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  1. Many of us are sitting on NIB Boomerangs, I would suggest getting a new one if you can, far tougher plastics that aren’t brittle and aged
  2. I have a couple of their brushless combos but I recall reading that they went belly up a couple of years back
  3. I think the difference is rere to original, yours is an original, nice hop ups too👍
  4. The TT-02 shaft is too long , you could grind down the ends a touch Of the shaft and then using a small file , file down the slot in the gearbox cups
  5. I think this could well be the best piece of business advice Tamiya could have, if done correctly it could be a literal goldmine, so many upgrades and versions, so many hop ups , so many vehicles in the lineup, the only issue is the Tamiya parts network, Tamiya should have their own EBay store, License to print money
  6. Avante 2001 everything on that car other than the shell is Avante 2001, it has a FRP chassis and top deck, cva shocks, frp shock towers etc It also has the large front wheels which the Egress did not, they are also Avante tyres worn down by the looks If you were to remove the spur gear I think you would find it has the Avante 2001 3rd ball diff fitted. Lovely rare care the 2001, enjoy
  7. No, why would you ? They are easy and cheap to buy and rarely break
  8. The battery door may just be faded, its a vintage Super Shot
  9. I completely agree, although just one point I would make is the 3rd Diff out of a Avante 2001 makes a huge difference . My Egress drives so much better with the 3rd diff fitted, I pinched it out of my Avante 2001
  10. The Turbo Scorpion has a longer wheelbase, not sure how the other bodies would mount....
  11. CVA oil filled shocks, Steel pinion Full bearing set Tamiya Fox or Wild one rims Any of the Tamiya Hop Up brushed motors An ESC I fitted Super Astute/Dyna Storm rib spike front tyres on gold Fox rims on the front and Wild one/Hotshot rear tyres on my Sonic Fighter That is pretty much it unless you want to drill the chassis and fit CRP bumpers etc from the Futaba FX-10, (similar car made by Tamiya for Futaba)
  12. My Top Force Evolution, it drives the best out of the box for vintage and is worth the most/rarest of my collection
  13. Swap the end that the bolt goes in from to face the other way , with the screw head next to the driveshaft there is enough clearance
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