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  1. Oh yes, it's in the works. My ability to separate the pieces is limited, but I am learning. Here's how I'm thinking of cutting v2. Going to separate the lights. Doors too one day.
  2. Learning a few things on this wobbly test print. The first drive was drama free! I managed to peel off the unglued tires in the front, which amused me greatly. Version 2 has a much better way of separating the body panels via the full-scale car's mold. I'm going to paint the shell and design a pattern for windows/windscreen. Get all of the learning done on this one, then V2 will be gorgeous.
  3. I'm converting my M06 911 GT2 to another rear-engine RWD car. I bought a copy of the 3D printable file and modified it to fit a 239mm config M06, this one is a rough print as I didn't even know if it would fit for sure! I should have the last few pieces printed soon:
  4. Gosh I want that kit so badly! here's someone selling just the decals, looks like they will accept offers: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RC-Tamiya-Decal-58250-Peugeot-206-WRC-NEU-NIB-1999/153575285935
  5. Thank you! When i got the body & TA02 kit, I just couldn't have a mid-engine 911, so I made a rear-engine one! The TA02 chassis will some day be a Safari Rally Lancia 037 build.
  6. I love Tamiya on-road. Even my XV-01 is really an on-road car with some off-road capability. I do think I will eventually get a Manta Ray for unprepared surfaces. This is my M06, which I've setup with extra wide wheels/tires and a 13 turn motor for some realistic performance: The body is missing a significant part of the front lip spoiler now after many fun hours of delight and showing it to friends/family/neighbors. The M06's replacement body is coming soon :-D
  7. I don't run TL01 arms, just standard M06 arms. But I run 9mm front / 14mm rear offset 31mm/34mm wide HPI rims/tires and it handles like a dream. It has classic rear engine 911 handling: great... great... a little faster and then snap oversteer/spin (the heart wants what it wants, it becomes a font-engine car for a moment )
  8. When I own a house I'm making a paved track. It's going to have cross over bridges, embankments and a pathway leading to the 1:1 car garage. Hmm perhaps with a lift to shelving for cars.
  9. I was told that putting a 911 GT2 body on an M06 wouldn't work. But it did 😎
  10. Like others have said, get a multi-model memory transmitter. I have a few year old Spektrum DSM transmitter with 3 Spektrum receivers, then another 5 receivers which are OrangeRX which are DSM compatible. I like the Orange which are smaller than the Spektrum receivers which matters for my F1 cars where space inside the body is precious. I also gave away a few of my HPI remotes to nephews with my builds. I do keep two non-Spektrum remotes from HobbyKing so that way if someone wants to play RC with me I have a handout remote & car.
  11. The 4C would look perfect as a 210mm, it's so short! Any of the Caymans would make a nice 239mm option, they did the Boxster on the M02 in that length.
  12. I really like what they did here with the 80s nostalgia. Those vector mountains = top notch.
  13. I was hemming and hawing about buying the mini body but this seems like a need to buy. I love m-chassis a lot, but since it's an RS200 I want to have some off-road capability. Larger seems to work better for that for a multitude of reasons. I'd like it to have a bit more detail... but that can be made in CAD. But that's just nitpicking, they got the shape of the car right, that's what counts for my wishes. Look at the rear window situation... so beautiful:
  14. The film has its appeal. I'm just in love with the design of the plane they made up for the film, what a beautiful prop. I understand that some of the models were flying RC planes too.
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