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  1. The Turbo Scorpion has a longer wheelbase, not sure how the other bodies would mount....
  2. CVA oil filled shocks, Steel pinion Full bearing set Tamiya Fox or Wild one rims Any of the Tamiya Hop Up brushed motors An ESC I fitted Super Astute/Dyna Storm rib spike front tyres on gold Fox rims on the front and Wild one/Hotshot rear tyres on my Sonic Fighter That is pretty much it unless you want to drill the chassis and fit CRP bumpers etc from the Futaba FX-10, (similar car made by Tamiya for Futaba)
  3. My Top Force Evolution, it drives the best out of the box for vintage and is worth the most/rarest of my collection
  4. Swap the end that the bolt goes in from to face the other way , with the screw head next to the driveshaft there is enough clearance
  5. Do you have the Winger body to go with the wing? nice job
  6. If they are the same price buy the Sand Scorcher, far better value for money, the scorcher is usually double the price of a Boomerang
  7. This isn't the one you are searching for, but my favourite Japanese channel, lots of vintage cars.....https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NnovYTL6W5KT8XVWkcYwg Plenty of Hotshots, Avante's and Optimas
  8. The standard Avante body shell and under cowl doesn't fit, the Egress has a longer wheelbase. The only Avante shell that will fit is from the Avante 2001, it was re released briefly 7 years ago now under part number 84372 https://www.stellamodels.com.hk/84372-scale-avante-2001-body-parts-egress-chassis-p-7840.html I have the 84372 set NIP $150 US plus post
  9. I ran a Egress on 3 cell brushless, no problem at all with the diffs
  10. Some very nice vintage hop ups on that Hotshot.... Technigold, CRP front arm stabiliser and a You-G shocks?
  11. For me yes, its the best out of the box, poised,light,balanced .quick , reliable and reasonably strong for the time , a spare rear gearbox housing needed but they are cheap.
  12. OK, yes stock ball diffs, gearing for the 6.5 T was 18 T pinion, stock spur It now runs a 8.5 T , 21 T pinion stock spur, iirc I have regreased the ball diffs but other than a front shock tower and a couple of sets of tyres no dramas with years of running
  13. Egress's are capable of taking huge amounts of power.... My re re started off with a 6.5 T brushless system, it's no slug. I also fitted the 3rd ball diff out of my Avante 2001, it grips, it handles and it's smooth, it's heavy but it's also light years ago of a Super Shot. When i first built my Egress it made about 5 of my runners redundant
  14. Cutting it fine , but the Astute was released in Sept 1989 and would run rings around a Fox, with the Super Astute being re re'd parts are available, but a good Astute is very hard to find......... I have many Super Astutes but only one Astute, it was a real mess when I got it, literally half a car, but with help from people here it lives again
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