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  1. @joeling, Looks great! I built mine about a month ago and while it came out better than I thought... the body that is... I forgot to remove the top clear plastic laminate after I cut the body!! Still looks good though...
  2. Hey all, Looks like Tamiya is releasing an XB version of this little guy that sports a red chassis. See here: https://tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/57410
  3. Nice! I ordered those tires. But I also ordered the decals sheet in 1/24th scale.
  4. Thanks @TDanny. I ordered a single set to see how it goes. I'm hoping the decals come with the clear body set when it comes out, I would use those decals for the bumper.
  5. @TDanny thanks! Do you have links for each of these items? I heard about the clear body being released soon, but are these the wheels you speak of: http://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-54741-road-racing-truck-wheels-black-2pcs-p-72454.html?cPath=35_2061_370 What about the decals? I found MCI Racing but didn't see the decals for it. EDIT: I think I found it. Just need to order the 1/24th size of this, right? https://mciracing.ca/products/blank-12th-2ba52296-ea4c-42b7-9e80-a6bb76ddfb54 Thank you!
  6. I honestly hope they make a Black Edition Lunchbox or at least the appropriate decals for it. Also a Monster Beetle for this chassis. The "new" Monster Beetle Trail being released is actually the Monster Beetle QD which I always thought had a hideous front-end and doesn't do the original Monster Beetle any justice.
  7. As always thank you for the explanation! Makes perfect sense. Can't wait for the next update. I'm willing to bet that since the decals are a bit old, it's going to need the aid of a heat gun, especially with the hood decals and rear red roof ones.
  8. Incredible work! Question: Should the front grille "T" portion be in white or the whole grille should be in black? In Tamiya's original video, it's shown to be in white:
  9. Thanks lsear2905, really appreciate it. Post pics on the 4WS kit once you have it installed. I and others would be curious to see how it goes as well as how it drives.
  10. lsear2905 LOVE these wheels. Looks amazing!! I put the sport tuned motor in and I'm running the 4 AA battery pack and I'm not able to drive it properly, it just stops and goes bit by bit, most likely due to not enough power. Could you advise on which battery pack you're using with your Lunchbox? I have to say that I have found myself extending out the turnbuckles out a bit more than the manual suggests to straighten out the wheels since it doesn't look right with the odd toe-in. Did anyone else do this? Also, with the 4 wheel steering installed, the rear toe in is so messed up, based on the instructions provided are so off that turning while driving straight makes the car wobble BADLY. I'm hoping if spare bodies and decals are going to be hitting stores sometime soon... anyone know?
  11. Hey @waterbok I don't believe your images (or links) came through. I ended up installing the upper arm connectors tonight and on the instructions, it's asking to extend the tie rods to a specific length and after I meticulously extended them, all the wheels look off. Even with the upper arm connectors were installed. Lots of toe in, but I suppose that straightens out because the rear 2x grub screws were lifted up/unlocked...
  12. Looks like the QD version of the Monster Beetle is getting a re-release. Honestly, I never was really a fan of the front end of the QD. I don't think it ever did justice to what the OG Monster Beetle looks like. I wish they released it with that body that was a bit nicer like they did with the polycarbonate body (but in hard plastic of course) for the Lunchbox Mini. Exciting nonetheless: https://www.rcjaz.com/tamiya-58672-114-monster-beetle-trail-4wd-off-road-car-gf01tr-p-14414.html?advId=20190830 Now they need to release some unique models!
  13. I didn't glue anything either. There is a lot of toe-in with the front end, so much that I have a hard time making it go straight. @waterbok Nicely done windows! Did you remove the paint on the body? Also, what were the exact tires you purchased? Even though sold out, could you please provide a link to them?
  14. Thanks Bromley! Do you have this specific model and are able to confirm that you can go in reverse? Thanks again! EDIT: I was able to get this solved when I finally had a moment to take a look at it. Looks like it was in fact the ESC and it was a programatic issue. Found the solution online, the manual is a bit of a hot mess and wasn't able to find it. TBLE-02s - How to disable/enable reverse function:
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