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  1. It could be a 48 pitch spur gear
  2. That looks like a TA02 and TA03 combo, the gear itself is TA02
  3. I love driving them both , the Egress on low grip bumpy and the Evo on high grip smoother tracks
  4. Short answer YES. Polycarbonate paint IS the paint that you want, it will flex with the wheel. I have sprayed springs with polycarbonate paint with great success, although with the springs I also used a Tamiya primer as a undercoat.
  5. Guilty.... Best way to come back with a smile on my face.
  6. Yes the longer wheelbase holes in the chassis are for the LXT
  7. I really don’t know but what they are charging for post it would seem to be from overseas
  8. Yes, very small. I think I searched by resolution to get my pic up
  9. There is considerable value in that kit left New In Box, I would suggest researching previous sales
  10. That’s the limited edition green Grasshopper shell isn’t it ?
  11. Have you tried removing just a little shock oil when they don’t compress?, that works for me with cva’s.
  12. No brainer......Evo , it’s just that simple
  13. Snappy1

    kyosho scorpion

    The Turbo Scorpion drives really nice..... I think it’s the extra wheelbase that makes the difference
  14. Nothing off the shelf as far as I know, all the alternatives I have seen have been custom made, Fiberlyte in the UK will make carbon fibre bits from a design.....
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