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  1. This is great news! Now I don't have to replicate my GT1 shell! I've had a build without the default Mobil 1 livery in mind for some time! My GT1 body is still running great on a modified TA05 per the GT2 body instruction sheet.
  2. Regret nothing, run everything! The only thing I regret isn't even regret per se. I bought a TA03R then the parts to convert it to a TA03R-S for the 2014 Lancia 037 re-release body. I really didn't like that the front wheels are outside of the front wings. The few times I ran the chassis I noticed it was way too low in the front and would get scraped easily. Perhaps it was bad setup. I also did not like that it seems heavy and brittle compared to modern touring cars. The rest of the story is that I did find a chassis I love for my Lancia 037 body. Along the way I converted a TA05 to 239mm wheelbase too, which once again too wide in the front for the 037 but is absolutely perfect for the 911 GT1 body. I made a firm decision that I would make an M04 work for the Lancia 037 as its track is narrow enough in the front and it is mid-motor like the full scale car. This decision was affirmed by building my M06 to accept a 911 GT2 body (me, i just have to have layout, motor position, as the full scale).
  3. That's why it's an M07/8 "Concept", it's the opposite of concept cars full scale which usually are a pretty body with no working mechanicals!
  4. Oh yes, it's in the works. My ability to separate the pieces is limited, but I am learning. Here's how I'm thinking of cutting v2. Going to separate the lights. Doors too one day.
  5. Learning a few things on this wobbly test print. The first drive was drama free! I managed to peel off the unglued tires in the front, which amused me greatly. Version 2 has a much better way of separating the body panels via the full-scale car's mold. I'm going to paint the shell and design a pattern for windows/windscreen. Get all of the learning done on this one, then V2 will be gorgeous.
  6. I'm converting my M06 911 GT2 to another rear-engine RWD car. I bought a copy of the 3D printable file and modified it to fit a 239mm config M06, this one is a rough print as I didn't even know if it would fit for sure! I should have the last few pieces printed soon:
  7. Gosh I want that kit so badly! here's someone selling just the decals, looks like they will accept offers: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RC-Tamiya-Decal-58250-Peugeot-206-WRC-NEU-NIB-1999/153575285935
  8. Thank you! When i got the body & TA02 kit, I just couldn't have a mid-engine 911, so I made a rear-engine one! The TA02 chassis will some day be a Safari Rally Lancia 037 build.
  9. I love Tamiya on-road. Even my XV-01 is really an on-road car with some off-road capability. I do think I will eventually get a Manta Ray for unprepared surfaces. This is my M06, which I've setup with extra wide wheels/tires and a 13 turn motor for some realistic performance: The body is missing a significant part of the front lip spoiler now after many fun hours of delight and showing it to friends/family/neighbors. The M06's replacement body is coming soon :-D
  10. I don't run TL01 arms, just standard M06 arms. But I run 9mm front / 14mm rear offset 31mm/34mm wide HPI rims/tires and it handles like a dream. It has classic rear engine 911 handling: great... great... a little faster and then snap oversteer/spin (the heart wants what it wants, it becomes a font-engine car for a moment )
  11. When I own a house I'm making a paved track. It's going to have cross over bridges, embankments and a pathway leading to the 1:1 car garage. Hmm perhaps with a lift to shelving for cars.
  12. I was told that putting a 911 GT2 body on an M06 wouldn't work. But it did 😎
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