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  1. Thanks for posting this, I cannot wait, a 63 Baja was my first car.
  2. New motor labels are available from MCI , as above, soak it, strip it and check the internal condition
  3. Yes, modern Chinese made would be my guess too.
  4. Or go full circle and have a Hotshot full of JG hopups, another with CRP hopups etc etc lol
  5. You can definitely see the original white body where the yellow paint is chipped, if it was a genuine yellow edition the body would be yellow where it’s chipped.
  6. $100 is nothing, I put a Avante Black Special in my cart at $369 US, Stella wants $999.99 US postage to Australia that is just ridiculous price gouging
  7. The RC market has been out of control longer than just the last year. Corporations have gotten incredibly greedy since the start of the pandemic, I feel that’s what is really out of control and I am not pointing the finger at Tamiya . Most of the cars , even basket cases I have bought over the last 10 years have pretty much at least tripled in value. I also have large vintage gaming and vinyl collections, and the current values are just craaaaaaaazy.I feel they have far surpassed my RC collection in percentage of value increases.
  8. I have a silver can to donate lol
  9. I wouldn’t even think about not buying a sensored ESC, it’s just so smooooth compared to jerky stuttery takeoffs
  10. Just a heads up, I picked up a brand new Team Orion 13 turn triple off eBay , after an offer it came in shipped to Oz for under $50 AUD, the seller is in Germany and has more.........also many other winds are available, I particularly wanted the triple.
  11. Hotshot, Avante, Egress , or dare I say it, for quirkiness, the Super Avante
  12. The “Japan first attitude “ This all ties in with releases, spare parts , importers, stock levels and distribution. Its the 21st century Tamiya, become part of it………
  13. Up date on this one, VQS chassis tub and D tree coming my way, still need the VQS towers but it will go back to Vanquish with hop ups
  14. No , sorry, Plaza Japan’s were 16,000 yen, and no stock
  15. 16,000 yen but no stock at PlazaJapan
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