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  1. I'm blown away at how cool the CLK GTR looks. This is the 200mm nitro version, bought the shell years ago. It was pre-cut but unpainted, tried to mold it years ago not successful, bought another uncut copy. Thought I didn't have the CLK Sportswear decals, so I bought a set of D2 repros from MCI. This will be the new body for my TT02R spec racing car (previous body was a McLaren 720S from BittyDesign). And my other club racer, an M08 with a long OOP HPI Lancia Stratos body, the race organizer sold me a pair after seeing my rough/used one that I used to bash around with on my Cup Racer. I wanted to do a non-standard paint scheme that wouldn't look so bad when the M08's bodywork gets rubbed during racing, I went with the 1975 San Remo winner scheme. On the left you see the standard paint scheme on the Cup Racer with 3d printed wheels designed by @VagabondStarJXF
  2. I bought some decals for my old 200mm CLK GTR which I bought used, cut by previous owner. Decided to make it a D2 car for TT02 spec racing. And I found this a month or two ago, a BMW M1 body which actually looks good. Comes from Germany, bought a few copies to lower individual shipping cost. If you also live stateside and have been dreaming of one, message me. I'm going to race one on a TA05 IFS, developing a BASF decal set from 1/24 decals very soon. Hopefully I'll get a little break this week and get these painted for the next local racing event.
  3. I've been after that P4 body for a couple years now. Just bought my second Kyosho body, another F1 GTR Longtail.... which is so gorgeous.
  4. Just a little update, a few weeks ago I bought a Traxxas 4tec 3.0 as a friend was selling one with the Supra body (which i'm just bashing with friends). Interestingly there's a whole different tub for the Corvette C8 version at 288mm wheelbase vs 272 for the Supra. Today I bought a Gulf body NIB from an eBay seller whom I buy lots of Tamiya stuff from (including chassis only for M06, my first TT02 and multiple rere bodies). I'm considering that my non-so good condition body without decals will become the moldmaking body and the new one will be the shelfer.
  5. Thank you sir! I don't own the plastic parts, just the shell itself. My plan is with such a rare shell to duplicate it with a home vacuum former. I finally this year bought a new uncut HPI McLaren F1 GTR body, the early version from the late 90s that was pulled from hobby stores because McLaren forbid it / sued. I have high resolution scans of the decal sheets. I'm going to modify them for a clear lighting fixtures and a few other improvements for scale accuracy.
  6. 3d printed, offset wheels make for a significant difference. This set was designed by @VagabondStarJXF The stock MiniLite wheels are good looking, but not gorgeous as the ones above.
  7. Strong agree with people that said the DeTomaso Pantera and Lancia Montecarlo Group 5 Turbo. There was an HPI body of the Pantera, I still have one. The Montecarlo too, Killerbody unfortunately distorted it a lot to fit a 190mm touring car, it's proportions lend itself to a pancar. That said Killerbody did an okay job of adapting the Lancia Stratos Turbo (silhouette, not the standard Stratos) to a 190mm touring car. I saw a few cars mentioned here that have been done by Kyosho in the past, I would love to have a Ferrari 330 P3/4, 250 GTO, and a 10th scale 288 GTO (especially the Evoluzione version!!!). I was watching an interview with Gordon Murray on the new GMA T.33, that would make an excellent body too.
  8. I still have this body and it's still a long term project. The good news is, there's a new chassis out that would fit this nicely. Wheelbase and track are very close. Traxxas 4-Tec 3.0, the oversized touring car. From what I've seen online and in person, it's a 288mm wheelbase and 204mm track. I do like the C8 Corvette but I'm going to find someone who has one with a beat up body and rebirth it as a McLaren F1 GTR LT. And brushless, obviously.
  9. I've had an XV01 since 2015, I built it to have something that's better at mixed use than the TT02 that I was playing around with in parking lots. The XV01 is on it's third body, it is built just right for durability and handling. The initial build did seem lengthier than others I've built, for some reason it stacks washers/spacers a lot. After driving it with much larger RC trucks around, having someone run it into a curb at over 20mph, and a few of my own mistakes... I can attest this is good design practice. Instead of cracking, bending or breaking .... it just explodes parts and you simply reassemble it. I've run it on 2s and 3s for years without issue. I put a different body on it and plastic drift tires then introduced people to drifting with it. Sometimes Tamiya just gets it right, and this is one of those chassis.
  10. I sidelined my RC car hobby a bit for 2019 because I got my professional pilot certifications and then decided I'd not had a proper model airplane. Ten airplanes later and I love the flying part of the hobby even more, absolutely love the electric ducted fan models. My old co-worker told me about a local series where we could run any M-Chassis car and touring car plus loads of Traxxas based stuff. I'd wanted an M08 since it was first announced and now that I would be allowed to race one (instead of FWD mini only), I was elated. The first few races were amusing to say the least but fun. The other car is a Sakura touring car, not bad but not able to keep up with the X-Rays. I had more than a few distractions. I have a TC-01 build in progress, it's going to use F103GT body shells. The XV01 has been on drift duty, I've let lots of people drift it as it has pretty good handling for that on account of it being front motor. Oh and then there's the M04 with Lancia 037 body, still a work in progress but I did finally drive it a few times. The F1 is a Sakura 3R FGX, love the all independent suspension. It's like it was designed for it! I also have the '99 Mercedes CLR body which also fits like a glove on the TC-01. In the summer series, I'd rebodied the M08 as the MX-5 body kept catching in odd spots or riding up. I started running this old Lancia Stratos body I had lying around which I used to run on my HPI Cup Racer. After finding a hairline crack in one of the C-hubs, I started dominating the mini class. But more importantly someone got the idea of a box-stock TT02R class and I got the bright idea of designing stickers so I could have a true McLaren racer! So that's the story for 2021. I'm planning to replace the bodies on the TT02R and M08, luckily the race organizer had some of those out-of-production Lancia bodies, or perhaps I should put the new Lotus Europa from Tamiya on it? Oh and a fellow racer sold me his TA03R-S 911 GT1 reissue, I'm going to make the body memorable.
  11. Thank you for getting the motor and drive layout right with this build. Really love having the correct motor position in my collection (XV01 Delta/22B, M06 911/Beetle, M04 Lancia 037, etc)
  12. I got into RC airplanes in mid 2019, glad to see you are back at it. I did pick up the re-release GT1 off a fellow racer who built up the chassis but didn't paint the shell, I'm doing it up in a period correct non-stock livery. MCI graciously assisted with making this a reality.
  13. So many good suggestions. Heartily agree with the RS200 suggestion, the few bodies that have come on market all have some heinous distortion somewhere. I'd vote some of the obvious classics which don't exist in 1/10th touring car size: Lotus Esprit, BMW M1, Ferrari 308 and agree on the Ferrari BB & Lamborghini Miura. I love small sportscars too, I adore my M08 and run the old HPI Lancia Stratos shell on it. I'd love to see a Lancia Montecarlo and I'm surprised there's no Alfa 4C. It's criminal that none of the modern McLarens have official RC racing bodies, I made my own decals for my 720S GT3 body to look like RP01 (the orange demo car).
  14. This is great news! Now I don't have to replicate my GT1 shell! I've had a build without the default Mobil 1 livery in mind for some time! My GT1 body is still running great on a modified TA05 per the GT2 body instruction sheet.
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