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  1. Just found this thread. Just received and never run TA02 from Buyee in Japan. Turns out it has a mint CPR 160 set with steering servo installed. I dug out an Old ADSPEC transmitter I had and BAM. Works perfectly. Mint vintage running gear.
  2. I could handle the new track version for the Ford GT as well.
  3. Looks like something an Audi engineer would come up with. What made it better than a plain old sway bar?
  4. They show up used on eBay quite often new and used. Somebody here may have one to sell but they are no longer produced.
  5. Listed here. Will sell off eBay to a forum member. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-1-10-Toms-Supra-TA02-TA03/233276329027
  6. I buy quite a bit from there. Shipping usually tops out around 40 US for a car with some extras. I really try to stick to items that just are no longer available. This weekend I purchased a 190E DTM body set of the 2000 Olympics. As you know very hard to acquire new in box. Paid about 100 US and shipping will be around 40. Not cheap but even if was found on Ebay in the states a seller would want 200 or even more. I gotten several good deals on old TA02/03 cars with some hop ups. Even lots of parts cars. Since they are not runners they sell for maybe 20 US and shipping is lower since the box is smaller and weight is lower. It can be very addictive though....Also here in the states we don't have the import fees
  7. Bought one a couple years ago and decided to get it running. Motor and carb were both seized but got them freed up. This one has the electric stater added on with the battery jump box. Put in a new glow plug and fresh fuel and after some coaxing it fires up. Issue I am having is that unless I keep pushing on the little blue priming pump on the tank it will die. Looks like it uses pressure form the exhaust to pressurize the fuel tank to keep things running. This looks to be working as there is pressure coming to the tank. Thoughts or a good online resource for these guys?
  8. A picture is worth... https://www.lesschwab.com/article/what-is-wheel-offset.html
  9. Since the TA02 has been showing up in the Porsche kits it would be nice to see some TA03 love.
  10. These are basically new. Were mounted on a chassis so there is some rub marks where the wheel nuts touched. No gluing of tires. Asking 85 shipped in the US
  11. I also find it funny that they ban a lot of fluids but if you purchase a new kit they all have damper oil or grease and it get here no problem. It's all about how it is listed and the pictures.
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