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  1. Totally with you on that one, Simen. Funny that the wheelies were never my favorite part of the WW designs too. This is what attracted me to the LOSI conversion@Johan designed and sells (Magics Models) on Shapeways. Such a fun build! S2
  2. Thanks for the mention So cool to see the work you're doing! One of my favorite things about the hobby is the endless possibilities to make these kits and models completely your own unique creations. I've "re-created" or "modified" multiple ideas for parts for different models - sometimes just to see if I could figure something out (tinkering in CAD is a therapy!) - and sometimes just for a minor difference that is important to myself. In the end, it's cool to be able to look at the final product and say "I made that." Really looking forward to see how your work turns out! Keep it up! S2
  3. Thank you! It actually has a pearl-coat finish. More on that soon!
  4. Ok... so my obsession with the Street Scorcher - other than the big fat rear tires - is the engine that will hang off the back. I've been spending a lot of time in FreeCAD modifying the original Sand Scorcher engine I made for Scorcher 32 (top of thread) The V1 model I mentioned a couple posts ago above came back from Shapeways and fit well, but I wasn't crazy about the uber long pipes I had designed... So, I cut them down a bit and glued some drywall anchor hardware to them to fatten them up... Then I painted that up and mounted it. About this time, I also decided on a two-tone gray for the body and painted that... But, the V1 motor just wasn't doing it for me, so I went back to FreeCAD. Bigger heads and new pipes - Rocket Tails - were the biggest changes for the V2 engine... I also started working on a mount that would screw to the M03 chassis with a tongue that the motor would fit on... Something to make mounting/positioning/securing easier. More on that next time. -S2
  5. Get one! Ok... So I wanted wheels with a more vintage hubcap look. I decided I could create a custom cover for the Street Rover wheel on the back and a new complete wheel for the front. Both would have a hubcap that would snap into an access hole so I could get to the axle nut. Front wheel and cap... Rear wheel cover... Front and back with hub caps in place... And all painted up... S2
  6. Thank you, sir! So, I had created another animation for my body-mount implementation. I have also been posting pictures from this build on my Instagram account and this is from there... I wanted the body mounts hidden - so, I went with some internal sleeve-type mounts in the back ...and magnets up front. I'm pretty happy with the result - and it seems to hold well while in action. S2
  7. So, after deciding I wanted to put Street Rover wheels under a Sand Scorcher body, I set about modifying the M03 chassis I had to fit the 250mm Scorcher wheelbase. I ended up making a new center section adapter to fit - that makes the wheelbase right about 248mm. I lucked out and got the new adapter right on my first try. The Shapeways printed adapter came out ok: And it fit (front to back, back to front, and straight inline) on the M03 chassis: Next up, making body mounts for the Scorcher body... Also this is around the time I started designing front wheels, rear hub caps, and playing around in FreeCAD with a new variation of my Sand Scorcher flat-4 engine (seen above) for the street machine... S2
  8. Couple new Willy family members at my shop... Future Willy and his year 2319 wheelie machine All my current team drivers and support crew...
  9. Very cool! A trailer is on my project list. Really like what you've done so far.
  10. Sweet! Looking forward to watching this one.
  11. Over a year ago I decided to start a Street Scorcher project after finishing a Sand Scorcher build. One night I popped two Street Rover rear wheels under a Sand Scorcher body and really liked the look. I posted in the What Have You Done Today forum a little, but never started a build thread. So, here I am doing just that. I settled on the M03 chassis for the build. I've done a bit over the last year - created a custom mid section for the M03 to stretch it to a 250mm wheelbase designed a mag-mounting system for the body designed custom front wheels and rear hub caps worked on a roof scoop modified my own Shapeways-printed Sand Scorcher engine for the M03 chassis. I'll go through the build step-by-step properly, but for today this was the look that got me motivated to start this build: S2
  12. Hello! I was just looking at some of your posts regarding your WW1 M38 and I would like to obtain the adapter ring for modern 540 motors. Is this available on shapeways for purchase? 

    1. s2-g2


      Hi!  It is and can be found here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/K6T2L3T6R/original-willy-motor-washer-v1?optionId=62849230

      I have it in use on my MadMax M38, and one other person wanted it for a build so I made it available.  It definitely works with the motor I have (and I got no feedback that it didn't work for the guy that bought it).  That said, I know there are many variations of motors out there, and I obviously haven't tested them all - but for my basic silver 540 it fit right in!  I hope this can help you.


  13. Been a while since I posted. But - I've been enjoying updates to this thread in digest mode via email. I think I'm about ready to start a new thread for my Street Scorcher build. Anyways... When I started my Wild Willy addiction a few years back, I remember SimenSays showing me a stop action he did of a classic WW M38 build. It was amazing. This week I played around and did a stop-action myself. Rebuild of a runner/basher Wild Willy - full construction in 550 frames and just under a minute.... The Willy experts here will notice a step or two out of order - and some substitute parts (couple of my Shapeways mods included) enjoy:
  14. So much "YES!" here. Looks great!
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