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  1. Incredible work! Thank you for sharing this with us! I'd love to reach out to you for an updated Taisan in 2024
  2. Yes, I had that very same issue but with the sport tuned motor until I switched to a lipo battery, however I didn't have the regular stock motor in for long before I could notice if that was affected as well.
  3. Nicely done @Exitor! Which part numbers did you use for the upgrades? I also picked up the RTR version of this and it sports the red chassis as well as a green fuse looking piece that you swap out instead of the red on within that black cap piece. ....what is this thing? It's on the instructions but it's in Japanese. I swapped it out but the speed didn't really differ. I'm willing to bet since it's using AA batteries to power this thing...
  4. Yes. I'm using the sport tuned 370 motor. Works well and packs a punch. It doesn't run well and stutters if you're using batteries, so you will need to use a battery pack.
  5. Friendly bump. Hoping someone would know the answer to my question above. Thank you!
  6. Also, I noticed that if you upgrade to the faster sport motor, batteries won't be able to fully support it whereas it would stop and go when trying to go full throttle, so you will need to use a LiPo.
  7. @joeling, Looks great! I built mine about a month ago and while it came out better than I thought... the body that is... I forgot to remove the top clear plastic laminate after I cut the body!! Still looks good though...
  8. Hey all, Looks like Tamiya is releasing an XB version of this little guy that sports a red chassis. See here: https://tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/57410
  9. Nice! I ordered those tires. But I also ordered the decals sheet in 1/24th scale.
  10. Thanks @TDanny. I ordered a single set to see how it goes. I'm hoping the decals come with the clear body set when it comes out, I would use those decals for the bumper.
  11. @TDanny thanks! Do you have links for each of these items? I heard about the clear body being released soon, but are these the wheels you speak of: http://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-54741-road-racing-truck-wheels-black-2pcs-p-72454.html?cPath=35_2061_370 What about the decals? I found MCI Racing but didn't see the decals for it. EDIT: I think I found it. Just need to order the 1/24th size of this, right? https://mciracing.ca/products/blank-12th-2ba52296-ea4c-42b7-9e80-a6bb76ddfb54 Thank you!
  12. I honestly hope they make a Black Edition Lunchbox or at least the appropriate decals for it. Also a Monster Beetle for this chassis. The "new" Monster Beetle Trail being released is actually the Monster Beetle QD which I always thought had a hideous front-end and doesn't do the original Monster Beetle any justice.
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