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  1. Can anyone help me out? I am after 3, yes 3 Nissan king cab/Astute rear wheel hubs. Dont mind if they are used.
  2. That is so true, older RC10 parts are getting scarce. When they become available on ebay, they end up going for crazy money.$$$$$ I was trying to find ball studs and diff outdrives, next to impossible.
  3. Maybe you could sand back the front nose and repaint to match the new chassis? Oh man this motivating me to get my worlds back out and run it! I have a chassis protector on mine but its peeling off at the ends? I raced it on an Astro turf trace with sand on it and it got on the adhesive, might clean it off and get it tacky again with a heat gun.
  4. Love an RC10, I am restoring a graphite and another 6 gear A stamp gold tub to be used as a runner.
  5. Sad times, this has been on the cards since the Holden Commodores died. The sales of the rebadged Insignia didn't appeal to the Oz market. Also Holden were heavily subsided by the Government and when that stopped the money and protected market ended. I'm a big fan of the V8 supercars and this will mean that it may become Ford Vs Chevrolet as they will bring in the Camaro or similar. I noticed that Ryan Walkinshaw HSV business do right hand conversions of the Chevy Camaro. But they need to change the control chassis rules to adapt better to two door cars.
  6. Have you driven a standard boomerang with a standard brushed 540 before? If you haven't they are pretty zippy standard even with a Nimh battery. I just picked up a rere Boomerang and upgraded to metal bearings. Its going to be a basher to share with my kids. Bear in mind a 10.5 brushless motor could destroy your differentials. I have seen guys racing theirs with 10.5 BL setups with upgraded MIP differentials, these are great upgrades but pricey. I race with my Rc10 worlds with a 10.5 but it has a transmission to take that kind of power. Good luck with the build.
  7. I would love a rere King cab/monster racer. I already have 3 to restore...
  8. Nice! I am in the middle of restoring a Graphite, I have mounted a Stealth transmission in it, and trying to find some worlds axles and hubs, 30 degree front caster blocks. I am mounting V2 TE shocks on it as well. The was a little damaged so put a 3D printed bumper on the front. I'll be adding a brass weight up front the same as my Worlds.
  9. When will Tamiya release another Rere batch of Dyna Storms? Seeing that if they were to release another batch and with the interest of Re-released vehicles being popular....or are we going to have to wait a few more years just to draw it out? Just my 2 cents..
  10. Best to stick to brushed standard 540 cans for a lot of older tamiya models for the lower end of the spectrum. Their transmissions aren't designed for newer powerful BL motors. Unless you are running a TTC or TE Stealth or similar vintage trannys. My King cab and madcap with the ball diff transmissions wouldn't last long with a brushless set up. However my OG Super Astute runs a 10.5 brushless with no problems, same with my Rc10 with stealth transmissions. But I would not run my 6 gear Rc10 with a brushless motor unless it was maybe 21 turn, but never tried as the 17 turn Brushed motor is fine. I am yet to run my Egress or Avante 2001 but I'm sure that will be fine with a BL setup as long as its not to crazy. I have a 5.5 turn BL motor doing nothing but I ain't using that on any vintage cars unless I want to destroy them.
  11. I might give sticks a go, something different as I have always used a wheel transmitter.
  12. Hi folks, "My kids" are buying/bought me a Mountain Rider for xmas and was after some recommendations for a 6 or 4 channel radio set. I was looking at a Flysky FS-i6X 2.4GHz 6CH/10CH AFHDS as it was cheap but what do others recommend? I can't wait to build this as I always wanted one as a kid in 1986/7!!!! LOL! Cheers Leon
  13. I'm planning on coming for a watch as I'm in the South West. Its a great circuit to watch at, I've only driven on the off road track there. Wish I still had my old TL01 chassis...
  14. Hi all, I am after some White rear wheels (no tyres) for the Nissan King cab, either to buy or swap for the front wheels. Have 2 sets of fronts, no rears Thanks in advance
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