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  1. Top Force universals have the pin drive, and can be made to fit I believe, but the rear upright has to be replaced also, I am not sure to what but it is Tamiya.
  2. Losi JRX wheels are pin drive, I think you could manage to get them on the rear of a few Tamiyas, but they are very hard to find new
  3. I rebuilt a Madcap nearly 10 years ago now, I managed to find a brand new rebuild kit for the diff, it was rebuilt and with a 27 turn stock race motor it runs great, My opinion is that a Madcap drives very similar to an Astute, I am lucky enough to own both, ‘Decals are available from MCI in Canada, I would finish the build , they are a lovely car
  4. I hope your King Cab doesn’t need to many parts, they can be very difficult to source, and I would be looking at the ball diff to make sure it’s serviceable, it’s the same as fitted to a madcap
  5. The tyres look like round spire originals, not the re release square spire The esc is vintage , I bet the servo is too
  6. The tyres suggest it’s a genuine 58100 original release
  7. If you post some pictures of the FRP chassis we should be able to identify it.
  8. I believe it’s just a gold label over the black can
  9. No issues at all with a hard driven brushless VQS here, running lipo, 10.5 T , high caps and ball diffs, it is a really nice runner, and I do have an Egress to compare it to......
  10. His communication is poor, postage seems to take forever, but his products are top notch. I am not sure if he still has his own personal website, I once bought the cheap Thundershot A5 bracket, he was out of stock and he sent me the entire A5 part in solid alloy at no extra cost. I have bought from him many times and wouldn’t hesitate to again
  11. Thanks for posting this, I cannot wait, a 63 Baja was my first car.
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