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  1. Just a little update, ordered the wheels, aluminum servo mounts and aluminum rear hubs. The first two have shipped already, the rear hubs were just purchased today.
  2. Gold would look pretty sweet! I have decided to get them, why not I haven't decided on the front bumper yet, the one from RC Channel looks nice in the aluminum, decisions decisions.....
  3. I managed to get one from Tower today as well. It was funny because as I was ordering the eta was late April but the order went through as if they had them in stock. I checked later and they were showing as having stock, who knows. My buggy kick lately is getting pricey.....next up will be the Egress!
  4. Thanks for the reply matman! I figured they would be nice, his Ebay feedback is great so plenty of people must be happy with his products. Now to decide if I want to spend more loot, they sure are pretty though!
  5. Great job on the fab work zeppelin! I'm definitely keeping the Shapeways site handy for when I decide to build one of these.
  6. I've been itching for another Tamiya kit to build after 20 or so years, my last Tamiya was the Monster Beetle in the late 80's. Well, I narrowed it down to the Wild One or the Egress, worlds apart I know. I decided to start slow and went for the Wild One first. So, I've been checking out the alloy wheels from rc_loverr on Ebay and am looking for opinions on these. Are there any issues with these that I should be aware of, quality, fitment, etc.? Thanks!
  7. Speedy, small world, lol! The build is looking great so far.....I see new wheels, are you using different tires with this?
  8. I'm looking forward to this as well! On a side note Speedy, I'm originally from N.C. myself.
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