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  1. firefoxussr

    Bodyshell wheelbase data

    I don't run TL01 arms, just standard M06 arms. But I run 9mm front / 14mm rear offset 31mm/34mm wide HPI rims/tires and it handles like a dream. It has classic rear engine 911 handling: great... great... a little faster and then snap oversteer/spin (the heart wants what it wants, it becomes a font-engine car for a moment )
  2. firefoxussr

    My midlife crisis backyard RC playground

    When I own a house I'm making a paved track. It's going to have cross over bridges, embankments and a pathway leading to the 1:1 car garage. Hmm perhaps with a lift to shelving for cars.
  3. firefoxussr

    Bodyshell wheelbase data

    I was told that putting a 911 GT2 body on an M06 wouldn't work. But it did 😎
  4. firefoxussr

    Too many controllers

    Like others have said, get a multi-model memory transmitter. I have a few year old Spektrum DSM transmitter with 3 Spektrum receivers, then another 5 receivers which are OrangeRX which are DSM compatible. I like the Orange which are smaller than the Spektrum receivers which matters for my F1 cars where space inside the body is precious. I also gave away a few of my HPI remotes to nephews with my builds. I do keep two non-Spektrum remotes from HobbyKing so that way if someone wants to play RC with me I have a handout remote & car.
  5. firefoxussr

    M-08 predictions?

    The 4C would look perfect as a 210mm, it's so short! Any of the Caymans would make a nice 239mm option, they did the Boxster on the M02 in that length.
  6. I really like what they did here with the 80s nostalgia. Those vector mountains = top notch.
  7. firefoxussr

    M04L Lancia Rally aka Abarth 037

    "Get out of my head, man!"
  8. firefoxussr

    Oh my! RS200 190mm RC body

    I was hemming and hawing about buying the mini body but this seems like a need to buy. I love m-chassis a lot, but since it's an RS200 I want to have some off-road capability. Larger seems to work better for that for a multitude of reasons. I'd like it to have a bit more detail... but that can be made in CAD. But that's just nitpicking, they got the shape of the car right, that's what counts for my wishes. Look at the rear window situation... so beautiful:
  9. firefoxussr

    M04L Lancia Rally aka Abarth 037

    The film has its appeal. I'm just in love with the design of the plane they made up for the film, what a beautiful prop. I understand that some of the models were flying RC planes too.
  10. firefoxussr

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Raced around with my M06L 911GT2, my niece is quite entertained by it. I nicknamed it 'bumble bee' as it is yellow and 'mr. car' is reserved for the XV01 BRZ. And I bought something... after having difficulty acquiring one in 2016, I present to you an uncut F40 shell which I intend to make runners from! note: this one appears to be the same as the group C version but is intended for the TG10R and does not have the wing/spoiler and mirror parts tree. If anyone has one they could part with, I will pay and praise you.
  11. I am looking for the above part rack: 10005413 G PARTS background: After a couple years of nada on ebay for a Group C F40 body (uncut) I snapped one up from a seller in Japan. I have every confidence it will show up*. I purchased it with the assumption that the body mold is the same as the one used on the Group C chassis, this one is intended for the TG10R chassis (still touring car/ F103/Group C wheelbase/track width). Unfortunately this version comes with a regular wing for any car and no mirrors. *Unlike a couple years ago when I had a friend in Germany order one from France and it got rejected by the German post! The French seller got the bodies back... and kept the money.
  12. firefoxussr

    M04L Lancia Rally aka Abarth 037

    Worth every penny. As stated both of my brothers have 3D printers who just print anything for free to me. I've had them print tablet stands, a phone holder design of mine for my car, and a few other things. So if you want something inexpensively prototyped and test fit....
  13. firefoxussr

    M04L Lancia Rally aka Abarth 037

    Thanks! & Ha you are the second person in two weeks to pick up on that, a fellow pilot on Reddit put worked it out too. This is after years of telling people... no not the browser. I use Chrome anyway. I'm a huge fan of the Firefox 'MiG-31' from the film. One of my RC builds will be a scratchbuilt flying EDF model. And if I have the money, time and inclination a twin turbine version too.... someday.
  14. firefoxussr

    M04L Lancia Rally aka Abarth 037

    Hmm... modifying one of my 037s to be this Montecarlo Turbo. the Killerbody shell released a couple years ago is disappointing as all of the proportions are noticeably off. I think at some point the Montecarlo Turbo is too panel different to the 037, I have followed a thread of a very carefully designed-in-CAD Montecarlo in 1/12th scale. Perhaps with some sweet talking they would allow me to use their CAD files and create a 1/10th version.
  15. firefoxussr

    M04L Lancia Rally aka Abarth 037

    Thank you! I'm quite pleased. I do have a dremel, I might use that method, it's only one side where some plastic snapped away that was unintentional. And regarding the 3d pieces, how big was the tweak needed? I'm considering drawing up a proper set of stradale-sized headlamps too. I think it would be rather easy to fill in the cutout for the larger competition headlamps, the missing section of the front grille (where the extra headlamps attach), and the shutline for the cabin air intake with putty. Then all that is left is designing a front grille. If I recall correctly; you designed a rear grille, rear lights, and the air exit grill on the front clamshell. I suppose if we are really particular we could design some stradale wing mirrors and the foglamp/turn indicator. Those are all of the differences in body panels between the stradale and competition car that come to mind.