shocks are fully out of stock so gone for Gmade Zero shocks instead so hopefully they will be just as good, The wheels are back ordered and will be here in 2-3 weeks and the Twin Det sticker kit is also sold out so have ordered some of eBay from america.
  12. i was looking at the sport tuned but i read somewhere that they aren't much better than the original silver cans? Not that i know as i have never tried them. Im still pretty confused by the whole timing and all that jazz but new motors and esc will come next month. I also want to get a new battery as like i said, this one is turd. I looked at at a Traxxas lipo one on modelsport that was 4000mah, but will this work? And alos what do i do about the connectors? Anyway only bits that have turned up are my tyres. I have tried ringing Fusion just to confirm they can still get the Twin Det body but they haven't answered and ive tried 3 times. I haven't even had a conformation email that they've even been shipped but i guess with the new year and all that they might not have re-opened. Anyway new tyres.
  13. lovely trucks. are they painted or is it the colour of the plastic?
  14. Waterbok thats the cvds im after thanks for that do you know what size i need? I also noticed you have your shocks set quite stiff like steve said to so i will make sure i do that when the parts arrive. The quick release battery is a good idea too as im missing one of the battery holders anyway! Percymon that lists great thanks! The only stores ive found are Fusion, Modelsport and good old ebay. I have foams in the tyres that came with the original wheels and tyres but ive lost them :S the only reason i bought the beadlocks is because i thought they looked badass on backtomyroots build. The wheel spacers should stop the tyres hitting the steering arms as they have a 6.5 offset compared to the almost 0 offset of the original wheels, and looking at the pictures his wheels and tyres look extremely close. XV pilot, the reason i bought the ally arms are i figured they wouldnt wear like the original plastic ones. but as 2 people have now said about the arm mou ts being weak i will have to keep an eye on them. The anti roll bar is a good idea i will have to look into that. have you got pictures of how you done it on a build thread?
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