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  1. Hi All, Getting ready to build a FAV kit and dang these shocks are hard to find! Looking to buy for a set, or any suggestions as to alternatives. Shipping would be to NJ, USA. Thanks all, Mike
  2. Hi GregM, Just did a simple Google search and found this TC thread: Click Here! Pretty nice description and pics and a couple links about the FX10 Double Wishbone mod. I'm going to give it a go... Hi topforcein, Thank you for the reply. I think I'm O.K. with the 80mm in the front. My brother and I took his kids to a giant empty parking lot and they ran around with my two Lunchys. They both ran great and the kids had a fun time. They got a little beat up but what doesn't? The only thing I would change is putting my Sport Tuned Motor in the other Lunchy, and also upgrading it to a 2.4GHz radio system (that came with the lot) so the kids can both go long range. There's a guy in Florida (USA) that basically takes Traxxas RTRs, pulls out the standard stuff and sells that. I picked up a 2CH Tx/3CH Rx 2.4GHz system shipped to my door for about $38.00, and got it in two days! It resides in the Blue Lunchy in the link in post #20. I have to work on my TC photo page... Best regards, Mike
  3. Slightly off...or on-topic... Does anyone recommend what length hole-to-hole shocks required for the Lunchbox chassis (CW-01)? If memory serves it is 80, but I've seen recommendations of 75, etc. I built some that were 80mm out of parts I found in my stash, and the car handled great. Only problem was they leaked..so I replaced with the ones from Absima, which seem too big... Best regards, Mike
  4. Hi Greg, thanks for the reply! Would love if someone in the know would post links regarding the FX-10 upgrade. Your comments, suggestions etc are welcomed here and on my Showroom Model linked above. The more knowledge the better! Best regards, Mike
  5. Ok I signed up with Tamiya Club showroom and made a page for the car for pics and narration: Click Here! to view and would love your advise, comments, thoughts, etc. Thank you TC for this great knowledge base and discussion avenue, at the very least! Best regards, Mike
  6. Goal: Not sure how to do this mod: Some pics: More coming.... Mike
  7. Sorry older thread but I can't seem to find the answer to my question by multiple searches. Have a lunchbox with a silver can in it. I just got a SuperStock BZ 23T and would like to install it, should I go to a 10-tooth pinion? My local hobby shop has 10T steel 32 pitch pinions (new part) as well as a metal beveled gear set for lunchbox (NOS). Should I pick them up? The LB came to me 2nd hand so I don't have all the parts, had to go to home depot for an M4 Torsion nut to get a wheel on! Appreciate the information and advice. Thank you, Mike
  8. Hi all, very new poster from the States here. I recently put together a Hornet, had a lot of fun in stock form running around the backyard, and am now adding hop ups to it. So far I've added the following: Blue Aluminum Steering Knuckles (stella models!) Ball bearing set from CRP Vintage Parma Anti Roll kit Tamiya 27T Dirt Tuned Motor I ran it for about half an hour this week, it's winter here so I get very little daylight to run it around outside. It runs great! On the way I have Polished Aluminum Nerf Bars and a set of Vintage Trinity Blue Aluminum Front Shocks coming. I'll add those once they arrive later this week. I'm wondering if any of you know of a set of modern oil-filled blue shocks for the rear that would work that I can order. Would love to get the Vintage ones like the fronts but I would be happy to just have a set that matches color...I guess I could always paint the stock shocks but...boooooo I looked on stella models and I saw a set for DT-02 but I'm not sure if these would work. The Steering Knuckles are from the F103 car, so maybe one of you know something that would work. Thank you for any and all advice! Stay warm! Mike PS I'll post pictures once completed...
  9. Hello there! I realize these are collector items but if anyone has a spare set I'll gladly purchase from you. Built up a Hornet Rere, ran it stock, had fun, and am now hopping it up with the aftermarket parts of back in the day. Let me know! Mike
  10. Hey there, first post! From the shore area of New Jersey, near Belmar and Asbury Park. Currently playing with a rere Hornet and hopping it up. Would love to meet up with others in the area. Mike
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