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  1. Great choice. I run a 1080 in my Super Astute with an 11 turn double, having the ability to programme a brushed esc is fantastic
  2. Someone's been watching Tamiya Legends on you tube, I have thought about it but I havent got around to it yet, mainly as I dont have spare bearings and I am unsure as to the size of the replacements
  3. I Great to know WillyChang, I recently tried to dye all the yellow and blue parts of a Bigwig, the yellow took the colour , the blue did not
  4. I’ll third the not normal Tamiya style, but I would take a vanquish in a heartbeat
  5. There was a rumour that the red ones were stronger, but I believe it was just that the red ones were in touring on road cars with shorter arms than on the buggys, they all break in time.
  6. Strip the handset and check that the throttle trigger wiring, try another handset, try another esc.
  7. I think Top Force uni's could also be adapted
  8. Do the rear arms look longer? more suspension travel? I can see that the rear shocks are mounted forward compared to at the rear on a Fox which would give a slightly better centre of gravity I have never owned a Fox
  9. I run the same setup as you do, but I replaced the front shock tower with one from a Dyna Storm which is taller
  10. I have a thing for brushed motors, I have run Technigolds, 01R.s, 02H.s, Acto pink, Acto touring, Kyosho Spa 240s, Yokomo's and trinity's in the last 5 years, the best motors I have run are a Trinity D6 machine head, it's only a 12 turn double but on 8.4v spins over 45,000 rpm and a Reedy Tri Sonic, 14 Turn triple, nothing special but it just goes very hard. Best bang for buck is the Tamiya Super stock series motors, $36 US at RC mart
  11. Different car and design but very similar https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/81474-shapeways-x-ampro-hornet-superfly/ I know alot of the pictures are missing but it can all be ordered from shapeways, or google Ampro Superfly Or the actual independent rear end episode
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