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  1. The 8.4v probably has more punch, but far outweighs the Lipo
  2. No they are out of polycarbonate, I ordered a Avante 2001 shell , after over two weeks and it not being posted I contacted them on eBay and got a out of the office reply stating no polycarbonate until Dec 18th at the earliest
  3. I run the Hobbywing crawler esc with a Tamiya 11 turn double on LiPo, I geared it down a little but it’s brushless fast I have a NIP crazy spec brushed motor that I have never found an ESC for, its an Orion 8 turn single, Mark Rhienard edition
  4. My only Kyosho left now is a Turbo Scorpion, Buy the scorpion, you wont be disappointed
  5. I got mine 2 days ago, the box got slightly damaged😔
  6. This thread has really got me curious about re re numbers being manufactured per run, I always figured it was more like 10,000 kits per run , but looking at stock levels and the rate at which stores sell out 1,000 may well be closer to the truth, regarding this thread I have many re res and vintage originals, love them all, especially my re re Egress, it’s one of the best runners I have, wether it’s fitted with a brushed or brushless motor, I have two Avante 2001s so I just had to have a VQS, I did think the price was high, put it down to COVID 19 and clicked buy, I managed to get some high caps for it too, if it drives half as good as my Egress I will be happy, and by the sounds of it a pretty limited re release, which kind of makes it feel that little bit more special
  7. I got one today 😀 it’s coming from RC Jazz, I have two sets of high caps and a team blue groove Avante 2001 shell and mci decals coming too, no real plan as yet but I do have two Avante 2001’s, might be fun to mix things around a bit.
  8. I am not a truck guy but looking at the Tamiya MFC-03 instructions is says it acts as a speed control that enables smooth running, so yes
  9. Tamiya Blog future releases is probably the most accurate, but you won’t get any real advanced notice
  10. RC Mart currently has stock of the VQS/Avante high cap set 47455, just picked up 2 sets I cannot wait to get my hands on them, these days mini high caps are very very hard to find
  11. Not unless you are going to run a shorty lipo
  12. I have been arguing with tower, they won’t ship internationally now, oh well someone else can have my bussiness
  13. You will need to get the low cell up before you can discharge the high cell though When this has happened to me I just charged the Lipo on nimh setting for just a few minutes, it will bring the low cell up, then you can recharge the battery on Lipo setting, then discharge to say 3.3v per cell and cycle , you will know soon enough if it’s dead
  14. Brushed motor , one of the motor wires is disconnected in the pic
  15. I have only ever broken front shock towers on my Egress re re, never the front gearbox.
  16. All motors are not created equal, the Kyosho 30 t motor would destroy a torque tuned, the Kyosho motor would be closer to a Tamiya 23-25 turn RZ,TZ BZ series motor, which spins approx 10,000 rpm Faster and has twice the torque of a silver can style motor
  17. Short answer no, I have tried to dye them also , the front and rear hubs will definitely not take dye, I painted mine
  18. My vote is the Egress, longer wheelbase for better stability at speed, Better shocks Egress is lighter The Egress is the Avante with some problems fixed My take is build an Egress, fit an Avante 2001 shell and wing and fit the Avante centre ball diff, performance and style
  19. I have never had a problem with 3D printed parts, Astute bulkheads etc this Losi JRX2 has just been fitted with 3D printed copies of Lunsford racing rear trailing arms, the wheels are 3D printed also, in 2.2 inch size
  20. I really don’t know either, but at first glance I thought Bolink
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