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  1. Your sleeves look great, if you ditch the stock screw pins in favour of some steel shafts with C/E clips it would be stronger, well less likely to crack arms .
  2. Some very interesting mod parts already fitted, I think those are see's rims too, very valuable looking forward to your updates, not many Hotshot II's around.....
  3. You would need to fit a Boomerang chassis for the Boomer steering to function. The best option is this..........https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/59077-super-shot-hot-shot-upgraded-steering/ The best part of the above mod is that it doesn't just fix the bump steer, it gives more steering throw also
  4. Your motor should run cooler with the smaller diameter tyres, you will have a lower top end speed, you would be able to increase the pinion gear tooth count if you wish with no detrimental effects.
  5. Just a heads up for those interested RC Jazz have these 47455 back in stock, I just paid $65 AU, so $50 US . I really get a kick out of fitting Hi Caps to cars at the lower end of the range, the last set I built went on to my Sonic Fighter
  6. If you are going to drive it ESC, it it is for the shelf MSC. The Terra Conqueror is one of my favourite cars, originals are pretty rare these days , enjoy
  7. My original shelfer came with a black end bell motor, mine was sold new and built in Japan.
  8. I have a set on my Sonic Fighter and Bigwig. They will also fit DT-01's, I once bought a Rookie Rabbit out of Japan with vintage HI caps and a technigold fitted. They would also fit the Supershot, twin shock front end Hotshots,
  9. It could be a 48 pitch spur gear
  10. That looks like a TA02 and TA03 combo, the gear itself is TA02
  11. I love driving them both , the Egress on low grip bumpy and the Evo on high grip smoother tracks
  12. Short answer YES. Polycarbonate paint IS the paint that you want, it will flex with the wheel. I have sprayed springs with polycarbonate paint with great success, although with the springs I also used a Tamiya primer as a undercoat.
  13. Guilty.... Best way to come back with a smile on my face.
  14. Yes the longer wheelbase holes in the chassis are for the LXT
  15. I really don’t know but what they are charging for post it would seem to be from overseas
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