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  1. LRP are European, German I think , they have been around for a long time and usually manufacture good quality products.
  2. Vintage Top Force Evo. , left any other Tamiya I had ever driven in its dust……..
  3. If I run silver cans it’s with a 3 cell lipo, I replace them when they let the magic smoke out, approx 20 hours is a guesstimate.
  4. Sorry, I cannot help you with the front arms but I’ve just got to say that’s one badword of a good looking Fox
  5. I would go for option 1, that’s just the purist in me talking. I m also rebuilding an original Egress and have been wrestling with similar options, it came with a technigold, part of me wants to fit a O2H that I have spare but I have decided the car has probably had that technigold fitted for around 30 years, it’s going to stay ultimately you can make a choice now and always change it up later, sometimes I change motors in vintage shelters for the sake of it ……
  6. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/83341-top-force-re-revolution-2017/&page=4 If you scroll down this page it has the info ……. https://carisma-shop.com/collections/m40-b Purchase from here….
  7. You can get slipper pinions, you have to modify the gearbox housing to make them fit but for a DF-01 that is the only slipper option
  8. Yes, the Rookie Rabbit was the first built, complete with radio gear Tamiya, I have one and yes it’s a great basher
  9. I have experienced this , I never got to the bottom of what happened, although I always put my radio down, turn it on and keep hold of the car when I turn it on…. The sheer panic of seeing my vintage Dyna Storm driving away full throttle, pink can screaming on a 2 c lipo, I can laugh about it now as the car was undamaged but at the time I was not a happy camper.
  10. It’s pretty safe to say no one on this site would buy a vintage car off someone who advertises with their first post, way too many scammers around these days. the car itself requires a full rebuild, it has broken parts, is missing parts and it isn’t fitted with a technigold motor, like it should , put it on E bay if you want to part with it.
  11. Although I completely agree regarding the super stock upgrade I wOuld keep the smaller pinion as they can run hot with a lipo
  12. Sounds like motor, if it won’t turn over smoothly with your fingers uninstalled it has issues unfortunately
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