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  1. Nice video southy, St Ives is not a bad track
  2. There has been countless upgrade parts for the hotshot series buggies, the main problem is they are mainly vintage upgrades and the Hotshot was re released 12 years ago, combine that with the rise of ebay and you will understand why not much is still around CRP front arm stabilizer Uni joint axles RC channel metal arms and small bumper Many different aftermarket chassis Ball diffs just to name a few more common upgrades The Hotshot steering mod is a mod that creates major handling improvements The Bigwig came with a alot of the factory hop ups to start with
  3. I would love a new JRX2, but I have many vintage Losi , shelfers, runners and racers, I am nearly finished building a JRX2/Pro/SE combo mid motor racer I have been working on for a while, it also has a composite craft chassis
  4. OK, very nice... Those FRP chassis plates are very valuable.You may have enough parts left over to rebuild the Avante as well. If you have the centre ball diff assembly out of your 2001, drop it in your Egress, I run the triple ball diff setup on my Egress and it's the best solution between the splitter, fixed 4wd and centre diff. I am looking forward to seeing it finished.
  5. Umm, that is actually an Avante 2001 with hop ups, not an Egress. Reasons, the chassis is FRP, not carbon fibre, same as the shock towers. the Avante 2001 chassis is identical to an Egress except in material. It also has the 2001 wide bumper, It has been fitted with high cap dampers and a few other small Egress parts Is the lower deck carbon fibre?
  6. Not sure what the problem is,have you tried swapping the orange and blue motor wires over,so blue to orange, yellow to yellow, orange to blue?
  7. I have had a Bigwig NIB since release, think its going to get built this christmas, with MIP ball diffs and hi caps, hi speed servo and MCI Dick Cepek decal
  8. The Super Sabre is a very hard car to find in good condition, I have one I brought out of Japan, maybe has had 5 packs put through it. It has original MSC and AM controller , it drives very well, The reason they are hard to find is the Thundershot was on sale at the same time, who wanted the last of the line of the previous generation when you could have the latest and greatest, I bought my Super Sabre not because I loved it, or always fancied one but it was the last in the Hotshot series that I didn't own, Tamiya are like Pokemon, gotta catch em all
  9. Are they the same as a Avante 2001 ? I can help with that
  10. With those water temps I think I would try 4s lol
  11. There is a few very nice Falcons for sale in Australia at the moment, do the sellers know something that we dont ? What would I like Evo , 959 , Hotshot II, Striker , Vanquish , Tera Conqueror or Terra Scorcher
  12. I would restore the rare Super Sabre and buy a re re Bigwig to go crazy brushless with Super Sabres are rare due to the next gen Thundershot being already released, not many bought the Sabre
  13. I have a Ford BA Ute , 1/10 nitro setup, been in a box for a loooong time
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