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  1. I had an RC10 B2 an RC10 T3 and a Lockmann rail all done up in Miller livery. Paint was gold, black, and white. Still got the rail chassis here, and a bunch of Autographics Miller decals “I think”. Where are you? I’m in Australia.
  2. Spending time with your long flathead screwdriver in your pocket tuning can be addictive. A nicely setup nitro is a sweet thing indeed. O.S. make great user friendly stuff, and once dialled, only require the slightest tweaks according to conditions.
  3. I’ll have to dig out my Frog kit and look for the differences. It was purchased NIB from a Japanese collector, and it’s been a very long time since I’ve had a peek inside.
  4. @Mokei Kagaku thanks for the pic and info bro. It’s not quite what I was hoping for, but I like it enough to gets me one. Gotta love the Brat.
  5. I’d be down for a set of front and rear arms also a motor cover.
  6. I’m guessing this may be a blue chrome finish body. Time will tell.
  7. There’s just somethin special about em.
  8. My favourite has to be the Buggy Spike, first tyres I ever seen in person on a Frog. Love the Padlatrak also the Sand Blasters both front and rear, and let’s not forget The Smoothee. These are all tyres I grew up with, and are kinda special to me. For after market, it’s gotta be You-G’s front and rear.
  9. I have some NIB original kits, and many of the rerelease kits. Where I am right now in my life, I just can't bring myself to build the originals. For example RA1016, every couple of years I get it out, gaze over it, smell it, flick through the manual, I sit and reminisce, but I just can't slip a blade into those blisters or bags. It's just too historic, I just can't. I'm all over the rerelease Scorcher like a hobo on a ham samich though. Not a second of hesitation.
  10. Heads up! Boomers are now on ebay from one of our favourite distributors in Hong Kong. Got a crackin price on one shipped Down Under. Kits include ESC too. What a relief it is to tick this one off the list. For personal reasons, this will be a special build for me.
  11. The suspension on this looks super dialled, in particular the rear. Ask you friend to share what his set up is? It looks to be working superbly, weather its factory, or custom.
  12. Thanks for the heads up bro.
  13. @Effigy3 As you have them mounted in your picture, is the correct way. If you pay close attention to the manual, it also shows the mounting direction quite clearly. These are true directional tyres.
  14. @jonboy1 Mate, the work, the time, and attention to detail on this is outstanding. Not only on the Ranger itself, but also the thread documenting it all. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it so far. As for the colour you have chosen, and how you choose to present the driver, I'm sure no matter what you go with, the new or renewed owner will be super happy regardless. I personally think it would be great if it flooded back memories of his Dad, unfortunately memories can be brutally painfull, but they can also be equally full of joy. Keep up the great work, your input is your signature on this piece. I for one, really dig it.
  15. Just a heads up... One of our favourite sellers out of Hong Kong has the Novafox now available on eBay. I picked one up myself for a great price delivered to Australia. And yes the kits include a Tamiya ESC if that's a concern to you. Go get em!
  16. Congrats! What an awesome kit to have in your arsenal, one I'm sure we would all be proud to own. The Rough Rider is the last SRB kit I need for the big four, that is if you class the Super Champ as an SRB. Thanks for posting her up and sharing.
  17. @mickeystewart I've got a perfect, vintage NIB Frog. Send me a message if your genuinely interested.
  18. Super score. You have two great bases to begin working with there, that's for sure. May I suggest to say thanks, you pay for your friend and his wife to go and enjoy a nice quiet dinner together somewhere. The fun your kids will have with these will be priceless.
  19. Dude, the detail on your driver is insane! Easily one of the best I've seen. Nice job on the bar work too, looks great.
  20. LOL. Sorry 28. They are awesome though aren't they. The Frog movie is one of my favourites too. There are two Frog promos I have seen, both can be found on YouTube. From what you've written, I recommend you buy the Frog first too. It is really a great car. As the narrator says "It is an off-road vehicle of the first rank" 😎 It's a nice build, looks tough as, and I think it is very underrated in its performance. We need to keep in mind this is a very early model, not to be put up against with what's around today by any means. I raced back in the early eighties, and the highest jumps found on my local track were as recommended by Tamiyas guide books at about 20cm in height. Still relatively high for a 1/10th scale buggy, but the Frog would handle them with aplomb. It's got a great turning circle too. A true classic every Tamiya fan should own. I have one original NIB, an original mint runner, and two re releases, one boxed, one built. Also a complete boxed original body kit, and some extra original decal sets too. Leap ahead with the Frog. 👍🏽
  21. Welcome back bro. I think we all go in and out as our lives allow us. Great to hear your kids are getting in. My two just got their first transmitters this Christmas. Can't wait to be able to sit and build with them their first cars.
  22. I think many of us drooled over them as kids..... I remember standing in my local hobby shop watching a Tamiya promo tape as it played over and over again. I would have stood there all day if I was allowed, trying to work out which car I was going to ask for as my Christmas present. Tamiyas' guide books had a similar allure for me also, having me flicking from page to page, going through all the descriptions, and specs on each buggy. These days I find myself watching the promos all the time on YouTube. And it's got me wondering, who else out there has a favourite line or piece of footage from these movies? Mine is from the Super Champ movie. The narrators line is "Rugged, you bet it is." The accompanying footage is appropriate too, it's gotta be at least a ten foot drop for the Champ. Please share your favourite narrator lines, snippets, or just what promo you like best here. Not asking for links, just your thoughts.
  23. Nice job man. Can you watch the Tamiya promotional movies too much.....No way! 😎
  24. I can't keep up. I have many already, but I'm behind on these :- Boomerang, Novafox, Fast Attack Shark Mouth, Blackfoot and Monster Beetle. Pretty sure I'll need a Big Wig too. Two of the above are already discontinued. ☹️
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