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  1. The original MO-1, it is front engined/front wheel drive, just like the real thing……..
  2. I have soaked original Rims and tyres in glycerin for a few weeks, then peeled the tyres off successfully, then continued the treatment, tyres only
  3. Again with Glycerin, I have soaked very hard vintage tyres in a sealed container for up to two months, works well.
  4. The vintage c clips are painful. You will need to secure the joint in the gearbox. Have you tried using a strong magnet to search the room? I hope you are not going to trust the vintage radio gear?I have had too many vintage cars jam and run with vintage am/fm gear, I suggest a cheap new 2.4 ghz controller and receiver . I would also throughly test the mechanical speed controller operation before use.
  5. Thanks, I must admit I have a H arm conversion set too 😁
  6. I am really lucky, about 10 years ago a really nice, complete as raced JRX-2 came up on Australian E bay, I looked at it for a while then pulled the trigger, I loved the look of the 5 link rear end and after driving it I was completely hooked on early Losi. I didn’t realise at the time but it was a very early release, early battery hold down, no name motor plate etc. I have since been purchasing all the JRX-2’s, Pro’s, SE’s and Junior 2’s I could find at reasonable prices, I must have at least 9 now. I just love the interchangeable options between the early models and the crazy hop ups around at the time. Probably ten years ago I got the racing bug and went along to the Castle Hill vintage rc festival, I entered a bog stock JRX-Pro in the two wheel drive class, I had never driven on a track, attempted jumps or raced before, anyway after 7 heats and a final I came 7th out of 40 cars, it wasn’t my driving, it the the Losi, it didn’t miss a beat, nothing broke and it just kept going when many other better prepared cars broke down…..it literally made the final due to being able to continue, not due to lap times. I don’t have any NIB vintage cars, mine are all runners but one of my silly but prized possessions is a NIP JRX-2 5 link conversion set, to go from H arms to 5 link, I was going to open it up and put it on a Junior 2 chassis but I managed to dig out a 5 link setup without opening the packet, I never jumped on the small scale version, it just didn’t seem right.
  7. Looks like a re re to me, the price would be acceptable for an original , I’d buy a new one if you can
  8. Yes the Egress , Avante and VQS diffs fit, if you are considering building an Egress or Avante out of it I wouldn’t, it has been done and it will cost more than buying a new kit
  9. Super Stocks are fantastic motors but I find they just run hot, I am used to it now and just run the gearing I like and run them till hot, let them cool down or run another car etc
  10. Looks to me as the pinion wasn’t in full contact with the spur gear, even where the spur gear teeth are intact you can see wear where the pinion was
  11. I got back into the hobby approx 10 years ago, in that time I have bought many, many cars, most were vintage requiring restoration, I must admit I probably have at least 25 cars yet to restore but for me currently the hobby is simply “too expensive “ , I will finish the cars I have but I doubt I will continue to make purchases with current prices.
  12. No sway bar for the Dyna Storm that I am aware of, or the TRF’s either, 201 etc
  13. About 5 or 6 times over the years I was sure the kit at the time I was building had parts missing, but it was always my mistake, the parts have always been there
  14. Does anyone have an idea of pricing for the 2001 on original release? Compared to the rest of its family
  15. As someone who did drop the crazy dollars for a VQS, I am very , very happy with it, I have modded it a fair bit and it’s fantastic, but the price set by Tamiya didn’t do sales a favour. I would also jump at a 2001……
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