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  1. Lunchbox axles did the trick. Had to trim them by 5mm or so and drill new holes for the kingpins.
  2. Forget the porn blocker. I need buyee blocker!
  3. Stay off this site! That is all.
  4. No plans to drive it..The CLR kept flipping over... Those may just work. Worth a shot. Less that 10 bucks with shipping.
  5. There is a gap on the other side
  6. Thanks. Unless I find something else I'll have to make longer axles. The wheels I am using are F1 style without hexes like the GT version.
  7. Trying to widen the track of an F103LM. Just cosmetic reasons to fit the Cross Racing Mercedes CLR body I have. Need to get about 10mm wider if possible. Can't change wheels. Need wider A arms or different spindles. Options?
  8. I run lots of parts through the dishwasher with never an issue. If the heating element is in the bottom I would use the top shelf. if you are concerned about the heat just pull them out before the drying cycle.
  9. I have a couple of theses chassis that look they can run both rubber and foam. What are the foam tire options out there. I really need fronts. It appears these front wheels are smaller in diameter than if I was running and F1 body. correct?
  10. Looking for a good source for these. I know there is an ebay seller and RC marts sells the same thing. Issue I have is they come with those large winglet looking version as well that are of no use to me. Need a source for just the dive planes. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nose-Spoilers-Front-wing-kit-for-1-10-RC-drift-race-or-touring-cars-Canard/123501239436?hash=item1cc13f5c8c:g:0zUAAOSwtalbNE42
  11. Check out buyee for options from Japan. https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/453212188?conversionType=search_suggest_history
  12. Honestly I thought these were bit silly when I first saw them. Now I think it's one of the coolest cars in my collection.
  13. Here's mine on some NSX whees. TA04 SS chassis
  14. It's still in the mail. Not sure about a chassis yet.
  15. I was looking at a new unused body set in Japan and then a partial build complete kit with box came up on ebay. Pulled the plug on that since by the time the body shipped and addit parts were sourced it made more sense. Have people found and correct scale accessories for these? This one screams to be modded with some weapons sys of some sort.
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