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  1. GTodd, is it a re re gearbox you are having trouble with? I had problems with spur shaft alignment due to misfitting the A3 part, could cause a click
  2. You buy the pair from MIP and use one in the rear of a shot and the other in a wild one, win win
  3. This is the only real solution for the Hotshot, possibly a bit more difficult due to the tub on the Boomerang, interesting mod though http://ymr.no/10orTip8.htm
  4. I have purchased a Super Astute, Optima Mid Turbo, Hotshott II, Super Sabre , new built Thunder Dragon, NIB motors and new decals and bodysets from Jauce, never an issue and they are typically always in better condition than described, which is a nice change from ebay
  5. that looks like a very nice original car, bodies are cheap for the RC10, Even at $150 that's a nice buy
  6. I race a boomerwig in hotshot class, a very hopped up top force evo in 4wd, a Mip ball diff equiped Blackfoot in monster truck and cross to the dark side in 2wd with a LWB losi jrx2 with a home brew mid motor setup
  7. It really depends on the rules you have to follow, in Australia at the track closest to me , vintage must run silvercans, so 2WD is faster We run different classes, 2WD stock, 4WD stock, hotshot class, etc
  8. Madcap, Super Astute or Dyna Storm would be the best candidates for 2WD
  9. Are they available for purchase?
  10. Is the ESC set to Lipo or Ni Mi mode? It may be hitting low voltage on lipo mode using the lower voltage life cells
  11. Not knowing your budget, but if you are a member here either a DB01RR or TRF503/201/211 Something a bit cheaper and vintage, a Top Force or a Super Astute, if you buy a TT or DT you will be disappointed.
  12. The 1060 is rated to as hot as a 14 Turn motor, although I have one running a 13 turn double no trouble atm, 2 cell lipo and correct gearing.
  13. My suggestion would be to A . get the wild willy 2 running with an esc, receiver B. Get the luchbox going too, by this stage you'll want a sports tuned motor C do a lot of research on here and other forums and u tube , get some confidence up with running maintenance and then restore those two original Willys,
  14. I thought the Worlds RC10 was sold out?
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