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  1. Snappy1

    Decent track buggy

    Not knowing your budget, but if you are a member here either a DB01RR or TRF503/201/211 Something a bit cheaper and vintage, a Top Force or a Super Astute, if you buy a TT or DT you will be disappointed.
  2. Snappy1

    Reliable esc for dirt tuned motor

    The 1060 is rated to as hot as a 14 Turn motor, although I have one running a 13 turn double no trouble atm, 2 cell lipo and correct gearing.
  3. Snappy1

    Help for an old newbie !

    My suggestion would be to A . get the wild willy 2 running with an esc, receiver B. Get the luchbox going too, by this stage you'll want a sports tuned motor C do a lot of research on here and other forums and u tube , get some confidence up with running maintenance and then restore those two original Willys,
  4. Snappy1

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    I thought the Worlds RC10 was sold out?
  5. I would be interested in a couple of pairs......
  6. Snappy1

    ESC for Reedy 7 and 9 Single Turn

    Lol, I have been sitting on a BNIB Team Orion Mark Rheinard worlds edition 8 x 1, I am wondering the same thing?
  7. Snappy1

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    I wouldn't have bothered, so much less flex with the re re chassis compared to my originals anyway
  8. Snappy1

    Need Help with Re-Re Bigwig

    I don't want to pick on Tamiya Legends, I am a subscriber and anyone who spends so much time popularising our hobby the way he does is a legend, but he does make quite a few mistakes on builds
  9. Snappy1

    Need Help with Re-Re Bigwig

    You don't set the mesh, you use the thin metal plates to space the motor, depending what pinion tooth count as to where the plates are placed
  10. Snappy1

    Top Force vs Super Astute

    Dyna Storm front shock tower and longer front shocks is one way to fix the front suspensiion
  11. Snappy1

    Top Force vs Super Astute

    I am really not going to help, I have 3 of each, Top Force is my fav vintage 4wd, SA fav 2wd. Parts availability will always be a drama with a SA
  12. Your Dragon is going to end up with carbon double deck chassis plates and only running thundershot gearbox's lol I am really enjoying your mods, I would love to see a running vid some day
  13. Snappy1

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    In have been running an original vintage brace for a while, I would order a couple more for my other Astutes...
  14. Snappy1

    Top Force Gear Diffs - Parts advice.

    No, they are not compatible, either one or the other. Yes the 03 diff gear is narrower, I was a bit worried when I first installed them, but 2 years with a 8.5 T lipo setup and they are as new and I haven't replaced any other gears or internals, I am also running a splitter and carbon hollow shafts
  15. Snappy1

    Top Force Gear Diffs - Parts advice.

    The TA-03 ball diff is a direct drop in , one of my TF Evo's runs a pair of 03 ball diffs, they are extremely reliable and I have never had an issue with 2 years brushless run time