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  1. I'm converting mine to nitro.
  2. I'll check my spares to see if they are uncut I have two versions of the rears and two of the sets for the fronts in grey.
  3. Getting harder to find I know. Clean finished one or NIP.
  4. There are lots of other women in the world...
  5. I think these are Cross Racing. I need to find two more. Prefer to find the wide version like on the rear of a Super Ten.
  6. Been hunting for a PDF for one I am restoring. Any leads? Looking for one for the EP version of the chassis.
  7. Still working on some sticker options since they did not come with the body. Pretty simple. Just basic sponsor stuff. FYI the wheels are from the Speed Passion LM car. Had to enlarge the wheel arches a bit but looks much better than the Tamiya sized wheels for this chassis
  8. Lunchbox axles did the trick. Had to trim them by 5mm or so and drill new holes for the kingpins.
  9. Forget the porn blocker. I need buyee blocker!
  10. Stay off this site! That is all.
  11. No plans to drive it..The CLR kept flipping over... Those may just work. Worth a shot. Less that 10 bucks with shipping.
  12. There is a gap on the other side
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