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  1. I'm planning on coming for a watch as I'm in the South West. Its a great circuit to watch at, I've only driven on the off road track there. Wish I still had my old TL01 chassis...
  2. Hi all, I am after some White rear wheels (no tyres) for the Nissan King cab, either to buy or swap for the front wheels. Have 2 sets of fronts, no rears Thanks in advance
  3. The Super Astute has been re-released so parts are becoming available for these cars. Keep an eye out on ebay and Tamico(I know they have arms and other bits). Also there is 3D printed parts on Shapeways, like the battery clamps.
  4. Okay no worries, come back to me. I have a spare shell, wing and shocks and some other bits from my madcap restoration.
  5. Did you get this sorted? I have some madcap shocks somewhere. PM me if your interested?
  6. Don't forget the A&L Lethal weapon transmission as well.
  7. Replace the plastic support posts in the transmission. The Egress and Astutes have alloy ones. Also I replaced the coat hanger wire with ball and cup and joins in the steering arms.
  8. Hi DaveB, I think they will fit I bought some alloy 3racing shocks for a DT02 which are the same fit as the DT03 and these fit like a glove on my restored Madcap. Cheers Leon
  9. Thanks guys, a friend measured them and they are 2.3mm. Luckily Traxxas have 3/32 replacement steel balls which should fit.
  10. Hi all, I'm missing a Steel ball out of the Madcap/Astute central spur gear, part number is 5700029. What size ball is this??? Thanks in advance
  11. This is major news that the Super Astute is being re-released. Hopefully I can get parts for my two OG SA's like front and rear arms. I do hope this improve the front and rear bulkheads, steering arms and the arms carriers all which I have broken. Also get rid of those horrid press nuts! I will have to think about paying £250 for the Re-re, its a bit pricey.
  12. Hey everybody, I am after the following parts, body post, rear wheels and a chassis for a Nissan King Cab. Prefer UK as local. Please drop me a PM. Thanks
  13. Pm'd you Tamiyabigstuff. I'm unsure about going Carbon as it was pricey. But maybe I should buy one, put it on my Super Astute and then use the old chassis for my Astute build.
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