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  1. Mounted a digital camera to the Frogs today. Had a blast. Got some cool video footage too.
  2. So, I finally got around to installing the Photon motor. We use the cars all the time with the Sport Tuned motors and have tons of fun. It runs well with the new Photon motor but I really don't see much improvement over the Tamiya Sport Tuned motor. I run a 7.2v 3000mAH NiMH battery and I run the standard gear set. 50T x 18T for a 7.3:1 ratio. It seems to accelerate faster but it's hard to tell. What differences should I be seeing with the Photon motor? Thanks for all of the input.
  3. Yes, during the 70's and 80's it was the VW Rabbit.
  4. The Frog wins. Why? Because of it's history. Because it came first. And because I have one. Actually two.....
  5. Took my Frog out for a great run. Managed to snap a few pictures while doing some donuts. Fun times. The car is now filthy dirty, but that's what it is made for.
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