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  1. Sorry. It's gone. www.buyee.jp That's really you best chance. Like will be expensive with shipping. This one sold for about 105.00 US. Figure another 40 in shipping costs. Set up an account with the sight and start searching. Usually search Tamiya mercedes or Tamiya DTM
  2. There is one on Buyee in Japan right now. Box is rough and missing screw bag but everything else is there.
  3. Se we already have kits of the new Supra coming. I just ordered two body sets from Tamiya. But when are going to get the Gazoo racing version?!!!! That looks yummy.
  4. Arrma Infraction 4WD on road
  5. Yes. I hope we get a racing version like the old Toms Supra.
  6. Looking for options in the 406mm wheelbase range. Have not seen much out there..
  7. Pretty much a Tamiya guy and love them for the scale and realism but this thing just grabbed me. It is everything the internet claims. What a beast of a car/truck. The 6s system in this thing is just crazy. It's by far the most powerful RC I've ever owned. If you are so inclined sell off some of your vintage stash and buy this thing. Be warned though that you better buy at least one extra set of tires because power corrupts!
  8. Nice used set for your restoration. Shoot me an offer.
  9. Just found this thread. Just received and never run TA02 from Buyee in Japan. Turns out it has a mint CPR 160 set with steering servo installed. I dug out an Old ADSPEC transmitter I had and BAM. Works perfectly. Mint vintage running gear.
  10. I could handle the new track version for the Ford GT as well.
  11. Looks like something an Audi engineer would come up with. What made it better than a plain old sway bar?
  12. They show up used on eBay quite often new and used. Somebody here may have one to sell but they are no longer produced.
  13. Listed here. Will sell off eBay to a forum member. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-1-10-Toms-Supra-TA02-TA03/233276329027
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