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  1. Once you truly realize there is no such thing as intellectual property or trademarks or copyrights in China its much easier.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-10-Lexan-Clear-RC-Car-Body-for-Mercedes-Benz-190E-2-5-16-Evolution-II-AMG/274594073503?_trkparms=aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20200520130048%26meid%3D4b285342e70e41549cfca7e5afd8c5cf%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dlo%26sd%3D193753529676%26itm%3D274594073503%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DSimplAMLv5PairwiseWebWithDarwoV3BBEV2b%26brand%3DUnbranded&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  3. Not sure what this plastic is made of but wow. Put it in straight acetone with the dye. No water added and still hardly any change in color. Parts get slightly soft meaning you can scrape the surface with a sharp object but certainly not dissolving like when my dad dropped a screwdriver in a bucket of the stuff as a kid. Tried straight MEK too with little effect.
  4. I have found a few videos for ABS and harder plastics. One guy did yo-yos. I'll report back. Looks like he mixed Acetone with water 2:1 I'll try on some scrap and see how it goes.
  5. Black. J parts usually refers to the specific parts that came with the TA02/03 FRP chassis sets. TA03 parts are very hard to come by as most have suffered cracking or damage and Tamiya has yet to re re-release them as they did for the 02
  6. I guess these parts are ABS. Tried to take some of the shine off and make the surface able to accept dye by a soak in lacquer thinner. I tried a sample in MEK but that was too hot.
  7. Did it years ago. I remember it not being as great as I had hoped. Easy to just pull the main drive shaft and see if you like it. Then if it works OK start removing parts up front like the dog bones or even the front diff parts to reduce weight. I seem to remember it really liked to oversteer with out the front wheels being driven.
  8. Anybody got tips for dying chassis parts? Been at it for a couple days with poor results. Not sure what type of plastic it is but the knuckles and J parts for TA03/02's just are not absorbing the Dye. Using RIT if that matters.
  9. Nope. These pars are from the FRP chassis sets
  10. Sorry. I'm after the big piece that the steering linkage attaches to.
  11. Have some plastic that has started cracking and since these are ever harder to find...i have been searching shapeways but not really finding them as the search function is lacking. Anybody have a link?
  12. See the pics. Has nice condition TRF shocks as well as the carbon lower arms. CVDs front and rear. Bearings. Front and rear ball diffs. Ready to put electrics in and go. Asking 200 shipped in the US
  13. Since I'm In the US where every third person has Covid now Japan Post has not been shipping since April. I have quite a stash of stuff that I either leave in the Buyee warehouse or send by sea mail or DHL which is insane money
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